Goodbye, Elmo

It’s a shame too — I thought he was really good in that Katy Perry sex tape.

[This photo is part of an epic treatise on this heatwave by Carlos Reyes.]

Pushbike Moving to 22nd and Shotwell

Pushbike, the premiere cycling apparel and accessories shop in the Mission, which since its inception has been housed inside the Mission Skateboards storefront on 24th Street, is finally getting its own spot. And it looks rad — a nice quiet corner not not at all far off the beaten path.

They leave their 24th Street location this Friday, and the new location doesn’t open until probably most of the way through October, so if there’s anything you need (from a Mondrian saddle to a Tecate cycling cap, or a badass Freight Baggage messenger), snap it up quick.

Stay tuned to the Pushbike blog for updates like today’s.

Photo by Google Maps.

Animated GIF BART Band

Mission stalwart/artist/yoyo-ist/game designer Doctor Popular celebrates the birthday of his girlfriend’s 30th birthday with an EPIC ANIMATED GIF of her playing at the BART entrance. (16th or 24th?)

(Do check out Unwoman’s brand new album The City, released just last week.)

p.s.  Also take a look at Doc Pop’s epic Pac-Man watercolor series, Ghosts in the Machines:

The Whiz is Whack and That's a Fact?

So says the Hamblogger in his latest foray into San Francisco’s burger madness, where he gives the iconic Mission burger spot a mere 1.5 out of 5:

The first bite had a strange flavor that I couldn’t really nail down. It wasn’t the meat – maybe it was the cheese. The chopped up patty was ridiculously dry and completely void of any flavor. The bacon was the most flavorful aspect of the burger and pretty much everything else was masked by excessive amounts of mustard. Perpetual bun slippage was brought on by the avocado and made the burger difficult to eat without making a total mess. I would have been better off just getting a bacon sandwich.

Now, having never eaten there myself, I can’t vouch for the quality of the Whiz, but many in the comments section came to the classic stand’s defense, suggesting that the author should have tried the more standard junior burger, patty melt, or veggie burger (apparently the best in town?).  He also got taken to task for ordering the wrong kind of french fries, thus missing out on their popular waffle variety.

What do you guys think?  Is the Whiz, in fact, whack?  Or is it appropriately befitting of such seminal architecture?  Also, how rad would it be if the Mission Burger guys took over that spot?

Hat Tip and Title by brainslip

Photo by Telstar Logistics

Priming the Next Generation of Storytellers

Our pal Becca has spent the last couple years traveling around Central American and India developing innovative new educational curricula that center around storytelling. Give the kids the tools they need to tell a story in an innovative way, and suddenly they’re teaching you.

Becca is a great storyteller herself; you might recall her Guatemalan bike machine story, her ocelot attack story, or her “Bill Clinton slept here” story, among others.

So now Becca has a pitch up on, and it’s about halfway funded. She’s brought this new program to the States, beginning at the Mission elementary school where she worked before she headed abroad. (Here‘s the story of Becca’s return to her old classroom.) This time, she’s asking students to focus their storytelling efforts on their experiences with migration:

The collective voyages of these students compose a narrative of the way the Bay Area’s unique culture has emerged, and how it continues to evolve. I want students to step up and tell their stories in a way that an audience will understand across boundaries of language, class, and nationality. I’ll bring a good supply of pencils, cameras, colors, papers, scissors, books, songs, and ribbons; the goal is to figure out a universal language along the way.

She’ll document her findings, and we’ll all learn a thing or two.

Read all about Becca’s plan, and help fund it if you want to, here. There’s even a way to donate without actually donating any of your own money; just click the “Earn Credits” button.

Getting Into The Groove All By Herself

One woman band on 19th and Valencia captured by blackcatbrigade.

Adios Mariachi's

Have you ever been to Mariachi’s on Valencia for fast, fresh, and healthy Mexican food?  Well, if not, you’d better hurry, because according to Grub Street, both it and its ten (10) different kinds of delicious vegetarian burritos will soon be gone and replaced by a Grandeho’s Kamekyo sushi bar.

Where will all of Mission mariachis go for dinner?  La Rondalla can’t open soon enough!

Photo by Jonn.Gordon

Dinosaur in Dolores Park

Oh, it’s a dog? F’real?

C’mon, it’s got to be at least 1/8 Brachiosaurus.

Photo by sleeping sam.

CONTEST: Win Treasure Island Music Festival Tickets!

Okay. This year’s Treasure Island Music Festival Sunday lineup boasts headliners Belle & Sebastian, AND it takes place on TREASURE ISLAND. And Surfer Blood are playing too. You know you want to go. And now you can, for free!

Leave a comment below explaining why a particular song by any Treasure Island Music Festival 2010 Sunday artist is particularly special to you, and you will be in the running to win two tickets to Sunday’s festivities.  Mission Mission editors will pick the entry we like best, based on merit, so make ‘em sincere and fun to read. Contest ends two weeks from right this second.

If you’d rather just get tickets the boring way — by buying them — you may do so here.

UPDATE/CLARIFICATION: This contest is for tickets to Sunday only.

Cute Puppies in a Window!

This is almost as cute as those cute kittens in a box! And their heads are all oriented in the same direction! Looking at the same out-of-frame mystery thing!

Photo by Lisa Tauber.