Rapists on the loose

Late last night we received this email:

Violent Rape @ 19th n capp 

Sunday night, one A.M, Nineteenth and Capp. She was walking to her home two blocks away from Bender’s. She was dragged into a driveway by two unknown assailants after leaving Bender’s. They took all her cash and both of them raped her, so severely that she now has eight stitches in her cervix. The entire lower half of her body is black and blue.

The rape was reported at SFGH as well as in a police report, and also to SF WAR. If necessary, my friend is willing to provide hospital records with her name blacked out as evidence.

We are all so shaken by this event and feel powerless to do anything. We decided, with the approval of the victim, to maybe try to get this information out via the community blogs, so people can take the necessary precautions when walking home.

Today the following, which includes a description of the alleged rapists, started making its way around Facebook:

Okay people. I need your help, and this shit is important. One of my friends was VIOLENTLY ASSAULTED and RAPED by two men she did not know Sunday night at 19th and Capp. You wanna get graphic? I’m talking stitches in the cervix. With her permission, I’ve written to the two local mission blogs, asking them to publish this incident. Nothing. Police help? NOTHING. Then today my friend saw two dudes walking down the street matching the descriptions of the attackers. One had scratches on his face that correspond with the attack. Two Hispanic men, between 20-25. One stocky, one lean, one with obvious scratches on his face. So help me out. Share this info. At the very least, maybe we can tell women in the area to be on the alert. Any other suggestions?? I feel helpless and ANGRY.

Update: Mission Loc@l spoke with the victim and has more information.

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  1. scum says:

    Thank you Allan.

    • Change your avatar says:

      you sick bastard, leaving comments on a post about rape with your vagina burger avatar? You are scum.

      • scum says:

        Thanks for pointing that out. I will change it.

        • D. Jon Moutarde says:

          BTW, WTF was this whole “exchange” about? “Vagina burger avatar”?! You got some nerve calling anyone else a troll!

  2. Rex says:

    This saddens me and makes me very angry. I hope they catch the perps. What can we do to make this crime a top priority for the cops? Should we be calling/emailing someone? Please post here.


  3. Tragic says:

    This is terrible news. But what are we supposed to do with this information? Also that description of the perps doesn’t do anyone any good.

    • Miss_Chaos says:

      I know many people who laugh at those who say “Be careful walking home” believing that no one who isn’t looking for or deserving of trouble are in danger of being hurt by strangers. This will hopefully at LEAST bring awareness that it can be dangerous walking alone.
      Since these types of attacks rarely make papers, many think others are making up the dangers of rape of women walking alone after dark. Hopefully this info will help people to take precautions and prevent this from happening to them

    • Balls says:

      That description of the perps is so ironically useless.

  4. GG says:

    That person posted on the SF SubReddit too. I had the same reaction, though — the description of the suspects is useless, so what do we do with this information except “be safe,” etc., which we should be doing anyway?

    • D. Jon Moutarde says:

      Troll spam is what I’m thinking.

      • Captain Obvious says:

        What, exactly would be the point of that you idiot? To raise awareness on being safe? Good for that fucking Troll then.

        • D. Jon Moutarde says:

          Oh, I don’t know (you idiot)… maybe to get people all upset about an imaginary event (you idiot) so he can feel real important (you idiot), or just for shits ‘n’ giggles (you idiot)? Pretty much what trolls always do (you idiot).

          • D. Jon Moutarde says:

            BTW, sorry to bust your scam before you got 100 replies on MM… it was just too lame.

          • brandi says:

            an imaginary event? go fuck yourself, asshole. this shit is not imaginary to the victim, a friend of friends of mine. what… you think this shit doesn’t happen?

            I walk home, often drunk off my ass and alone OFTEN. Hearing about this shit will totally make me watch my ass a little more than usual because HOLY FUCK, I DO NOT want this to happen to me or anyone else I know, even colloquially. Fuck.

    • SFdoggy says:

      Well knowing about this is useful as these are often not isolated incidents. People may decide to be extra cautious because of this. I don’t know if having the information will make a difference, but it is better than not having the information.

  5. pcsf says:

    TRAGIC you are supposed to be prepared, stay vigilant, and pepper spray, slice, cut, or whatever any motherfucker who attempts to rape.

    • Meanslut says:

      Way to blame the victim. For shame.

      • Miss_Chaos says:

        Thank You.
        While there are ways to help protect yourself, it does NOT mean that anyone not walking around like an armed militant ready to attack anyone who comes too close deserves to be raped. It does not even mean someone who was out drinking, in a good mood, without a thought in their mind that evil could be lurking around any corner but that all out and about in the neighborhood were anything other than neighbors deserves to be attacked in anyway.
        While I would like to think that I would cut a motherfucker in that situation, it doesn’t mean that anyone who isn’t as prepared to be bloody and violent as I am is any way at fault for their attack. And I can not guarantee that in such a situation I would cut a motherfucker. I might very well just pee myself and cry.
        Surviving the attack is number one priority, if at all possible. How someone does that in such an unimaginable situation is not up for anyone else’s judgement.

        • brandi says:

          well said. thank you.

          • jigginz says:

            still, are you that against arming/defending yourselves? the mission might be safer than before but there is still a lotta scum on those streets.

          • Weird says:

            Ask your friend why she’s trolling, because there’s no records (police, hospital or otherwise) that the event ever happened. Your friends friend my ass.

        • moderniste says:

          Hear hear. I was badly assaulted and I was SO fucking angry while it was happening, but also unable to do anything–I was competely surprised from behind. But I never wanted to go out and buy a gun or felt guilty about not being able to defend myself.

    • cypherpunks says:

      god forbid you should look the wrong way for a split second, or perhaps, be jumped by two armed SOBs way bigger than you.

    • Meow says:

      I (being a very small female with virtually no muscle mass) carry pepper spray in my purse with me. When I really think about it though, in an even that I was attacked, I probably would not have the time to unzip my purse, dig around, pull it out, and actually spray them in the eyes. I’ve thought about this situation happening many times (usually when I’m walking alone near/after dark) and honestly I don’t think I’d be able to fight someone off. I sure as fuck hope I could, but 2 guys?? I’m not Liam Nelson….

      • pepe says:

        Carrying pepper spray in your purse is for when you’re out and about in well lit, safe, busy areas. When you’re walking home from bender’s at 2am, you take it out of your purse, put it in your hand, and then put your hand in your pocket.

