What exactly is ‘a regular job’?

Janebook wonders what qualifies in our interesting neighborhood:

But the fifth or sixth instance you hear some guy talk about moving weed like he’s performing life-saving organ transplants with surgical instruments he hand-whittled out of Mendocino redwoods …I can’t. I just can’t. I also find it adorable how they always faux-wistfully wish they had “a regular job.”

As someone with a menial “regular job,” I’m just gonna come right out and say I’d way fucking rather make five times as much doing something illegal — and I totally have options for doing that, but 9 out of 10 of them I’m sure involve donning patent leather and stepping on some dude’s nutsack, which I definitely don’t have the stomach for.

Would you have the stomach for it? Or are you wholly content with your “regular job”?

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Lewd Mickey

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Cash is king (of kings)

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How to make a succulent dino

If you’ve walked past Deep’s (AKA Trikasaurus) house on Valencia street, you’ve probably seen Trixie, the chloroplast-fortified triceratops guarding in his custom parklet.

Ever wonder how she came to be? No, not extracted DNA from prehistoric amber deposits. Apparently the idea was a no-brainer pitched by his architect:

…as the parklet project was really making progress, Jane proposed doing a “succulent sculpture” for it. And since she was so dead-on about the parklet, I immediately said sure! I thought “Ummm – a what?” Jane excitedly explained that our parklet needed an artistic focus & that it should be plant based. At that point, seeing her vision completely, I said “sure!” I said “Ummm – hmm” & started trying to figure out how to say “no” to something she was so enthused about.

Ummm, yeah. Read on at Deep’s blog for the full story.

Can’t wait to see this movie

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This is what Cesar Chavez looks like these days

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Post-Christmas karaoke dance party starring DJ Purple tonight at the Make-Out Room

It’s gonna be epic, as usual. RSVP and invite your friends! And peruse DJ Purple‘s songbook here if you want to get a jump on things.

Also, if you’ve got time, read the official Mission Mission DJ Purple interview.

What is the real meaning of Christmas?

This band’s new single, “Christmas Is A Feeling,” says that the real meaning of Christmas is that Christmas is a feeling, I think. Watch and learn:

Merry Christmas!

Happy holidays from Mission Street a million years ago

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♪ Hey, hey, we’re the Mission ♫

The Tens continues:

and people say we Mission around [link]

Can’t wait to torrent the greatest hits album!