Mission Mission Gift Guide: Custom-painted skateboard decks by Jihaari Terry

Jihaari is one of our favorite local artists (and karaoke singers). He’s got some custom decks up for sale right now, and for just $30 apiece. Purchase (or get in touch with him to see more pics or find out more details) here.

Mission Mission Gift Guide: Taxidermy deer head Lego kit by David Cole

David Cole is one of the geniuses that redesigned our blog for us earlier this year. Now he’s moved on to bigger and better things, namely the creation of custom Lego sets with custom-procured Lego pieces and hand-drawn instruction booklets.

I am excited to officially launch my shop with the release of the deer LEGO kit. I’ve tried building it with real pieces now, and I need to make a couple structural changes, but it will look the same. Also, I’m hand drawing the graphics for the instruction manual, which should be fun and painstaking.

Read on for the full story and pics of the instruction booklets, or just buy the kit here. Orders must be in by December 5th if you want it in time for Christmas. (David’s shop also has a kickass homemade crossword puzzle for sale.)

Oyster po’ boy recommendation

Says our pal Do Vulcan Tits Defy Logic:

these oyster po’ boys fucking rock. get some. [link]

Can do.

Tender love letters

Found on the patio of a local dive bar.

[via Ultracore]

Bender’s ketchup gumballs

Well, not exactly a ketchup gumball, but a gumball-sized container of ketchup.  Our pal Laurie explains:

i put in 25 cents into the gumball machine at Bender’s and got this little plastic thing full of ketchup. not the weirdest thing that’s happened tonight, but maybe the most fucked up

Perhaps this is their way of charging extra for condiments?  Regardless, that’s a lot of Leann Rimes songs available for karaoke!


Start Your Own Mission Gumball Empire for $60

Gumball Empire Solution

Gumball Baby Head

Spider horror

It’s spider season. Watch your step.

[via Storts]

UC Davis police lieutenant’s criminally heinous pepper spray spree immortalized in Lego

Doctor Popular is the creative force behind this diorama, which was installed early this morning in an empty newspaper dispenser on Market Street:

I’ve been wanting to do some sort of installations inside of the abandoned newspaper receptacles spread throughout our city, so I spent most of Thanksgiving creating a diorama of the UC Davis pepper spray incident which was installed in an empty newspaper bin on Market Street this morning (Black Friday). My hope was to install a piece to get people thinking about recent police violence while they were trying to do their holiday shopping. If I had more time I would have created many more dioramas based on scenes from New York and Oakland.

Read on for the full story and lots more pics. And here’s hoping Doc has more fun with abandoned news racks in the future.

Dido’s 2000 hit ‘Thank You’ expertly retuned by local DJ Myles Cooper as Thanksgiving gift to friends and fam

Mission Mission on Tumblr picked up on this news early yesterday and posted the mp3 for all to hear. It’s sure to cure your holiday blues. Click through to listen:

Dido – “Thank You” (Myles’ Retune)

Bacon-wrapped pork-broth-soaked enoki mushroom yakitori street food as turkey alternative

Our buddy Todd from Bernalwood is abroad for the holidays (not a broad for the holidays), celebrating from afar in style. I’m still stuffed from last night BUT I WANT THIS THING IN MY MOUTH.

[via Telstar Logistics]

Post-Thanksgiving Berlin-style ping pong party this Saturday featuring Breezy Nix

It’s this coming Saturday, which gives you two whole days to digest. Some other key things to remember:

  • Breezy Nix is our special guest DJ, in town just for the weekend. She will undoubtedly bring the house down, so bring your dancin’ shoes.
  • This is our first party with an absolutely first-rate DJ booth and soundsystem, so bring your dancin’ shoes.
  • This party goes ’til 2AM.
  • $2 beer until midnight.

RSVP and invite your friends!

Plus, be sure to check out (and bookmark) the newly launched AMERICANTRIPPS.COM.

Note also that this is our first time throwing this party at Project One, which is located just a teeny bit outside the Mission. It’s still easy to get to though, via the 22-Fillmore or something, or your bike or feet:

[Map by Bing Maps because I can't get any Google products to load here at DIA.]

*Disclaimer: Mission Mission and American Tripps are sister operations, as they were both my idea. Thanks, all, for your continued interest in both.