        • smug bunny says:

          Exactly what I was thinking. Carry it in your hand when walking alone at night. Kind of useless in your purse, especially since that’ll be the first thing they grab for. But, I also agree, a small girl against two burly guys, even armed with pepper spray or a knife or whatever might not have a chance. And, like someone else said, you’re mostly hoping you just survive as you’re being brutalized.

        • Meow says:

          If I am walking alone at night I do carry it in my hand, but you can never really predict when this stuff is going to happen, or that it won’t get knocked out of your hand if your pushed to the ground. In the end, I never know how valuable it actually be in a real situation.

      • Susiefoo says:

        At Sports Basement they have pepper spray that you velcro to your palm. I use it for running and after the attack on Fair Oaks (my street) in December I carried it. I have been lax lately though. No more. It’s fifteen bucks that could potentially save your life.

        • Meow says:

          Awesome, thanks. Will definitely look into it.

        • Whiskeymittens says:

          I bought mine at Cole Fox hardware on 4th in SoMa. You can still use your hand for keys, dog leash, etc. I always wear it when I walk at night.

      • yup says:


    • Caroline says:

      I agree. It’s extremely fucked up and sad that our culture tells us, “Don’t get raped,” when it should tell us, “Don’t rape.”

    • alex says:

      please excuse me if this has already been articulated, but I initially read this response as offensively dismissive before I caught that pcsf was attempting to respond to commenter TRAGIC and that “be prepared, stay vigilant” etc was a response to the question “But what are we supposed to do with this information?”, and (in my opinion) isn’t a casual dismissal of the events, but is rather a “positive” spin on what people can do in response to this news

  6. D. Jon Moutarde says:

    Hmm… nothing on the Mission Police Station Blog, or SFGate, or on Mission Local, either, which is normally extremely eager to report violent street crime in the Mission. Maybe something, ah — problematic — about publicizing rape in the style of alarmist chain e-mails?

    • Miss says:

      I know the person who is posting this. Just so you know, a lot of publications, and especially the police are not exactly “eager” to publicize rape incidents. If you recall the serial rapist in the Mission that was caught several months ago, it took a while for that information to make the press. It took three victims for that mans crimes to garner media attention. In fact I heard of his rapes before that information was taken on by the media because a friend of a friend worked for SFWAR (San Francisco Women Against Rape.) A lot of violent crimes don’t make the papers, and a lot of them don’t make the papers immediately. There was a shootout outside a place I worked where a woman was shot several times. I scanned the internet for information about that immediately after the fact and there was nothings- but almost a year later a there was an article about it.

      • cypherpunks says:

        I recommend if you want to stay informed try a site like sanfrancisco.crimespotting.org

        • Miss_Chaos says:

          Past few times I have been there, it has not been working. Oakland crime spotting has worked, but does not list rapes for some reason

      • Miss_Chaos says:

        I was speaking to some Tenderloin police once and they informed me as a city that depends on tourism, SF does all they can to keep the media reports of violent crimes down. Most people invested in the economic growth in a neighborhood want to keep talk of anything that may keep anyone away down.
        Also, that last rapist in the Mission who broke a few females necks, the police asked it not to be reported because they were afraid it would make him change habits and he would not get caught.

        • Tragic says:

          Well the City is doing a terrible job of it since violent crime ALWAYS leads the news and is probably definitely the most read section of the gate.

          Anyway, don’t adult human beings already know to be careful at night in a city?

        • Case in point says:

          “Also, that last rapist in the Mission who broke a few females necks”

          ^ Why not to pay attention to alarmist chain email type hysteria.

    • Benders.Barfly says:

      If you really doubt that this happened, D. Jon Moutarde, I highly recommend that you head on down to Bender’s and express your thoughts by shouting it down the bar. When you come back please post to let everyone on this board know how you were received. I myself, will be there watching in person. Or you can just sit there anonymously behind your keyboard and continue to make ignorant remarks. OR better yet you could just stop being a douche and shut your virtual pie-hole.


      • D. Jon Moutarde says:

        I’m no more anonymous than you are. Fortunately, I’m far less stupid than you are.

        • Julio says:

          You’re a fucking moron. Call the cops and they’ll confirm it for you.

        • pietaster says:

          i agree with so many others…D. Jon Moutarde needs to shut his dumb face.

          • Jean-Pierre Cornichon says:

            I think that this can be a wonderful learning opportunity for you, if you can accept that, as you grow up, you will frequently encounter people who disagree with your opinions — often, for reasons you are not yet mature enough to understand.

            It is normal, when we are very young, to respond to these situations aggressively — with shouting, foot-stamping, and even threats of a violent nature. But it is essential to recognize, as we become more socialized, that these childish responses will never have the effect that we intend: to insulate and protect our private reality of feelings from the general reality of facts.

        • Ryan Platt says:

          Hey whats your real name, I’m interested in talking to you about this incident, are you up for that? There’s no harm in revealing your identity

        • Pandi says:

          You need to just stop D. Jon Moutarde. You were wrong, and someone we care about was hurt, and you should stop with the inflammatory comments. We are here because we care about our friend and our community, and you are here it seems to be a giant dick head. It is not wanted or necessary, please just drop it, we don’t need the negativity. We are here for support and awareness.

      • Benders Bar gal says:

        I agree. Look forward to seeing D.Jon Mourtarde Step on down and tell us all about the scam you piece of shit.

  7. Matt Haze says:

    Thanks. Still no contact info or useful description, though.
    I hope something more turns up because there are so many people in the neighborhood who want to help.

  8. hotchallah says:

    I think this is important for people to know about even though there aren’t descriptions of the attackers (besides scratches on the face). I don’t think rape should be kept silent if the victim can’t give specific descriptions of his/her attacker.
    Personally, I always need to be reminded to not walk alone even if it’s only for a few blocks.

  9. SeeSomethingSaySomething says:

    So this friend who saw people matching the description of the attackers with corresponding scratches…did he/she call the police, or follow them to see where they might reside? Or did they just slip away?

  10. sx says:

    I fuckin’ hate Illinois Nazis and Mission rapists.

  11. lurkskatesf. says:

    scratches on face

  12. Kiran says:

    Just stood forevs in line at the 17th and Valencia station to ask about it. They definitely know about it and how vicious it was. What you can do is call public affairs of the SFPD at 415-553-1651 to check in on the case and voice your concern.

