Dioxin in the Mission?

I just found this mildly amusing take on the Brown Apple Moth spraying:

I did a lot of thinking on this subject. I know I’m not the only one who’s noticed the dumping by planes since I saw others post about it also. So I thought I’d share what I think it is.

I think what they’re dumping is dioxin since a lot of dioxin’s been turning up in the bay over the years that those planes have been cruising over the Mission, Bernal Heights and Potrero Hill districts dumping by air.

I’ve noticed they usually fly over more often when rain’s in the forecast and of course rain would carry that dioxin down the storm drains and eventually into the bay.

How can they get away with it? Look at who’s getting the blame. Scientists are blaming gardeners saying it must be pesticides being used by gardeners. But I don’t think the dumpers had the blame being put on gardeners on their minds. I believe the reason they’re dumping over the Mission, Potrero Hill and Bernal Heights districts is because during the rains the rain washes the dioxin down the storm drains and those drains lead out around the Hunter’s Point area of the bay. That’s where the navy used to dump toxic wastes. You see? So the toxic waste dumpers who dump by plane probably originally planned on scientists thinking the dioxin was coming from the polluted land at the Hunter’s Point area.

There should be further investigations into this and maybe a ban on small planes flying over the city but the scientists are lazy and blaming the gardeners saying they’re using a lot of pesticides!

In the mean time the planes keep dumping the dioxin in divided amounts to get rid of it in a sneaky way. If they dumped it all at once it would be obvious it was a toxic waste dump and wouldn’t look like it was gardeners using pesticides.

Link (or click thumbnail to enlarge). Find other spray coverage here and here.

Americans in Paris and Jews in America

On Friday, the makers of StreetWorthy celebrate the release of their second issue. Following is an excerpt from A View from a Broad by Lexi De Rock, just one of a number of contributions to this handsome volume. We find the protagonist in a loud Parisian nightclub right as some loud German guy notices the thing around her neck:

“You are Jew?” thump thump thump

“What? Oh yeah, Star of David. Yes.” bow chicka bow chicka

“That’s cool, that’s cool. I like Jew.” thump thump thump

“Yeah, me too.” bow chick bow chicka

“It’s kind of satanic seeming, yes?” eeeer schreech

“Sorry what?” cricket cricket

“The star looks like satanic star, no?”

“Oh like, like that pentagram star sort of thing?”


“Yes, I guess so. A little.” cricket cricket

“Oh, that’s cool.”

“Uh huh.”

“There are many Jews in America?” thump thump thump

“Yeah, I guess.” Bow chicka bow chicka

“How is that working out for you?” thump thump

“Sorry? What?” bow chicka

“Having so many Jews? How is that working out for you?” thump thump

“Uh, good?” bow chicka

“Good, good. That’s very cool.” bow chicka

“Yeah, it is.” thump thump thump…

Wanna read more? Pick up a copy of StreetWorthy #2 soon at Needles + Pens, Modern Times, Dog Eared, Aquarius, or possibly Little Otsu.

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Truly Authentic Philly Cheesesteaks in the Mission?

Marcia at Tablehopper‘s got the deets:

So, I can finally release the news about another Isaac Mogannam project in the Mission (he’s the one behind the other projects I have mentioned here: Grub and Zaytoon, and the upcoming Booth on Polk Street); moving into the Zain’s Mediterranean Cuisine space, next door to Big Mouth Burgers, will be ~PHAT PHILLY~. Think truly authentic Philly cheesesteaks: an Amoroso Philly Roll (baked in Philly), with a choice of provolone, American cheese, or Whiz (if you must), sweet banana peppers and hot cherry peppers, and the twist is that these will be made with quality beef and chicken. Mogannam stated he will be doing his best to use local produce, if not 100% organic ingredients. There will be several options for vegetarians, including a portobello cheesesteak, a veggie cheesesteak, and a tofu cheesesteak. Also expect fries, both regular and crisscut (waffle fries), served as is, with cheese, or get them topped with Whiz and chili (antacid not included). Also on the menu: Buffalo wings in Frank’s RedHot Sauce or BBQ-flavored, milkshakes, Tastykake snacks, Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews, Herr’s Pretzels, and lastly, Frank’s Black Cheery Wishniak Soda, all Philly favorites. Phat Philly is due to open sometime between early July and early August. 3388 24th St. at Valencia.

