Cool Clouds 2: Electric Boogaloo


Looking east from 19th and Capp at 8:45 this morning.

Thanks to Jeff for sending in this shot.

Cool Clouds


I’m digging the breaking cloud cover over the city this morning.

Plaid: Not Just For Shirts Anymore


Recession Watch: Cocaine Table – Only 250 Smackeroos!


This table is the best way of telling your peers “hey, I have a problem.”  Then I saw the original price: two point five thousand goddamn dollars.  Scratch that, whatever you are doing, keep doing it.  It is obviously working out for you.

mirrored hollywood regency table – $250 (glen park)

this is a beautiful mirrored table. can be used as a coctail table between two chairs (mid century feel) or as a bedside table. i paid 2500. and i’m letting it go for 250.
it’s 2′/2′/18″ (deep)


Thanks for the hot tip, David!

Critical Mass Seattle


Despite this unfortunate scene at the staging area, Critical Mass Seattle was tons of fun. The mass itself was about a tenth the size of even a modest San Francisco turnout, but it sticks together real good, up gnarly hills and over heavily trafficked bridges and in and out of a thoroughly present police presence.

And before things got underway, Food Not Bombs Seattle handed out peanut butter and homemade plum jelly sandwiches. Size wise, SF’s event may be way more impressive, but nobody ever gave me a peanut butter and homemade plum jelly sandwich.

Seattle is nice.

Lots more pictures after the jump:


German Dog Poop Defies Physics

I’m serious, berlin’ is one of the better reads on the internet. This week, they puzzle over how a dog in their neighborhood manages to mount its poop up on walls all along their block. WTF! Link.

Pop-Up Magazine Issue 2: Still Far Better Than Actually Reading Stuff

Our buddy Alexandra Sheehan was raving about the show so we asked her to organize some thoughts and share them more official-like. Here they are:

A lazy media snob’s wet dream: Go sit in the Brava Theater for an hour and a half and walk out with interesting anecdotes on subjects varying from the architectural origins of Chinatown’s iconic pagoda topped United Commercial Bank to how to disinfect water with a high powered UV light! Yes please! Forget reading let alone buying magazines. Pay the meager ticket price and get all the party fodder you need for months.

Pop-Up Magazine’s second installment followed its original formula inviting speakers from a wide range of literary and artistic backgrounds to wow with 2-5 minute snippets. Highlights included Joshuah Bearman’s yet-to-be-published piece for Wired about a socially awkward, tech savvy, mastermind thief who parachutes into private estates, disables high-tech security systems, and makes off with large, cursed diamond broaches. Eat your heart out, Hollywood. Bearman himself said the only part missing was an elaborate capoeira dance sequence over a field of lasers. Bonus: We got to see photos of the criminal! Think a red-headed Rick Moranis. So great.

Another gem was Pop-Up co-creator Derek Fagerstrom’s Q & A with Wayne White of Pee-wee’s Playhouse set design and puppetry fame. You remember him as Mr. Kite, now do yourself a favor and check out his art. Think a cheesy Thomas Kincaid painting with the phrase “FANFUCKINGTASTIC” in a candy-colored modern font running prominently through the middle. Pure genius. I lust for an original.

Sure a few segments were a snore but all in all Pop-Up Magazine is tops. Keep your eyes peeled for Issue 3. Wouldn’t want ya to miss a chance to soak up well-curated cultural clout.

Thanks, Alex! Wayne White rules!

Sample photo of a sample Wayne White piece by sparkleneely.


Pop-Up Magazine: Like a Magazine but Without All the Reading

Los Angeles (and Wayne White)

Handcart Discrimination

photo 3

Rather than notify the city, why not just use this handcart as additional bike parking?*  Bender’s, this is how you can solve the parking crisis that occurs almost every night.

* Bike thieves: I’m certain disassembling a handcart is difficult.  Don’t even try it.

Pi Bar's Street Art Marketing Campaign

pipe pi

Coming to a irate homeowner’s garage near you.

Baby Seat Required


As someone who attempted to drive around with CPR dummies in my car so I could poach the HOV lane, I can guarantee you that this will not work.

Also, what is up with that bronze burrito between the statue’s legs?

(Spotted on 18th)