    • Say What says:

      Do the police have a description of the attackers – besides two males who give off bad vibes and look like gang bangers to JP (one of our nation’s top authorities on gang bangers)?

  13. Esteban says:

    Live in the mission. Got my eye out.

  14. Jam says:

    It’s a good thing D-bag Jon “the brain” Moutarde was on the case to expose the scam first.

  15. EarthyChick says:

    Seeing as they’re most likey locals and you may see them again … take their photo and send it to the police.

  16. jp says:

    I saw two guys matching that description a couple weeks ago on my way home. It was Friday, June 8, around 530-6pm, and I saw them on South Van Ness and 18th St. and saw them walk into Benders.

    I remember them because they gave off a bad vibe, looked like gang members to me, so I kept my distance and walked behind them. One of them was bald or had short cropped hair.

  17. Jesse says:

    I see those dudes all the time in the Mission. I’ll be sure and get shot by them next time I see them.

  18. Missionchick says:

    I’m so sorry for your friend and will be thinking about her, no one deserves such a horrible thing.

  19. Why have the police AND especially the MEDIA not jumped on this case?? This is our own neighbors safety and possibly our own safety as well! This is a tight knit community and a preditor will have a hard time staying hidden when attacking our people! Give us some sketches PD, and give this some press PRESS! What is the problem?? Dont tell me you dont want to scare off tourists! If our public safety is to be compromised for SF’s projected reputation, then this is NOT the city i once loved!

    Thank you for this article. I take this stuff very seriously too!

  20. Miss_Chaos says:

    You need to change the icon with this post. When I posted the link to FB, there was the caption “Rapist on the loose” next that “What? Hey!” photo of you in that chair. Kind of disturbing

  21. bLeggy says:

    Man that area is so F**kd!!

    I have, on numerous occasions, been followed around the 16/17th – 20th/21st south van ness/capp/shotwell area by men. It’s really shitty and I’ve gotten really scared before. Even though I’ve lived in the TL and mission and bayshore areas for a while now I’m still only 22 and a fairly small female. I always carry around a knife and pepper spray but honestly i don’t feel like there are enough lights in this city!! another problem area is the two over passes going over cortland and industrial near the alemany flea market.. it’s totally dark and I know people who have gotten mugged and assaulted there with NO police help. the SFPD is freakin WHACK and they need to be on top of keeping us safe!!

    the most i can tell girls to do when they’re walking around is STAY ON THE PHONE!! whenever i’m walking home alone i call one of my room mates and friends and either keep them on the phone or tell them my Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) so they can expect me to call!!
    if your phone is dead JUST PRETEND to be on the phone the whole time!!

    • yes23 says:

      My friend got mugged on 16th & church while she was talking on the phone to her boyfriend in LA. He heard them come up to her, then the call cut out. They stole her phone. Just sayin.

    • Jewel says:

      I got punched in the face and mugged at 8pm on a Thursday night in front of Pauline’s pizza. I don’t think that being on the phone is the best idea because it also distracts you. That said, I think it’s fucking brilliant to text your roommates & friends when you are leaving somewhere and let them know how you are getting home, when you expect to be there, and then text them when you arrive.

      • Jewel says:

        I forgot to mention that I was on the phone when it happened.

        • Laney says:

          I was mugged at gunpoint while on my phone by two dudes who did the same thing to three women before me (all on phones). When you’re preoccupied with your phone, or have headphones on, you’re distracted and, in my opinion, less safe. Look alive out there, friends!

    • theknocks says:

      Please note, walking while on your iPhone or other smart phone may not be a good idea- it may distract you from suspicious sounds or things out of the corner of your eye, also it makes you an obvious target for getting mugged.

      I’m all for calling a friend and giving them an eta, but being totally aware and at full attention to what’s around you while not advertising you have a $200 phone is a just an thought….

      • bLeggy says:

        oh yeah true… but i’m also not apart of the smart culture.. no one wants to steal my phone.

        • jigginz says:

          it’s covering one ear that cuts your chances of determining the location of approaching predators

    • Brian says:

      Please see my post about carrying a tactical flashlight…

    • Flora says:

      Two things.

      1. Being on the phone will not help you. I know a woman who was talking on her phone while walking down a well trafficked public walking/biking trail on her lunch break and she was beaten to death several years ago…in Concord. The person on the other end heard the phone cut out but was unable to a damn thing to help her. Thinking that talking on the phone is going to help you in anyway is a false sense of security. If anything, it would alert potential attackers that you are not completely aware of your surroundings.

      2. I was raped (luckily not in such a violent and traumatizing manner) in North Beach last April. The sexual assault unit of the SFPD cares fuck all about doing a damn thing in rape cases. I was told point blank that they would not be pursuing my case because they only pursue cases that the D.A. thinks will result in prosecution. Not that the case was ever reviewed by the D.A., just some doughnut eating fucktard behind a desk who deemed it unworthy of follow-up.

      I really hope that in this woman’s situation that the police will follow up. Keep calling the police, demand that they do their fucking job. The sexual assault unit’s number is 415-553-1361.

      If people want to flyer the area, it may not have much of an effect, but it can only raise awareness and hopefully keep another person from being a victim of these same soulless criminal misogynistic assholes.

      • Esme says:


        Sorry to hear what happened to you. That is awful. I was taken aback by your comment,

        “I was told point blank that they would not be pursuing my case because they only pursue cases that the D.A. thinks will result in prosecution. Not that the case was ever reviewed by the D.A., ”

        because I was told (VERBATIM) the same thing by SFPD after someone grabbed me from behind while I was traveling on a MUNI bus. I wasn’t sexually assaulted, but it’s alarming to see that reply from them in two completely separate (and different types of) incidents.

        • Flora says:

          I guess it’s their M.O. *shrugs* Blame budget cuts, poor training, lack of caring, it just seems to be their pat answer for everything, doesn’t it?

      • concerned mission citizen says:

        missionmission owes an apology to the community for purputrating this story on the community!

        [citation needed] is right!

    • smug bunny says:

      Yeah, I don’t really agree. Keep your phone in your bag. I’ve had a lot of friends (well, 3) mugged specifically for their phone (iphone). Text to let people know your ETA before you head out. Or, better yet, walk home with a buddy – preferably more than one – or get a cab. I would bet this woman would be much happier to be out $10 than have had that happen to her.

