Space Invaders Invade Noe Valley, Skip the Mission?


Burrito Justice has the scoop, right here.

Hot Dog Bust!

Says Sangroncito:

Yesterday I watched the cops surround and bust one of the hot dog street vendors on Mission at 22nd Street.  Felt sorry for the poor guy….I just don’t see the threat posed by hot dogs.




This dynamic duo can be found pasted to a wall somewhere between Dolores Park and Bender’s Bar.



The police crackdowns have got me all paranoid.

Guardian Angels in the Mission


Reader mcas spotted this crew on Saturday in an alley near Pancho Villa.

Thanks, mcas!

Treat Street Time Warp

Reader John B. found a neat trick:

[Y]ou can turn Dirty Thives back into Treat St. Bar: If [this link] works right, you should be looking at Dirty Thieves @ Treat & 24th. But then if you step forward one click down Treat towards 23rd, you step back in time and see Treat St. Bar.

Thanks, John!

Watermelon Vinegar

My new favorite thing.

I mean, maybe it had something to do with that you were to dip your PULLED-LAMB SANDWICH ON BRIOCHE into it. But I think it’d be solid on its own, too. Or with other stuff, like lettuce. Or avocado. Or ice cream.

Thanks, Mission Street Food!

Fat Kid Riding a Razor Scooter Wearing a Lynyrd Skynyrd Shirt

Pics please. Also, could this be the title of that album we already have the cover art for?

Peacenik Cowards in Shitfuck City

Sexpigeon goes to Dolores Park. Yay!

Missed Connection: Yellow Dress, Black-Frame Glasses, Blue Stockings at the Yacht Club

Just got the sweetest email from Aaron Mayfield Sunshine (pictured):

So I need help, the kind only a neighborhood specific blog can provide. I went to a party at the Yacht Club last night and I met this girl who hit on me and Andrew and she was weirdddd, but she was also cute and funny and just the sort of thing I like, but here’s the rub; I asked for her number and she was weird about it, and I know nothing about her beyond that she was wearing a yellow dress and black frame glasses and blue stockings. I was drunk (so was she), and we danced (h8 dancing, very bad at it) and I kissed her, and she was flattered (I think) but not ready for it. There was definitely vibe though and I would like to see her again, in a setting that is neither loud nor covered in an alcoholic mist.

Dear girl, Aaron may be a bad dancer, but he’s a sweet kid, an absolutely inspired musician, a fashion fucking genius, and an all around enlightened soul. Get in touch.

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Photo by worldfamousinsf.