Cinecave opens tonight in Lost Weekend Video’s basement

Their Kickstarter campaign worked like a charm and tonight we get to see the fruits of their labors. Here’s the schedule of events, straight from Lost Weekend:

Open House 6/29 8-11pm

Friday June 29th, we’re opening the doors to the general public to come in and have a gander at the new space. We’ll be showing off our amazing  audio & video set-up and there’ll be snacks & bevvies to keep everyone happy. Come & check us out!

Opening Night 6/30 7pm!

Our Opening Night event will be a celebration of VHS & video stores from local forgotten film enthusiast Jesse Ficks of ‘Midnites for Maniacs’. Two seatings at 7pm & 9:45pm. Only 25 seats, so get here early!

Read on for more on the Cinecave.

[via Uptown Almanac]

Pig and Pie opens today in former Discolandia space

Mission Local broke the news and published this sample menu:

Baked Spanish Chorizo and Eggs: (served from 11 to 12) Roasted Poblano peppers, grilled red onions, salsa verde and grilled toast
Breakfast Sausage: Sage, ginger and bacon pork sausage  Fried egg and Sriracha
Bratwurst: Ginger and nutmeg pork sausage Sauerkraut, caramelized onions and spicy beer mustard
Hot Italian: Fennel seed, herbs and calabrian chili pork sausage Braised greens, spicy tomato sauce and pickled red onions
Boudin Blanc: Thyme and warm spiced chicken and pork sausage Shallot confit, arugula, mayo and preserved lemon
Chicago Dog: Smokey traditional beef hot dog Sweet celery and fennel relish, tomatoes, diced white onions, yellow mustard, pickled sport peppers, poppy seed and celery salt
Banh Mi: Black pepper, garlic, pork and pork skin sausage Pickled daikon and carrot, jalapeno, cucumber, cilantro, Sriracha and chicken liver pate
Eggplant Italian: Fennel seed, herbs and calabrian chili vegetarian sausage Braised kale, spicy tomato sauce and pickled red onions

Read on for more news and lots more pictures.

New camera themed mural coming from Sirron Norris

It’s old news that Mission businesses would rather pay a muralist to put up an original piece, or in this case branded content, than have to keep buffing tags every morning. It also happens to seem like a good idea to me. As a customer of both Calumet (CF cards and grip rentals) and Sirron Norris (t-shirts) I’m pretty into this design.

(click the image to see it full size)

Norris explains on his blog:

I’m happy to announce a new project I will be starting July 16th 2012. This mural will be located at 2001 Bryant and 18th street in the Mission district.

This mural will be funded by Calumet and will be a collaboration with Precita Eyes and the 3.9 art collective.

My hope with this project, is to reach out to other artists and arts organizations in my community through collaboration. I also want to inspire my interns and give them one of the biggest challenges in their artistic life. On a personal note: this will be one for the books and will push my talent and experience to it’s fullest. I know the team I have at the gallery and the invaluable experience Precita eyes has, will help accomplish this massive undertaking. Keep posted for updates as we move closer to starting.

This is a pretty dense piece, but that’s pretty much what he does best. Norris’s characters are well done, but not really my style, but his building textures are my favorite.

For those of you who feel like the neighborhood gets oversaturated by the same artists (Norris, Reyes, Schoultz, etc.), yeah, that does tend to happen, but in time other things take their place. And I like that Norris is really committed to involving other inspiring street artists, who he probably hopes will one day put their own stamp on their hood.

Update: Our buddy Doc reminded us that today is National Camera Day! I must be operating on some kind of useless ESP! Awesome! Go take a picture of something! But seriously, cameras are rad.

Bike lock stress test reveals that your bike is never safe

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As everyone who has had a bike stolen knows, there’s really no way to make a bicycle 100% secure – you’re basically balancing an equation where the amount that you spend weighing down your bike with locks only increases the difficulty of the heist. (And according to bicycle law, all bikes should weigh 50 pounds.)

Gizmodo put 4 standard locks through the paces to see just how hard it is to steal a bike secured with a u-lock. Although a few of them fended off a beating from bolt cutters and a hacksaw, not a single one could stand up to a 5-second assault with a $40 angle grinder. Check out the video here – how does your lock fare?

Photo by dpwk

Shooting some sort of promotional video in Dolores Park

Places, everyone:


And that was it. She walked past the camera with a bag in her hand. They did a couple takes and then packed it all up.

It’s really nice in the park right now, you guys

And not too crowded!

Classy clothes

Our pal Xtina, whose musings about fashion in the Mission we looked at yesterday, published an epic followup this morning, titled “classy clothes don’t make u classy”:

there was a girl at edinburgh last night wearing $600 opening ceremony shoes.

an hour later i saw same girl peeing in the garbage can in the women’s bathroom. [link]

Really needing to piss is the great leveler I guess.

UPDATE: The shoes in question.

[Photo by Jeff Davis]

Adobe Books expected to close forever at the end of August

Mission Local reports, regarding a farewell concert held at the space last night:

Adobe Bookshop has been a neighborhood institution for 24 years, says Aaron Novak, who organized [last night's] event and flew out from the East Coast specifically for it. ”We’re doing this for the community, the people that come here every day.”

Due to rising rent and fewer customers, the store is expected to close August 31. [link]


A helmet alone is not enough

You must go to greater lengths to protect your head and upper body when riding a scooter:

[via Quonky]

Valencia street lights appear to be back in sync

It’s been a few weeks since we noticed that the previously synchronized street lights seemed to be all out of whack, and judging by the comments in that post, it wasn’t just our imagination.  Further investigation revealed that a maintenance issue was the culprit and that the situation would take about two weeks or so to resolve.

Fast forward a few weeks, and the green wave appears to be back!  I’ve been able to coast all the way down Valencia for the past week or so without encountering any red lights as long as I keep a steady, relaxed pace.  Similarly, I can make it all the way from Folsom past Valencia up 24th without stopping, catching all of the green lights on the way.

What about the rest of you? Are your morning commutes back in sync?

[Photo via Streetsblog]