  22. MS says:

    She was mistaken for one of the many prostitutes working the Capp/Van Ness/Shotwell area in those late hours. This is the primary reason they went for her money first- a simple robbery- prostitutes deal in cash. The rape followed, as they assumed that a prostitute wouldn’t call the cops, and they wanted something out of it.
    This is why you see the hookers walking in pairs- these things happen regularly.
    Obviously this will be happening again, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this escalated into kidnappings/abductions.

    • Benders.Barfly says:

      She was not dressed like a prostitute.

      • brandi says:

        And, HOLY SHIT, besides the fucking point. Even if she was tricking, WHICH SHE WASN’T. rape is rape. And this woman had to get fucking stitches in her fucking CERVIX holy shit. I have had a lot of extremely fun, consensual, rough sex that didn’t send me to the fucking hospital for stitches.

        ANd WTF? It’s okay to rape prostitutes now? Really? Fuck that misogynistic, anti-sex worker shit.

        Fuck, I hate people.

        • Benders.Barfly says:

          Yep, also completely besides the point. Thank you for clarifying that, Brandi. I am going to stop reading these posts. It’s just too disturbing read all these speculations and assumptions posted by people that don’t know shit.

        • scum says:

          100% agree Brandi.

        • MS says:

          Under the influence walking alone late at night through an area/timeframe frequented by prostitutes, clientele, and surrounded by regular vagrant hangouts.
          She wasn’t a prostitute or dressed like one. But at night, people up to no good could think otherwise.

          • Flora says:

            Continuing to harp on about how this is the victim’s fault that TWO CRIMINAL ASSHOLES MADE THE DECISION TO COMMIT A HEINOUSLY VIOLENT CRIME AGAINST HER while she was walking all of TWO BLOCKS HOME makes you look like a jerk, jerk.

            Who cares what the rapists were thinking? They were looking for an opportunity to victimize someone. It’s not as though they would have been out on the street going, “Oh, look, there’s someone! Oh, shit! She’s not dressed close enough to what I think a prostitute is supposed to look like! We only attack women in the Mission if they might look like prostitutes, so let’s wait for the next person. Look, this girl walked out of a bar by herself. She must be a prostitute because only prostitutes go to bars on Sunday nights! Let’s rob her, beat her senselessly, and rape her.”

            This woman was minding her own business and certainly wasn’t walking around with a flashing neon sign that said, “Rape me.” Give it up- she wasn’t dressed like a prostitute and she didn’t deserve what happened to her. People are talking about a serious case and you obviously lack the comprehension to understand or the compassion to comment in any sort of constructive manner. If you think rapists only target women that *you* think fit the description of a prostitute, you’re an idiot. You’re not adding anything to the conversation and are just making a bunch of people upset.

          • Lamb says:

            Even if she were a prostitute, she did not deserve to be raped.

          • Lamb says:

            Sorry if I was not clear, my reply was for MS. I agree with Flora.

          • NKF says:

            I would have to agree with MS. That area is known for having prostitutes. Anyone who was born and raised in the Mission knows that prostitutes walk around that area, at least since the 80′s. I’m not saying this woman deserved what happened to her, but I’m saying that people need to be aware of their surroundings, especially what goes on around certain areas of SF.

          • Birdy says:

            She was merely in the wrong place at the wrong time.

      • Balls says:

        Was she dressed like a hipster? Sorta the same thing

  23. TTigre says:

    To the SF Pride community and beyond:
    I just read about this horrendous assault. It really hits deeply, that violence keeps occurring despite all our work..and after surviving and recovering from multiple surgeries due to surviving a recent assault. Nevertheless, this was a response to a community that fights against violence both in their work and personal life with fundraisers.. because I still gotta see some real action:
    Violence within and by our fellow community members happens.. yet..the silence is smothering and infuriating..

    It is really important to me that this violence is being made visible, and asked for action&caution. HOWEVER, I am just still freaking speechless (well I actually I can’t sh*t up abt my own experience because it needs to STOP!)& its super triggering/sad to read this article: that violence continues to devastate us, but also because its very clear to me that certain assaults are spoken up abt, seem heinious enough to be mentioned in media/interviews AND ‘important visible’ survivors in (y)our community are collectively being stood up for by leaders, CBOs&media: YET NO Pride event, or LGBTQI groups, but Qwocff Sf!! have responded collectively nor publicly to my f*cking horrendous assault (5+hrs long in OAKLAND) that I am still recovering from 4 months later (now my NOSE) and probably the rest of my life because they left me to die after they broke my bones&assaulted me: this lack of response I believe is precisely because I have identified QWOC of OUR QUEER community to be directly involved& planned the spiking of my drink: AND THEY are running around celebrating, being admired and promoted by our community+leaders, including everywhere at this SF Pride weekend.. Why are they considered safe? but the rapists in the article are described as being on the loose. WTF is going on here ppl??? Just because we remain silent doesn’t mean there won’t be a 4th victim at my assailants hands nor potential further harm to me because I choose to SPEAK UP-I cannot attend Pride because of the ongoing unsafety and SILENCE by the community/threats to me, but that doesn’t mean I am the only one who is unsafe!! Somethimg gotta change, I as the survivor am not welcome Nor SAFE: In fact, I cannot even celebrate my B-day tonight at Good Times, where I did everyone’s photography prior to this attack because associates of the perpetrators &community leaders seem to take the words of the ppl who’ve harmed me.. As if i would ever train crisis counselors at SFWAR to do that: don’t take the survivors word-celebrate/promote the harmers.. AND THAT IS WHAT’s BEEN happening: What will it take to stop these women, whom i seriously believe harmed ME: someone more privileged? less social awkward w.o. Aspergers and honesty? What ppl will it take!!! PLEASE STAND UP, do something… I know it is easier that I am going to disappear: BUT it won’t make Your community safer: I didn’t do the HARM.. I am just a B* of speaking up and will take more steps to stop them. Pls be aware that The ones who broke my Jaw, nose, and ribs etc. are celebrating with Y’ALL.. and again: WATCH your drink tonight and this WEEKEND: HAPPY PRIDE lovely SF Bay Area community!!! #inconvenient truth #Iamtiredhurtandnottheonlyonevictimizedbythem!

