Cool Ranch Facial


Local blog Handjobbin’, as if it weren’t already plenty filthy, got waaay filthy over the weekend. Also this one.

Half-Naked Girl in Wheelchair Descends Dolores Park Hill

Overheard in Dolores Park on Friday night: “Hey did you see that half-naked girl going down the hill in a wheelchair?”

No I did not, and does anyone have any video?

Free Deathtrap


Found on 24th st by KayVee.INC:

Free! :)

Warning: Death Trap :(

(It turns on in the middle of the night, lighting itself and yourself up in a nuclear (oven) fireball)



PSA: DO NOT Take Cushions Without Taking the Couch!


But don’t worry, passing out, puking, pissing, then defecating on the couch is NOT forbidden.  Just so long as you don’t take the cushions.

(A friendly public service announcement found on Oakwood between 18th and 19th by everyone’s favorite Greek Mission resident, Corinnalink)

Make Your Own Mac & Cheese Pies

Rather than keeping their multi-award-winning formula all to themselves, Katherine and Natalie have opted to share it with us all, via a feature on Chow. Win! It looks like exceptionally hard work, but it’s definitely worth it because when you’re done you get to eat MAC & CHEESE PIES. Link.

Photo by termie.


Heaven is Macaroni and Cheese in a Flaky Pie Crust

Inside the Banh Mi Cart Test Kitchen

Picture 1

Schlomo today posted a quick video depicting the Banh Mi Cart staff hard at work perfecting their sandwich recipes. Their secret? They went to Saigon Sandwich and got some of the real thing to study. Link.


Inside Schlomo’s Cushman

Banh Mi Cart Coming Soon

Bathroom Reading

If you haven’t been to the Secret Alley yet, check it out. They’ve got skate ramps and an artifical grassy knoll, and even their bathroom is full of interesting stuff, like this book. Photo by Penelope Popsicle.

Jelly Attack

We Built This City has the scoop here.

Street Art Turns Heads

Photo by Amor de Cosmos.

Drift Wood Washed Up in the Mission

Burrito Justice has the scoop here.