Did Anyone Follow This Dog?

Did they have vegan options? And was it decent beer?

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Eyes in the Back of Your Head

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Alleged "Crazy" Neighbor's Side of the Story!

Well!  We finally get to hear from the embattled tenant herself in well-written paragraphs instead of highly entertaining orange signs.  I’ve cobbled together her comments (which were cleverly disseminated throughout various posts) to try to help tell her side of the story.  Please welcome Nancy Scott to the debate:

I am the crazy tenant (15 years)who writes the signs. I feel people who make fun of desperate people are not very nice. The landlord that wrote about me is not the landlord at all but the T.I.C. owner upstairs. He is a real estate investor and only bought the upstairs to evict me. When their false eviction didn’t get me to move then they ellised the building.

However, their abuse didn’t stop. Today, I was granted a temporary restraining order (I have filed several). I also have a harrassment case pending in small claims court. I have over 25 recorded police calls in 8 months. I have used H.A.P.  E.D.C. and am in touch with the tenants union. Thanks for the sincere support and suggestions.

I am an elderly disabled single mom who is a good tenant and have lived in my home for 15 years. I am not in the least touchy or moody although I  probably have plenty of reason to be both. I was a volunteer tutor in public schools (elementary and middle school)for 12 years. I’m one of the origional members of The Bryant Street Neighborhood Alliance and take care of the flowers in front of my house and my neighbors houses. Anyone who knows me since I moved here can attest to this. My teenage son built the borders around the flowers and I am also a board member of a non-profit that helps families of parolees.

I am also severly disabled with brittle bone disease. The owner of the building is an heir and greedy. I only ask to stay in my home for 3 years until my son gets out of high school. The owner (heir) didn’t agree and became very abusive a year before the people upstairs bought the T.I.C. He removed (lead) paint with no containment and it was left in my yard for 2 weeks until I called a building inspector. That’s just the beginning……

He’s not the landlord but the tic owner upstairs who bought Dec. 08. I have lived here 15 years as my real landlord put it at our rent board hearing “She’s a good tenant who always pays her rent on time.” They are just being mean and wouldn’t come to any agreements at community boards which I initiated. I am a protected tenant, if they can’t evict me the Ellis Act is the only way.

Most people like you do take the money and run, which encourages more property owners to use such tactics and harrass and abuse people {renters)to force them to move. This was not a business decision but a moral one where peoples abhorrant behavior will not be compromised for money. I plan on exposing these people in court for what they are and making sure they don’t continue their abusive behavior for profit. Next time, it could be your blind neighbor or elderly grandmother, They too, will just leave! So much for tenants rights….Sometimes, they just don’t exist.

Also, I have received plenty of compensation in other ways. I will not be leaving with no money. Thanks for your concern but when people don’t follow rules, they pay big time!

So, I still am not quite sure what to think, although the situation sounds a lot more complicated than we all initially anticipated.  Anyone got any ideas?

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E.T. Belt Buckle

I just think somebody in the neighborhood should have this. It’s not a reproduction, there’s only one, and it is for sale now, at MakeItMineFinds.

Hipster Baby

Pop Quiz, hotshot:  How do you know when your place of employment has been successfully infiltrated by hipsters?

Answer:  When someone has a baby shower at work and THIS is one of the presents.  My favorite part is how the right pant leg is rolled up so it doesn’t get caught in a bigwheel.


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Punching Girls

In a discussion about violence at neighborhood clubs, reader Micah shares a story:

A couple weeks ago some friends and I were followed home from the Beauty Bar by a couple sketchy dudes that had been hitting on them. Things escalated and ended with dude throwing a punch at one of the girls I was with and getting pepper sprayed in response.

Throwing a punch at one of the girls? Luckily it sounds like he didn’t land it, but what’s with all the punching of girls lately? (There’s this, and there’s Tracy getting punched in the purse.)

Photo by ava berlin.

Get Carried Away

Reader Andrew T. spied this pretty handmade hood ornament in a vacant lot on South Van Ness. It’s an inspiring message for springtime, and almost as artfully crafted as my other favorite handmade hood ornament. Click it to view it bigger.

Thanks, Andrew!

Power Sniff

Dogs are so good at interpersonal communication.

Photo by vshen811.

Annoying Coworkers

Bygone Bureau this morning published a feature on annoying coworkers. Part of it seems to be some kind of gag about aliens that I don’t really get, but they’re pretty spot with the stuff about annoying coworkers. And the drawings are good.

Swastika Spree

SFist brings us word of the latest swastika bombing in the Mission, at Esta Noche, noting that it was probably motivated by homophobia (rather than by some girl’s beef with a mural artist).

Photo by ReadyWit.