B³ Brings Burgers and Wine Till 2am

I happened to walk by this place while the friendly new proprieters were repainting the interior (the yellow brick road motif will not survive the transition) and beckoning passerby to stop inside and sample the sausage.  The habañero kielbasa was quite a treat, but the real intrigue lies with the brown sugar bourbon bacon.

Hence the working title for B-cubed, the new burger and wine bar set to take over the allegedly cursed former Senses location on Valencia by 22nd in about 10 days.  Seeking to be known as “the winemaker’s speakeasy,” the idea is to offer hard-to-find ridiculously good quality vintages at prices that people can afford regularly.  You can get it by the taste, glass, bottle, or case!

If they keep finding stuff like the Beaucanon Napa Cab Sav, with its black tea and tobacco musk, or the intoxicating Hesperian Cab Franc that I sipped, there’s a great chance that the curse will be lifted and this spot will become an habitual neighborhood hangout (especially since they’ll be open until 2am).

Now all we need is Zaytoon to complete its 2 year metamorphosis and along with Lucca’s, El Majahual, and Beretta, this will be a power bloc once again!

6 Responses to “B³ Brings Burgers and Wine Till 2am”

  1. bodah says:

    “Beaucanon” not “Beauconan.” the wine is only 30 bucks a bottle retail.

  2. james says:

    Also “habanero” not “habañero.”

    • Andrew Sarkarati says:

      really?!? damn! actually, spellcheck says it should be capitalized: Habanero

      after that B³ i was getting all crazy with the ALT key

  3. SFDoggy says:

    Zaytoon has “Help Wanted” signs out, so it seems like they should be opening soon.

  4. [...] Andrew Sarkati reports the recent activity seen in the old Watergate/Watercress/Senses/Janitzi space on Valencia heralds a new burger and wine bar; with wine, and closing time, as the main attractions. Filed Under: Today's Mission This entry was written by Mark Rabine, posted on at 10:50 pm, filed under Today's Mission. Bookmark the permalink. Follow any comments here with the RSS feed for this post. Post a comment or leave a trackback: Trackback URL. « Music Flea Market [...]

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