Sutro Tower Lightning Strike

Video by Matthew Ginnard.

Pretty San Francisco

Do yourself a favor and read this post by The Tens.

Indie Slash at the ATTIC tonight!!!

So now that Blow Up is officially dead, where will the under-21 crowd flock to next?  Hopefully not to the Attic, because Danny White will be taking over the place as he does every time the last Friday of the month rolls around, and I don’t want to feel like a creep while I’m there.  Furthermore, the pitcher-plant-like nature of the Attic conspires to trap every Mission fly who wanders through the door and down its liquor-lined corridor in that tangle of limbs, sweat, and flannel that is the dance floor, so there’s really no escape.

I captured the above scene last month at the Attic, and I must say that the man knows how to keep a crowd moving and captivated.  His energetic mix echoed everything from Holy Ghost and Hot Chip to the Pet Shop Boys and Yeah Yeah Yeahs.  And look how he gets into it over there on the left!  He’s been at it for a while too, as this Flickr page from 2005 can attest.

Maybe it will even give those Debaser folks a run for their money.

Ps.  No flame war plz!!!

Time Travel Graffiti

Gruel raised quite a fuss a few weeks ago when he performed some acrobatic yet sloppy tagging on the Sketchers sign at 22nd and Mission.  However, commenter Duh points out that it’s been a sort of tradition to deface that obtrusive jumble of piping, as Revok so poignantly demonstrated back when the place was a Leed’s.

Jocelyn Superstar has the scoop, along with an extensive photostream of graffiti pics from the late 90′s and early ’00s (whatever that decade is supposed to be called).  Hmmm, looks like taggers have pretty much always been part of the neighborhood!


Gruel Goes Ninja on the Sketchers Sign

Google Maps Time Travel on 18th and Treat

DVDs and Blankets, DVDs and Blankets

Nope, the above (photo by mattymatt 2/25/2010) don’t make a lick more sense than the below (photo by Krankiboy 8/16/2009). Lateral move.

And Then There's This Stuff

Horizontal V. Vertical

Some kind of scavenger hunt? Or is it the evolution of leaving trash on the sidewalk?

This and more found on a lamppost at 21st and Valencia.


Mission National Bank Sign Teardown

Mission National Bank on 16th and Julian. Looks like they were banking on a better economy, but had to bail out. Or maybe they’re just renovating? Someone should check.

Picture sent by Zoe Banks (real name)

Update: MrEricSir says:

I walk by here every day, they’ve been remolding for a while. The bank still seems to be operating, in spite of the fact that their website is out of date.

Update 2: racycarr has a better explanation:

This building is not being torn down, it is getting a safety improvement: the cladding was begining to separate from the walls, and is being lovingly and historically accurately reattached. The building is also getting a bit of a history checkup: the original 1906 sign over the door, which likely reads “MISSION BANK” will hopefully soon be revealed.


Car Vs. Bank

Bank Bears Brunt of Mysterious Protest

Google Maps Time Travel On 18th and Treat

Yesterday Andrew posted about this cafe space up for grabs on 18th and Treat. Here is the spot on Google Maps:

But check this out: if you click the right arrow on 18th, Google Map’s built-in flux capacitor fires up and you get to see the same spot as it will appear in 2 months, if current economic trends continue!

Use this feature wisely and always remember: if you travel back in time, try not to fuck up your parent’s first date. Otherwise, they will never hook up and you will start to fade from existence. (But wait, then how did you get there in the first place? Damn, time travel is confusing. Discuss.)

Japanese Pizza Rules!

A couple days ago, Johnny0 made a crack about Japanese pizza not being very good.

Just now, as if in answer to this crack, oki yo (my sister and my cousin’s blog about their three-month trip to Okinawa) published a post that spotlights some extremely delicious-looking Japanese pizza. I mean, look at that crust! And those fresh vegetables! I wish I could have a slice in my mouth right now!

AND, they dined with some kind of expert pizzaiolo who attests to the crust’s quality. Read on.

Eat your words, Johnny0!


Mission Pizza Explosion!

Japanese Hot Dogs Rule!

Burritos in Berlin!

If You Ever See A Vacancy Here, Move In


From our Introduce Yourself page, some neighborly advice from our neighbor Liz Dunn:

I first moved into the Mission in 1991 and lived on Elgin Park. Since then I’ve lived on 20th and Guerrero, Clinton Park, 22nd and Dolores, and that awesome brick building on 25th and Bartlett. If you ever see a vacancy there, you should move in–it’s an awesome mix of hipsters, ancient people who smell like pee, and couples in their 50s who still pay $450 a month.

Link. Plus, duh, it’s smack in the middle of one of the foremost Mission Sugar Rails.