Ferocious Few Get Biblical Indoors

This was one of the few Noise Pop 2011 shows we missed. Luckily The Bay Bridged had our back, and it seems the Ferocious Few, that band you love running into on street corners, is possibly even more badass onstage with real amps and shit:

Seeing them indoors, playing out of full size amps, in a room with natural reverb, had an interesting effect on their music. The increased size and scope makes everything sound infinitely more serious then it does on a street corner. Their songs are transformed from playful rave-ups to something bordering on the biblical. In this setting, songs are based more on their almost Gothic atmosphere than they are on the band’s blistering live energy. A lot of that comes from the drums. When the Few busk, their drummer plays with brushes but at this show he used sticks. Brushes, when played hard and fast on a snare (which is the FF’s drummer’s busking M.O) fills the sonic space around the kit with a dirty, skittering energy. In the setting of the Independent, the drumming was much more spacious—letting a near-constant four-on-the-floor kick drum do most of the percussive work.

Dang. Can’t wait to see it. Read on.

[Photo by Agata Kamler]


Increased Demand for Rad Ferocious Few T-Shirts Leads to Barroom Brawl

Ferocious Few Rock Treasure Island

Ferocious in the Streets


The More Things Change the More They Stay Exactly the Same

The dryer at my laundromat (which is called a “[something something] Tumbler”) doesn’t work, so I took a picture of it and tried to post it on Tumblr, but Tumblr isn’t working either, so I’m posting it here:

Whatever technology you’ve got, no matter what era it’s from, if it starts with T-U-M-B-L you’re fucked. Beware.


I think she was so overwhelmed by all the snow bullshit that she actually thought a blizzard was going to find its way inside the Transbay Tube and into an airtight BART car, and get her a little wet.

Or maybe she just really hates when the person in the seat in front of her sneezes and doesn’t cover their mouth.

Or maybe she was practicing some kind of understated routine for the Glee tryouts.

Two Iconic Logos Together at Last, in Full Effect

It’s a solid look. Don’t you just want to drink beers and eat Pringles and play Gradius III with this guy? Yep.

[Photo by Hopped Up]

Sweet Mudflap, Dude


Blasting Cramps Songs in the Turreted Cadillac

It’s Just That Song


Gimp My Ride

Ah, so this is what firefighters do to your car if you park in front of a hydrant and they need to gain access to it. Rad.

Jeans at the Gym

Kiya from Self Edge once told me that since he always wears denim he even wears denim when he goes swimming. Cutoffs in the pool. And that kind of seems somewhat normal, like Tom Sawyer and friends swimming in a swimming hole with cutoffs.

Denim on the treadmill however? A very peculiar choice.

But maybe it’s good. Maybe we should all practice running in jeans for when the time comes we have to outrun somebody we just suckerpunched outside Pop’s in the middle of the night. While barefoot.

[Photo by We Built This City]


Obsessed With Denim

Bachelorette Party Gone Bad?

UPDATE: Somebody made a compelling case that this post be taken down, so we obliged. Sorryboutit.



Bachelorette Party Gone Bad

Our buddy MC reports from 16th and Valencia late last night:

not sure what happened, but a bunch of girls of in this hummer were in a fistfight, one was getting  handcuffed with a black eye. at least two had no shoes on. when I got in a cab, the taxi driver said “yeah. chubby  girls… they like to fight.”

Thanks, MC!