I’d meant to eat at Zain’s for years, and have been bummed that I never did. Think this place will make me feel better? Link. (Thanks, Alexandra!)

Mission Pie's Bright New Corner Location Open for Business

Mission Pie‘s brand-new location on the corner of 25th and Mission opened its doors for the first time today. I went there and had the above slice of banana cream pie for breakfast, and it was good. Though the new digs lack the rustic charm of the old, the big windows and comfortable space make up for it. This is going to be a great place to sit and eat and watch the hustle and bustle outside. They’re open until 9pm tonight.

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Pie Art

The Sonics in the Mission

I saw this poster on the Valencia Street Art Wall yesterday. What’s the deal? Guerrilla marketing for an epic comeback tour? I would much rather see The Sonics than the Police or Stone Temple Pilots or something.

Also, this was extra eerie to me because last week we were standing across from Popeye’s and Katie pointed out a poster advertising their new “Boss Sauce”. After that, I sang “Boss Sauce” to the tune of Boss Hoss for daaays.

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Who Knew Some Old Signage and Part of a Pontiac Could Combine to Form Such a Romantic Tableau?

Telstar Logistics just added this fine bit of composition to its photostream. House of Brakes can be found here.

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Tonight at Zeitgeist: Tamale Lady's Birthday Party

Last week, Chris told us about a recent trip to Zeitgeist:

Just as the tummy started rumbling asking to be fed who should show up, but Virginia the Tamale Lady.

Handing out the most delicious tamales as well as a few back rubs while chatting people up, bumming smokes and handing out birthday cards! That’s right next Tuesday the 24th from 7-10 at Zeitgeist they are celebrating her birthday.

That’s tonight! More info here. More Zeitgeist here.

Photo by veen (click to enlarge).

Who Wants to be an Urban Farming Intern?

Over at the Free Farm Stand, Tree is floating the idea of taking on an intern:

I like the way City Slicker Farm in West Oakland has interns that help run their program. I am thinking of trying to get a grant to pay a stipend to an intern or apprentice that would help grow food for the farm stand and to learn urban farming at the same time.

Any takers? It’s prime summer internship time, after all.

Link to more on the intern idea, as well as a complete wrap-up of yesterday’s Free Farm Stand festivities.

Link to West Oakland’s City Slicker Farms.

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Balmy Days and 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers'

Move over Straw Dogs — I’ve found my new favorite movie!

Friday, after sitting in Dolores Park and gorging on beer and snacks, I felt particularly nostalgic for a 1970s San Francisco movie. I decided to watch a film that I’ve heard about through my father-in-law who lived in the Mission in the ’70s. He always tells the story of how he saw the filming of the 1978 Invasion of the Body Snatchers in North Beach one balmy day (balmy like Friday … dun dun dun!)

Although it was filmed entirely in San Francisco, there’s no sign of the Mission District. Which I wasn’t expecting anyway because most blockbusters that are set in SF don’t really show the Mission. So when I watch a movie set in San Francisco, it feels foreign to me. Does anyone else feel the same?

Anyway, the movie is AWESOME. When it was finished, I walked around the dark apartment, scared that I would hear the pod-piercing scream from the open windows. It also didn’t help that someone was lying in bed, pod-person-like, recuperating from an achey belly.

Also, the film has the most romantic kiss I’ve ever seen. And it’s currently in the free movies section on Comcast OnDemand.

Hmm… this wasn’t in the film, but:

pod person?

So Many Clouds

This was by no means the best of ‘em, but all day Katie was marveling at the trippy cloud formations above, one of which looked like a pretty kick-ass donut. Anybody catch anything good?