Post Christmas Spirit

It happens every year, all over. Reader Ross S. sends us this video he shot of some folks burning a tree in the street. (Thanks Ross!)

He also suggests that:

[A] public service announcement regarding when it is ok to burn things in the street (world series win) and when it isn’t (any other time) is in order.

That does sound helpful. When is it okay to burn things in the street? Though this seems a lot safer than burning a mattress in a crowd of hundreds of drunkenly excited fans. It’s probably never “okay”, if you’re really talking about a PSA, but you’ll do it anyway, so it’s always good to be safe while performing illegal acts of anarchy. Anyway, I always thought the beach was the spot to take all of the old Christmas trees. Stack ‘em up and build a super tree. Or just join Danger Ranger. (whoever that is)

One thing we should definitely avoid is leaving a burning tree on someone’s doorstep.

I’d like to also take this opportunity to wonder aloud about shooting video portrait-style, instead of landscape. I know we watch this stuff on our computers, and not the TV, but media still tends to be oriented wider rather than taller. I don’t think anyone prefers the pillarboxed look (seen above), yet people do tend to shoot this way with their phones. Do we need to make room for the long and narrow format? Or should we make people feel stupid so they conform to the old standards?

Retro 70s Teddy Puppy

Usually I’m wholeheartedly against pets wearing outfits, but this was just too ridiculous.  Fantastic retro color scheme for the vest (with strikingly strategic peace patch placement), augmented by a similarly-pigmented bone shirt worn underneath?  And his fur matches too?

Probably the only time I’ve ever been jealous of a dog’s ensemble.  If anyone can recreate this outfit in human clothes, I will gladly wear it out to Mission Mission’s office hours (usually Wednesdays at Bender’s) for all to see.  I don’t even care that there aren’t any pants.



Puppy Loves Playing Soccer

Best Puppy Ever

Ping Pong in San Francisco

Since Ping Pong Gallery hung up their paddles and changed their name to something more mature, I can’t think of any good places in town to play ping pong. What gives?

Curbed last week mentioned a movement to install some tables in local parks. That’d be nice.

That McSweeney’s event (pictured) was fun, but a one-off.

There’s that janky table in the yard at Finnegan’s, but that’s a haul.

Somebody with a table in their art space or office or something want to start hosting a regular ping pong happy hour or something? Please?

Arab Gold

Local cyclist and shutterbug Leah was on a bike ride up north and stopped in a little town called Comptche, where they sell a product called ARAB GOLDNice find, Leah. Gotta get me some of that.

NYC Bus Proves Darwin's Theory of Natural Selection

Looks like one of our beloved F Market cars broke free from it’s tracks, evolved a set of wheels, and headed for the big apple.

Here’s its baby picture.

[via minimalist steampunk star wars ukulele photo repository Boing Boing]

Coupling Sexy With Masculine

Fashionist is back in the Mission after what seemed like weeks upon weeks of globetrotting. Katherine here explains her look:

I like the idea of a sexy, but slouchy, masculine look. Like to couple sexy with masculine.

Read on for more pics and commentary from the experts.


Behind the Scenes of a Fashionist Photo Shoot

Hipsters as a Consciously Formed Legitimate Subculture

Janebook examines a hypothesis put forth by one of her readers:

Do people really see hipsters as a legitimate subculture that individuals got together and consciously formed? Like, around 2002 all these dudes who got picked on by jocks in high school all got together around this big round table and were like, “Modern culture is fucked! Let’s make our own, where we wear trucker hats and Buddy Holly glasses and sweaters that are too small, drink shitty domestic beer and nerd out over records! That’ll show ‘em!” And then they recruited people and did their thing, then they all reconvened in 2004 like, “OK guys, new rules” [...]

Read on for 2004′s new rules and more.

[Photo by Primo]

Old Dude

I’m not sure what it is exactly, but something about the holidays and the new year always makes me feel like an old dude.  Like, “Whoa, it’s 2011 already?  What happened to the last decade?”  Luckily, our pal Kris went treasure hunting in a dollar store and found a hat that will make anyone feel like the hippest old dude around.  In terms of all-time dollar store triumphs, it comes this close to beating last year’s amazing Black Santa blowout.

When he’s not spelunking for unbelievable dollar store discoveries, Kris also makes some pretty excellent late night Thai food at his restaurant, NIGHT + MARKET.  Check it out if you’re ever in LA!

[Photo via Facebook]


New Graffiti Trend: Tagging Old Dudes

Old Dudes

Asian Mail Problem

I don’t mean to poke fun. Stolen Pakes is serious business.

[via Box Dog Bikes]

Diggler on the Doppler

It’s just been confirmed: This storm has one eye.

[Screenshot by nuzz, who, mercifully, posted it sans dick joke]

P.S. Cloudy with a chance of golden showers?


Cock on a Walk