Mission Baseball



Way way back in the day, the Mission had some minor league baseball teams. The first was called the SF Missions (who quickly moved to Salt Lake City and became the SLC Bees), and the next was called the Mission Reds (who toiled here for 12 years before ending up down south as the Hollywood Stars). Neither was as beloved as the Seals, of course. Nonetheless, Wikipedia’s complete history is fascinating.

And since the holidays are coming up, it might be wise to stock up on some handsome throwback gear (pictured). Thanks to Plug1 for bringing all of this to our attention.

Valencia Street: A Whole New World

So I saw the headline Venerable Valencia turns into hipster magnet paired with this photo of the author, and I was like, oh snap, I’m gonna poke fun at this clueless old dude. But then I actually read the thing, and it turns out, he nails it: Valencia has a a lot of history, and folks remember it fondly, but times are changing — as times tend to — and there’s not a whole lot wrong with that.

So kudos, Carl Nolte. You really captured how fucking awesome Valencia Street is these days. Now, if hack headline writers would quit with the H-word already…

(via BuboBlog, who commented, “[N]ever once mentions trough urinals. Talk about missing the story!”)

With apologies to hack headline writers. Takes one to know one.

More Mission Mappage


First, Jesse wrote in to ask for a little help from the Mission Mission community:

Do I live in the Mission?

I vote yes – many others vote no.

I live off 24th street, in between Portrero  and the 101.  I claim
this makes me live in the mission, since I NEVER head up the hill for
anything.  Instead, when going out, I nearly always trek down 24th
street into the Mission for fun and activities.  However, many others
are adamant that Portrero is the dividing line and I in fact live on
Portrero hill.  Nevermind that it’s flat here.

So help me MissionMission – do i live in the Mission?   Or do I have
to invent some strange nether region name for my area?  Portrero
Flats?  Missiontrero? Port-o-Mission?

- Jesse

PS – helpful map included, because that’s how we roll in the SFGH
parking neighborhood.

Then, we were over at Burrito Justice and spotted this artful bit of cartography that highlights my favorite Mission microhood, La Lengua:

Link. (T-shirt coming soon, Johnny?)

Mini Mission


This here is an outtake from Plug1‘s latest post Honey, I Shrunk The City, which looks at a new exhibition of miniatures at the Conservatory of Flowers. Mission Dolores sure is cute when rendered in cash register parts.

Hungry for Barbecue

Urgh, I haven’t eaten all day, and this Beer & Nosh post is making my stomach growl.

The Duality of Man

Scenes from two Mission District bathrooms.

Exclusive New San Francisco Neighborhoods Print


No La Lengua? No Mastro?

But seriously, I think we all saw this before, but now it’s available in this pleasant new color scheme produced exclusively for the Curiosity Shoppe in limited quantities. Says the official product page:

This San Francisco neighborhoods screen print designed by Jenny Beorkrem of Ork Posters is now available in a super special, custom Curiosity Shoppe colorway: White on Kraft. It�s the perfect gift for locals, visitors, or anyone who�s ever left their heart in this lovely city of ours.



Mapping SF: Who Needs the MLS? at Curbed.

a new kind of problem at Borrowed, bought, stolen.

iPhone Ocarina

With the help of a guy called Tim O’Reilly, last night Gravel & Gold figured out how to turn your iPhone into an ocarina. For reals. Link.

Drunk Bum Hazing


Carlos Reyes peeped a trio of characters playing some kind of funny game involving wrestling techniques and a can of beer. How does one win? Link (or click to enlarge).

UFO Response Team Fleet Vehicle

There are shots of this thing all over Flickr. Here we find it parked outside Delirium. Anyone ever chat with its pilot? Does Todd’s scam work for them too?

Photo by Ander!