  24. Lisa says:

    Thank you for posting

  25. Brian says:

    Ladies and gentlemen,
    This is what I carry for self defense: A high power (SureFire)Tctical LED flashlight of at least 200 Lumens. A one handed opening or (In GA) a quality Automatic Knife (Benchmade). Sometimes I even carry a small can of pepper spray. The Flashlight resides in my weak hand front pocket (in my case my left) and the Knife in my strong hand front pocket. If you are unable to legally concealed carry a firearm or are against the use of firearms, I suggest you look into this combination. If you shine this flashlight into an attackers or aggressive persons eyes they will be rendered night blind and you can get away from them. If they are already close enough to grab you use light or knife and stick them… PERIOD. Practice with a friend with objects similar in size. It will save your life.

    • MS says:

      Automatic Knives are illegal unless they are under 2 inches (in California). And good luck getting a Carry Concealed Weapon permit (CCW) in the Bay Area. County sheriffs rarely issue those and the threat of street crime is not a valid reason.

    • thanks says:

      i wouldn’t advocate carrying a knife to anyone unless they are well trained in knife combat. you are increasing your chance of getting hurt by bringing out that knife and escalating a situation. . . a knife is a lethal weapon and if the person you pull it on has more experience with knives than you do, it’ll be in their hands before you know it.

      • Brian says:

        ya’ll missed my whole main point the (SureFire) Tactical flashlight. Go ahead and be vulnerable little pansies and let the big bad men in the night do what they want with you. If you are out in a bad neighborhood late at night you better be PREPARED to deal with a situation. I know that is not how it should be, BUT THAT IS HOW IT IS!

        • erin says:

          homophobic (“pansies”) and victim-blaming (“let the big bad men”). nice.

          • Brian says:

            Far as I am concerned “pansie” is someone who is not going to assert themselves and be taken advantage of, whatever their sex, orientation, race or religion. How do you get victim blaming out of what I said? There are big bad (people) men in the night who will take advantage of a unprepared vulnerable person. The only mistake I made in the reply was only using men as an example of big and bad in the night. Protect yourself and try not to be a victim! If you would concentrate on the message and not the delivery you may just learn something. I sense you are too smart for your own good erin.

          • Julio says:

            This is pathetic victim blaming. If you don’t want to “assert yourself” you’ll be a victim. Guess what, Brian, even in the world of your tactical flashlight, you’re not the biggest or baddest dude on the block. You can still be a victim of a crime regardless of how prepared you are.

            And pansy is homophobic full stop.

          • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

            Huh. I’ve never thought of “pansy” as homophobic, I just thought of it as in the sense of a weak little flower, kinda thing. Hmm. I didn’t realize that anyone considered it a homophobic term.

          • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

            (I’m not arguing, just expressing surprise.)

        • truth says:

          Oh shut up with your macho fantasy bullshit.
          Most people aren’t prepared to engage in some kind of Inigo Montoya-style standoff-cum-knife-fight against TWO men, late at night after being in a bar.

          It’s idiotic to recommend people bring things that can so easily escalate the situation. Safety in numbers, sure. Better lighting probably too. Investigative policing to actually catch these guys, also.

          and cosign on your rageing homophobia and victim-blaming problem. sort it out.

          • brian says:

            Seriously, all the replies I get are not seeing the message. I have been in terrible neighborhoods and i am still here. I am not claiming to be some tough guy. What Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable said about the deffinition of pansie is exactly wahat I was under the impression it meant. A Tactical Flashlight is a very good (and legal) tool for self defense. Ignorance is no excuse for being a victim. I feel awful for anyone who is mugged/attacked/raped/etc; however, I suggest to anyone to do everything they can to be prepared in case they are in a situation where something like that could happen. There are people in this world who prey on others. We all know this can happen, so do not be ignorant and think that it won’t happen to you. Prepare for it! An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Please get off your homosexual high horse. Just because I choose to be proactive in my safety I am being “attacked” here for trying to educate others. No matter who they are.I choose to be heterosexual and I respect the choices of others to not be. Why am I even defending myself? You don’t know me…

          • Julio says:

            You lose everyone when you state: Ignorance is no excuse for being a victim.

            There’s nothing anyone needs to excuse any victim of being. Perpetrators of violence are 100% responsible for that violence.

            Do you understand this? It has nothing to do with being proactive about safety, it’s about how you’ve chosen to think about and discuss people who have had the misfortune of being attacked through no fault of their own.

      • MarQ says:

        1) Get the knife. 2) Learn how to use it. The odds of someone that is ALREADY IN THE PROCESS of ATTACKING you- being intent on doing you no harm up until they notice that you brought a knife– are ‘slim-to-none’, at best. I am sick of seeing these comments about ‘knife combat’ and training there-of, as if the majority of assailants are ANY MORE TRAINED THAN THE VICTIM, or as-if you have to be some sort of expert to try to save your own life. I AM ‘knife-trained’, and you know what the FIRST rule of Knife-fighting is?? DON’T PLAY. If the other person pulls a knife, do anything you can to avoid the confrontation, first-off, RUN–plain-and-simple. A simple, single slice on the arm can have you dead in a few minutes. So if the assailant is one of these people that really has his shit together and bothered to ‘train up’ on his scum-baggery, he will know he has just picked the wrong ‘victim’ and should move on. If he doesn’t, he’s the kind of stupid that gets himself and others hurt, and you’ll be better off with an option to STAB HIM than with the only option being “get away or get raped– *BUT*– not hurt by your own knife”

        • thanks says:

          i urge you to learn some basic self-defense before advocating that others carry knives. if you think the site of a knife is enough to deter most attackers then you are lucky enough to have been sheltered from these kinds of situations.

      • MarQ says:

        “escalating”… a brutal gang-raping??

        “if the person you pull it on has more experience…”

        a BIG “if”. To which your approach says “just give up, just in case, don’t even try”

        you got one thing right, a knife is a lethal weapon. Kinda sounds like something I’m gonna be happy to have next time a couple dudes drag me into an alley.

        • thanks says:

          if you think you could take on two dudes with a knife, good luck. this is all assuming that you are willing to kill and ask questions later; keep in mind that one stab wound is typically not enough to stop someone. mace and pepper spray are much more effective tools to stop an attacker and get home safely.

      • ... says:

        Brian is correct. Good call, I too carry a very bright flashlight and a knife at all times.

        MS- Brian didn’t say a switchblade. AK’s have a device that helps them open but are not considered switchblades… which are, as you stated, illegal.

