Wild flowers on your roof

Crazy kissing guy on the loose

Our pal Walter Green, a designer and illustrator for McSweeney’s and the Believer, wrote in just now with a freaky tale:

My friend was walking down 21st and Valencia today at around noon when she was grabbed from behind by a crazy guy. The guy wrapped his arms around her and then tried to kiss her! She shoved him away and ran away. He followed for a bit, but she eventually lost him.

She’s really shaken up by it–is scared to go outside today!–and wouldn’t describe him beyond beyond a “fat, crazy guy.” I’ve attached my artist rendering based on what she’s told me about him.

Watch your backs! Thanks, Walter.

Who vandalized Dolores playground?

This helpful PSA popped up on the sidewalks surrounding Dolores Park recently, after Jeremy Novy allegedly vandalized the new Dolores Park playground. But I mean, we know it’s Jeremy Novy, since he appeared in a big SF Weekly article about himself and took full credit for the koi fish stencils all over town. Which people tend to like. But maybe people didn’t like that they showed up on the brand-new playground? Because it was so fresh and so clean? So they made a similar stencil and put his name on it, snitch-style? Actually maybe he didn’t do it. Maybe it’s a frame job! Maybe……. good grief, I’m gonna go to the beach.

Martin Scorsese’s George Harrison documentary tonight at the Roxie for one night only

I bet it’s way better at the Roxie than it was on PBS. Who even has a TV anymore, right?

Details and tickets here.

Refurbished 24th Street BART plaza coming soon

Looks like they’re expanding it and making it nicer looking and more useful. Mission Local reports:

Principle planner Rube Warren said he should have the finished designs by May, with construction done by October 2013. The station will remain open throughout construction.

A 2007 project report, authored by Warren and others, stated that “The plaza lacks basic infrastructure and amenities — a stage, vendor stalls, seating and sufficient bus shelters — to support healthy public life.”

Read on.

I’m from California

Sexpigeon explains:

Should probably be pitching my startup right now, but I’m from California so it’s all day-drinking and texting around to see if anyone wants to bike out to the beach. [link]

Dang. He’s got us pegged I think.

Fun with a flaming soccer ball

Those guys are gonna be in serious need of some tough-actin’ Tinactin:

[via AHSAH]

Go climb a tree

It’s great news that the Valencia swing is back in action, but it seems the lines to swing on it are already Bi-Rite Creamery-long, forcing determined fun-lovers to make their own improvised tree-related good times elsewhere on Valencia Street.

[via Ultracore]

Parklet? How about a couchlet?

Waaay more comfy! And you can easily get parking-starved motorists off your back by simply telling them to go fuck themselves!

[via The Fog Bender]

Top o’ the Sutro tower to you

It’s a good thing that antenna operators are equipped with portable video recording devices (in the form of smartphones) these days:

And here’s another tower tour from 2009:

[via Monkeybrains]