DJ Purple’s Karaoke Dance Party returns to the Make-Out Room tonight!

DJ Purple (and Candy and Jamie) bring the party to the Make-Out Room’s big stage tonight (like they do every fourth Monday). Don’t miss out!

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Future-themed dodgeball party tonight

I guess World Dodgeball Society SF does this thing every week! Here’s the deal on this week’s:

Open Gym Power Power Hour Plus! Yes, we are gonna shoot for the early start time again. Co-ed, No-Sting dodgeball played to the best/worst jams from 8:30-10! Great way to sweat out all those leftover toxins from your weekend or just an excuse to wear short shorts.

Thanks to all of you who unearthed your fav dead presidents last week, but this week it’s all about the future. Please interpret liberally. We will be hitting a new watering holes this Monday (post).

Spread the word! $5 to play.

Or free, if you ask for the American Tripps discount, apparently :)

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This is what a $400 T-shirt looks like

At least, that was the price we overheard quoted to an interested (and subsequently shocked) shopper at Afterlife over the weekend.

Topless cat


AKA “titty kitty”?

[22nd and Bartlett parklet]

Are you an enlightened cyclist?

It’s fantastic that there’s so many people taking to the streets these days to ride their bikes to work, play, or wherever they need to go.  Of course, this also means that not everyone has developed the proper etiquette necessary for transversing the city without enraging other pedestrians and motorists (not to mention their fellow cyclists).  Luckily, there’s a chance some of us have observed these proceedings and are now on a path towards cyclist enlightenment–a haughty-sounding but nonetheless noble pursuit.  In case you’re still not sure which side you’re on, check out this video to see if you fall under any of the alluded stereotypes that might prevent you from becoming an enlightened cyclist.


Fried egg banh mi and pickle-and-bacon bloody marys today at Thieves Tavern

Our buddy Rob at Thieves explains:

my friend jess is doing a pop up at thieves tavern today. she goes by banh mi love you long time. 1230 until 5, though i bet she’ll sell out of them sooner.

and i ll be serving up homemade pickle and bacon bloody marys along with the banh mi at thieves today. pickles made by my friend nick. nick’s picks. har har.

We’re there, dude!

For poopers with elegant sensibilities

For Poopers with Elegant Sensibilities

Dolores Park playground update

Nearly done! But still fenced off.

[via We Built This City]

Clutch impulse buy!

Nattles explains:

The potrero Safeway understands it’s clientele [link]

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

The corner of 16th and Harrison needs more bike racks