        CCW’s are issued in quite a few counties in CA. S.F. is, of course, not one of them. This is a shame.

        thanks- you go ahead and not carry a knife. It doesn’t take much practice to slash and stab if you need to. Most criminals are cowards and will retreat when met with force. Even when force is simply displayed but as Brian said, blind them first. Besides, you’re using that tired argument that a knife (gun, stick, whatever) will be taken from you and used against you.

  26. also says:

    To those of you who are wondering how much anyone can do without a better description at this time: The last Mission rapist was caught because of a tip by someone who knew him personally. The description, drawings and video of him did little to reveal his true identity. Even a vague description is helpful if someone they know can connect it to a story.

  27. bLeggy says:

    I’ve always thought it would be an awesome non-profit/volunteer type of thing to have a like… “before danger” hotline where you can call a hotline in case you are being followed and give them your 411 and your destination.. maybe one you can text or something. if the cops won’t freakin do something perhaps SFWAR can set something up like this in shifts throughout the nights?

    and yeah – the fact that there are hookers around that area really blows. some are way young and pretty and dress like they’ve just come from hanging out – like my friends do.

    carry a knife. i always have one in my jacket pocket. may be kinda shitty to have to admit but that’s the way it goes =/
    best wishes to all of SF
    we should feel safe in our awesome city

    • thanks says:

      telling someone to carry a knife is terrible advice. are you trained in knife combat? if not, you are more likely to hurt yourself or have that knife turned against you. get into a self-defense class where you will learn these types of things . . . or at the very least carry a simple to use nonlethal self-defense weapon with a single line of fire, like pepper spray.

      • MarQ says:

        Telling someone to take any kind of measure intended to put them in some degree of control of their own fate is ABSOLUTELY NOT “terrible advice”. You want to tell people to go out unarmed because they are not practicing Ninjas? Do you think the lowlife scum that commit these crimes are “trained in knife combat” in between raping, robbing and consuming(in the form of drugs and whatever else drives them to be scum) the booty stolen from their last victim? It’s not a ‘If you can’t win, don’t play” -type situation–it is your LIFE. And DAMN STRAIGHT-ANY measure of preparedness or defense that you are mentally prepared to engage in on your own behalf is ONLY GOING TO HELP. You recommend self-defense classes and other preparations, but the preparation of getting armed is ‘OUT’ in your book. Clueless.

        • Julio says:

          It’s a pretty simple point: If you don’t know how to use a knife, it is unlikely to help you against a larger/stronger attacker. This isn’t a very controversial opinion in the self-defense world.

          • MarQ says:

            one much-less controversial opinion in the self-defense world is this– “DONT FUCK WITH A KNIFE, YOU MAY GET KILLED.”(no matter how bad-ass you may think you are) I want the guy intending to rape MY girlfriend to have this concern on his list of issues to deal with before he can succeed with his efforts. You are ignoring the fact that this WILL BE a person that is ALREADY randomly *ATTACKING* you. This whole “it’s better to just avoid having options than to have one that isn’t perfect” concept is detrimental.

          • Julio says:

            Or, the alternative perspective – if you pull a knife on someone and they take it from you, now they have a knife. I’m sure your girlfriend can fight two dudes with a legally carried knife, but this seems like the wrong focus when something like this happens.

            We live in a culture that is extremely violent towards women. Instead of dealing with this by saying – we better arm all the women, why aren’t we talking about how to deal with the fact that men in our society are the ones perpetrating a gross majority of the violence? The best way to prevent this sort of thing is to deal with the culture and the people perpetrating it.

          • Laney says:

            EXACTLY. For folks who are comfortable carrying knives, by all means. However, you better hope that if and when you want to use it, you’re in a situation that allows you to. When someone surprises you with a gun and then sticks their hands in your pockets to rob you and finds said knife. . . Well, I’d wish I had left my superhero fantasies at home.

            Also, even after having a gun held to me, I’m still a much happier person walking around unarmed and alert, and using my common sense about being alone at night, talking on my phone, etc. than I would be if I were constantly suspicious and ready to get all Lara Croft on an attacker.

          • jigginz says:

            @Julio – I agree with you that we do need to deal with violence and rape culture in general but how long will that take? In the meantime, there’s pepper spray, mace, etc…

    • No fish today says:

      true. If colleges can put together a late night escort system, why not here

  28. CW says:

    There is a free self-defense workshop at the Bryant St sports basement on July 11th at 7pm. I just signed up for it after reading this article and urge all mission women to do the same. Click here to learn more and register impactbayarea.org/intro_sportsbasement_july

    • thanks says:

      thanks, that is a great resource. everyone should know some basic self-defense. we live in a less than perfect world and it couldn’t hurt to know how to de-escalate a situation and get yourself away from danger.

  29. Negativebitchescommentsnotneeded says:

    Ok, negative people. Stop commenting your bs opinions “we know how to be safe” “what’s the point of this?” “useless description” the point here is, a woman has been severely violated and damaged permanently and the police/media will do nothing. So, this and other sites are where people turn to, at the very least, warn people (out of respect for this poor woman and our community) of local, happening now, dangers. But also can create a great place to get tips. (hey, if Mr. Pickles can post fb photos of the missing pickle outside and get it back, why wouldn’t people try it for everything?!)

    • Cap'n Peril says:

      I know the dude who stole the pickle. He did it in a blackout and was mortified to wake up with it in his living room. I don’t think he’s even on Facebook.

  30. Deborah says:

    Thank you CW for this tip- something practical to do….I’m going to sign up and I also like Brian’s flashlight/knife combination. What about whistles?

  31. Hammerin' Hanke says:

    Could everyone please shut the fuck up and just try to be vigilant for this person and yourselves? Thanks. The description does kind of suck, but if you see a stocky dude and a skinny dude together on or around the center of the Mish, both Hispanic and in their early 20′s there abouts, and one has ‘scratches on their face’, be fucking careful and do what you feel is right about it. Now kindly fuck off with yer shitty fucking opinions, have some respect for the victim, and SHUT THE FUCK UP.

  32. Amy says:

    I LIVE on the corner of 19th and Capp and often walk my dog at night. I wish I could have helped this woman and hope the same fate doesn’t happen to me.

