The State Of Benedict

Eggs Benedict - Andalu

When I walk by Andalu, it doesn’t invite me in. It’s one of those places in the neighborhood that just feels too new and too upscale. When I walk in I feel a little out of place. But wait, apparently it did invite me in, because here I am, on last Sunday, ordering brunch. The thing is, I really like eggs benedict. Sometimes when I’m hungry I’ll browse the Flickr pool. But it’s not easy to make at home and it’s not especially cheap. Especially at Pork Store, which is the nearest eggsbenedicteria to my home.

At Pork Store I have to shell out something like $13 for the dish and, sure, it comes with coffee and juice, but I don’t always want all that liquid. (their online menu says that the benedict is $8.95, but maybe that’s only at the Haight Street location, or I’m just plain wrong) Plus, there’re the lines and the scene (which is maybe a plus and a minus?) and the quality, which is just so-so, but what they don’t have in quality is definitely made up for in bigness.

Boogaloos also has the lines and the scene, their benedict is great, but also 5¢ more expensive than Andalu, and comes with fruit or hashbrowns, not both.

Valencia Pizza & Pasta has a pretty good and very filling benedict, and there usually isn’t much of a wait or a scene there. Plus you get a whole orange.

I had the eggs florentine at Weird Fish once, it was good, but smothered in sauce.

At Andalu the benedict is $9.95 (pictured above) and is delicious. The eggs were cooked into little orbs that squirted their warm yellow yolk all over the place when popped. Which is a good thing, I think. And the polenta fries (not pictured, we got those with the french toast, which was also very good, but I’m not talking about that) were great dipped into the hollandaise. The only downside to the food was that I was still a little hungry afterwards.

So, what do you think? Eggs benedict – overhyped? Is there a better spot in the neighborhood (under $10) that I left out? Or should I just eat at home more?

Turn Signals for the Conscientious Pedestrian

Our pals over at Haverhill Fever are calling this the future. I’m not sure if that’s accurate exactly, but I like this informative video. Read all about it.

California Honeydrops At Revolution Cafe Tonight

Probably my favorite bay area band, The California Honeydrops, just got back from touring the Netherlands and are playing at Revolution Cafe tonight. Rev has their alcohol serving privileges restored, for now… so it’s safe to go back.

Go listen to some infectious rhythm and blues, ask them about the Dutch, and try to figure out what those chest-high curvy things are supposed to be used for new parklet installation. The ‘drops drop at 8pm and will be playing ’til 11pm. There’s no cover charge, so be sure to tip.

[photo by mhwing]


The California Honeydrops Talk BART Busking

Beers on Bikes in Berlin?

Our friend Katie is visiting Berlin and seems to have encountered an interesting phenomenom: 

Well, since those feisty Berliners already appropriated our beloved mission burrito, the least we can do is adopt something from them!

[Photo by andrewlove]


Move Over Dolores Chiller, Meet The ‘Beerdolero’

Guten Tag! Mission Burritos in Berlin!

Eastern Euro Kitzch at Walzwerk

Pabst Brewing Co. Purchased For The Cost Of 125 Million PBRs

At Bender’s current market prices, anyway. Consumerist reports that Pabst was recently bought for $250 million.

The reported buyer of the brewer — the #5 suds supplier in the U.S. — is C. Dean Metropoulos, who has made his name managing big-time brands like Bumble Bee Tuna, Vlasic Pickles, Chef Boyardee, Duncan Hines and Ghirardelli Chocolates.

I can’t wait to see the sample recipes that will start showing up on the boxes!

[Thanks Kat Malinowska, photo by Jai Yung]


Don’t Drink Rapaciously Evil Corporate Beer

Don't Walk Your Dog In The Mission

…unless you want him to end up on 20 flickr feeds.

Hippo Free on 24th St.

Somebody please find a new home for this guy.  He simply does not understand why everyone thinks he is the most dangerous animal in Africa.  Can collectors beware!

What’s the most dangerous animal in the Mission?  Pigeons?

[Photo by Linda L.]


Sofa Free; Making Love Seats; Trash Heap

Colorful Massacre at Revolution Cafe

Cat and a Skateboard

[via Summer Is Rad]


Back in My Day, Cat Videos Were Really Something

Soon, Zaytoon?

Tablehopper reports that Valencia Street’s Zaytoon (the restaurant with a gestational period resembling that of an elephant) is set to open next Tuesday.

Groundhog Day

What will we see in this former Rub’ al Khali?

This casual Mediterranean place from owner Christopher Totah will serve falafel wrapped in lavash ($6.95, or $7.95 with potatoes and eggplant); chicken or lamb shwarma ($7.95)—the meat will reportedly be “natural” but not organic…

Er, halal?

It’s due to open on Tuesday June 1st but call first before heading over—delays could still occur.

Any bets?

No More DJs at the Attic

That is, if one particular NIMBY neighbor has his or her way.  The Attic has endured as one of the best places in the Mission to get a cheap drink and sweat the night away while dancing to frenetic DJs who know their shit.  It’s also one of the best places to get so hammered that you black out and wake up the next morning in a room full of exquisite hats, but that’s a story for another time.

Unfortunately, one neighbor is so fed up with the hot tunes that he is resorting to a lawsuit in order to squelch all the fun.  He is suing the Attic for personal damages because he can’t sleep at night, focusing on the technicality that the bar is not allowed to play any music since it doesn’t have a cabaret license.   Without a cabaret license, the Attic is on the hook for a $1000 fine should the cops deign to show up for a noise complaint. 

Since it doesn’t appear that an amicable solution can be reached without the NIMBY in question moving out of the Mission to quieter digs (ask Ike’s about that one), it seems that only a legal battle will ultimately determine the fate of DJs at the Attic.

So, should you get the opportunity, contribute to the Attic legal defense fund by stopping by to swig some Racer 5.

[Photo by flatsol]


Indie Slash at the ATTIC tonight!!!

The Attic and Clooney’s: San Francisco’s Best Dives

Rock ‘n’ Roll Revolution Early Evening Rooftop Concert at 24th and Mission