Yelp’s default image for Shotwell’s

Basically I just wanted to have two butt posts in a row — but, rad that Yelp is really selling the sizzle, right?

[via Ticklefight] [Photo by Thomas H.]

Dolo butt

Dolo Butt, n – a condition wherein the afflicted has a brownish stain on the seat of their pants from sitting on Dolores Park’s notoriously muddy grass. Ex: “You can tell Joan just came straight from the park. She’s got a mad case of Dolo Butt.”

[coined by Zach Morvant, epic cyclist]

How can YOU prevent dolo butt?  Well, for one, you can make like Vic and bring along a bunch of paper shopping bags for you and your pals to sit on.  What a nice guy!

American fixie in Paris

According to the New York Times, fixies have just made their way to Paris. And apparently, Parisians are less snobby about them than we Americans:

In contrast with the hipper-than-thou attitude often associated with the bikes’ American acolytes, fixie riders can rightly be said to have a convivial scene in the French capital, where the bikes are as much activity as social marker. Despite the haughtiness for which this city is renowned, the community that has developed around them is uncommonly inclusive.

“There isn’t that element of snobbishness,” said Bruno Zuzzé, 33, the genial founder of Surplace, a come-one-come-all fixie club that organizes frequent group rides. Fixie owners often salute one another on the street, “like motorcyclists, back in the day,” he said.

Maybe we should all start high-fiving and fist-bumping one another on the street.

Muni cops are posted up at Dolores Park J-Church stop writing fare evasion tickets

Beware, fare evaders!

Why you should pee in the middle of the street

[via Storts]

San Francisco raccoons brazenly prowling in broad daylight

It’s like in John Carpenter’s Vampires when the vampires figure out how to perform that ancient incantation that lets them finally walk in the daylight — horrific!

[via Baby Goblin]

Tour bus touring tourists around Dolores Park takes out essential piece of city infrastructure

[via The Minutes]

Fire on the horizon

SFist has the details (and startling photos) of this massive house fire at Haight and Fillmore.

[Top photo by Jennifer H.; bottom photo by Lindsey A.]

Talking Heads tribute band at the Knockout tonight

I’m a teeny bit skeptical, because David Byrne is a seriously tough thing to reproduce, but two trusted sources recommended this show independently of each other, so there you have it.

(Thanks, Rob and Carina!)

Get some Berlin-style action this Friday at American Tripps

We’re all really excited about how Berlin-style ping pong is taking the neighborhood by storm, and we’re really excited to have the entire Haçeteria crew on the decks this week, and we’re excited that this will be the final American Tripps before The Secret Alley undergoes a few interesting changes in October, and we’re excited that our official photographer this week will be none other than The Tenderloin Geographic Society herself!

But what we’re most excited about is this poster art by our pal Allison from C’mon Pony! Right!? Check out her characters’ other adventures here, here, here, here, here and here.

Now RSVP and invite your friends here. And be sure to like American Tripps on Facebook for regular updates and surprises.

Also, there’s a new set of photos up from last time, shot by our pal Jess Kelso. Clearly, American Tripps is a great place to hook upp:

UPDATE: Plus, apparently over at Fun Cheap SF you can “win tix.”