  33. black_wizard says:

    If any of you casual commenters actually gave a shit you might get out of the house & do something constructive like go to the police station, make a flyer with pertinent information & post them around the attack site, organize groups of friends to go out at night & be vigilant in the service of the community… Otherwise, shut yr stupid fucking mouths you horrible rotten shits!!! Nobody made up this story to get attention fuckface get a grip on reality… It really sucks when the stupid comments make you angrier than the awful event they spawned.

  34. D. Jon Moutarde says:

    Hmm… still no independent verification that this report is about an incident that actually happened — just a lot of hysterical sock-puppets. Methinks you been played, Allan.

    But feel free to prove me wrong, hater posters — all I need to make me feel foolish is some solid verification that the incident which Allan was reporting as fact (perhaps with a bit too much of a straight face), based on an anonymous email and some Facebook chatter, really did happen. Can you do that for me? Do you care enough? Or are you just noxious, Mission Mission-hating sock-puppets?

    • B Mac says:

      D. Jon Moutarde,
      I want to like you because your handle is so amazing. Sadly, you are a chauvinist buffoon.

      • D. Jon Moutarde says:


        Sadly, the reason I am forced to pursue this line of questioning is that I like women too much to believe that most of the idiots who are posting on this thread are women. 4chan trolls, most likely. Sucks to be me, dealing with you.

        • dude says:

          Considering the first I heard about it was a bunch of re-posts on facebook with few details and no links to ‘reliable’ sources like newspaper or police, etc, I wasn’t so sure what to think but figured we’d eventually get more info.

          But last night at my neighborhood bar the bartender mentioned it to me and said she knew the girl and was really freaked out about the whole thing. May not be “hard” evidence to you, but it’s really a small city and small hood; most people around here know each other. So that’s enough for me.

        • Julio says:

          Dude, if 4chan was on mission mission there’d be a shit ton more trolls. Turns out you’re the only one

        • Lifeboatb says:

          I can’t figure out why someone would make up a story like this. They’re trying to kill Bender’s bar?

    • ashley says:

      You sadden me, DJM. What proof do you want? A video-tape recording?

    • metallicabreath says:

      No, man, still no verification as far as I know. But hey, I DID just stumble upon Barack Obama’s birth certificate, WANNA SEE IT??!


  35. MisterNovember says:

    …There’s no excuse for this sort of thing…Am I alone in wishing for the mandatory armament of San Francisco’s women?

    • jigginz says:

      no you are not alone in that wish but apparently that is called “blaming the victim”.

  36. AWomanWhoVotesAndSaysVagina says:

    I am shocked at how ridiculous and hateful many of these comments are. This is a horrible, horrible crime and it is our duty as humans to pursue solving it.

    I think everyone should keep calling the police, demand that they do their job. The sexual assault unit’s number is 415-553-1361.

  37. Missionchick says:

    I got to this blog through a link on SFist, but they’ve since deleted the link from this post: http://sfist.com/2012/06/20/day_around_the_bay_927.php.

    Does anyone know why?

  38. Motor-Mouth says:

    I belong to a crime prevention costumed activist group known as The Nor Cal Protectorate. We do crime watch patrols across San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, & Sacramento. With the news of this heinous attack, we’ll be stepping up late night patrols in & around the Mission District.

    I know it’ll be hard in the long run but I hope your friend heals eventually on some level from the nightmare that was forced upon her.

    • Missionchick says:

      I didn’t know there were RLSHs in the Bay area. A large group of RLSHs did a lot of flyering with specific details about various unpublicised crimes in my neighborhood where I used to live. I always found it to be very useful.

    • timbo says:

      Mission Superheros? Yes, please.

    • kpants says:

      You’re my hero.

    • Stranger Danger says:

      I’m glad you’ll be keeping an eye out for scary men that jump out of the bushes but lets not forget that 85% of rapes are acquaintance rape. So watch your back from all sides ladies.

      • GG says:

        Wait a sec — wasn’t everybody hating on the Guardian Angels just a couple of months ago? It’s the same idea but without the silly paramilitary gear/attitude…

  39. bernadette says:

    I am a musician and play gigs late. I am a performer, artist and supporter of other creatives and am usually out late. I ALWAYS TAKE CABS DIRECTLY HOME. This is really scary stuff. Please spread the word! WE ALL NEED TO BE SAFE OUT THERE!!!!! xoxoxo Healing hugs to the victim <3

  40. D says:

    Friday June 22nd at 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
    Corner of 19th & Capp

    While this remains fresh in everyone’s mind-I wanted to post that we should hold a gathering at the corner of 19th and Capp with candles,signs and flowers to show support for the victim.

    ..just “being safe” or angry isn’t enough..

    We should pass out flyers on Safety Tips and use some of the posts above to encourage people to come forward.

    Is there a fund to help the victim?

  41. friend says:

    oh that is horrible! is there a fund or something to help the victim?

  42. Justin says:

    Hey, lets do a version of some like it hot but a detective version and catch this asshole.

  43. Justin says:

    I meant assholes. Fuckers.

  44. :/ says:

    This is terrible.

    I wish there was some kind of volunteer / escort service at bars that women could call just to get a walk home like they have on college campuses. While anyone should be able to walk anywhere they want without fear of being mugged / raped / assaulted, the obvious reality is that it can and will happen in the city.

    I suggest anyone who sees these two in the mission to take matters into their own hands if they feel capable of doing so. beat the fuck out of them, then call the police.

  45. 91foxbody says:

    Ladies, be safe out there and use common sense when strolling out there in the mission, late at night, SOLO!

  46. Tricia says:

    This saddens and scares me! I do go out late in the hood but typically am not walking alone. You might want to check that Mexican-only gang looking bar thats on Capp at 18th or 19th on the corner. There are some shady people that hang out there, get stupid drunk, and act the fool…its not far from Benders.

    • trixr4kids says:

      mexican only? have you asked all these people where they are from? come on now.

      • Linda says:

        Dude, it’s not unheard of for a bar to be mostly Mexican or Salvedoreno or what have you. It’s a fair assessment and a valid comment.

        Fuck man let’s cut to the core of this matter and not parse words. I have a fair idea of what a man with scratches on his face looks like. I’m pretty sure I would know what a Hispanic man with scratches on his face looks like. Duh. He’s the one with the scratches stupid.

        Says the Mexican.

    • Stranger Danger says:

      Check them….how? Ask them if they know who did it, or should we expect to find the rapist from amongst their membership?

    • alex says:

      I live basically around the corner from this and honestly I’m curious as to what bar you might be referring to. The closest I can think of that matches that description is El Trebol at Capp and 22nd, which (at least in my opinion) is not at all close to what you are describing.

  47. GG says:

    When I was in undergrad at Berkeley, there was a campus walk service where you could call a number at night and someone would come walk you to your dorm/apartment/car so you didn’t have to walk alone. Maybe we need something like this for the Mission?

  48. don perignon says:

    what is a Hispanic?
    Is this a description or just paranoia?
    FYI => Hispanic means that a person was born/come from on of the former colonies of Spain, most of wich have people of different races, religions, origins, etc. Therefore description is not helping at all. It might as well be taken off this article.

    • AMB says:

      THANK YOU. Describe skin tone, sure, eye color, hair color, mouth shape, nose shape, or whatever you can remember besides the scratches. But please, “Hispanic”? As if “Hispanic” people look one certain way. Sorry, I know this shouldn’t be the focus of the situation, but I’m glad someone pointed it out.

    • thanks says:

      we must be careful not to offend these violent rapists with our racial semantics.

  49. MissionNeighbor says:

    The corner store on 19th and Capp and other adjacent buildings have surveillance cameras on them. The cops ought to be searching through the film for these sick pigs.

    • Flora says:

      You’d think. Well, there is surveillance footage of the person who drugged me the night I was abducted and sexually assaulted but the police can’t be bothered to review it. That would mean they’d have to get off their fat asses to watch approximately 30 minutes of “television” to do their job. Obviously, they can’t stand the pressure. Next time I’ll do them the courtesy of getting roofied in a Krispy Kreme.

      • L says:

        Flora, my heart goes out to you, reading this and your comment up-thread. Indifference from the people who are supposed to protect us must make the pain much worse. I hope you have a good support network, access to counselors who can help you. Best wishes.

  50. againstgentries says:

    that’s what you white people get for gentrifying the area…

  51. iz says:

    if you see these guys just walking around, for the love of god take out your cell phone and snap a picture of them.

  52. Mission Resident says:

    Carry mace!!


    Why? Why the fuck not?!

  53. chris says:

    go to the womens building 3543 18th Street #8 San Francisco, CA 94110
    (415) 431-1180 they can help you probably better then the police can

  54. MEZ says:

    The mention of kidnapping reminded me of trying to get a cab at 18th and Mission at 1 am a few years ago. We all know how hard it is to get cabs in this nabe. A gypsy cab stops, I open the back door, and am about to get in, when another guy, who knows the driver and is inexplicably eating takeout, jumps in the passenger seat. I ask the driver who the guy in front is, and he says “Oh, I’m just giving him a ride. Come on, get in.” Right. I still have chills thinking about what could’ve happened to me that night.

  55. Dave P says:

    I feel for the victim and hope she recovers.

    However, I see too many people, not just women, walking down the street not paying attention to what is around them!?!?!?!?!? I grew up on the East coast and we grew up realizing crime is around, so we took precautions.

    People look left, right, and behind you sometimes. San Francisco is not Portlandia on Tv!

    • Meow says:

      Agreed. Sometimes I feel totally crazy looking behind my back while I am walking alone at night (and yes I may run to my car from the cal train station if it is dark and no one is around) but I grew up with Lifetime for women and I am paranoid as shit.

  56. scum says:


    i think it is pretty clear that this has been a scam the whole time. it is sad and irresponsible that people use rape as a ploy for attention. more importantly, incidents like this make me immediately doubt any allegation of sexual assault unless I know the victim personally. maybe that frame of mind is a positive unintended consequence for we are in a county where people are innocent until proven guilty.

  57. jazzhands says:

    OK…WHAT THE FUCK! Now it’s a HOAX? Is this some horrible sick joke? Is it, or is it not a sick and twisted scam?

    • MrEricSir says:

      At the moment we don’t know if it was a hoax or not, just that some of the details were incorrect as originally reported.

    • scum says:

      it is a hoax, don’t let a cat or computer programer tell you otherwise.

      • MrEricSir says:

        [citation needed]

        • scum says:

          sorry, no smoking gun but certainly enough circumstantial evidence to carry the beyond a reasonable doubt standard:

          1. not one scintilla of independently verifiable evidence (police report, SF general citation, etc.) has surfaced;

          2. The unreasonable proposition that a sexual assault of this magnitude would result in no police report or hospital evidence.

          3. radio silence from the victim and her PR crew since attacks on the her credibility. very telling imo; and

          4. certain claims (police report, hospital visit, and report to rape organization) have been proven false by multiple legitimate media outlets (as opposed to blogs prone to hyperbole and lack of fact checking before running with a facebook post).

          No reasonable person can objectively view the facts above and what has transpired in the last 48 hours and conclude anything other than the fact that his was BS.

          • MrEricSir says:

            So you don’t know anything at all, but feel the need to jump to conclusions regardless. Got it.

          • scum says:

            i know the above facts. i use those facts to draw conclusions. this is what humans do. i am and sorry you do not grasp that and instead troll internet site (sfist, here, uptown, etc) and hate on other people’s opinion.

          • MrEricSir says:

            If your issue is that someone is lying, perpetrating further lies is simply not a valid solution.

            Additionally, calling someone a “troll” for no apparent reason doesn’t disguise the fact that you’re trolling.

          • scum says:

            @fake scum, you are a fucking asshole. Would you like to meet in public to sort some things out?

  58. jlaix says:

    My friend stumbled onto two guys breaking into his car on 19x capp a few weeks ago, he pulled the one guy out of the backseat but didn’t see the other guy in the front seat, who then punched him square in the face a few times and they ran off. The guys matched this description. When he told the cops it was two hispanic guys they laughed and said, “Oh yeah. We’ll get right on that.” My friend said, “I don’t like your tone” and the cop said, “YOU’RE DRUNK!” My friend replied, “Oh so you’re saying I deserved it? Is that what you say to rape victims too?” The cop said, “I don’t have time for this, you’re bleeding on the floor, clean it up.”

    SFPD isn’t going to do shit. Laziest force in the nation.

    Sounds like that corner is a hot spot for criminal assholery. Be careful

    Also, love the comments section of missionmission, it’s so san francisco. Some guy suggests people be prepared for the reality of violence and he’s immediately lambasted for being a “homophobic victim blamer.” hilarious

    this is a great site about violence, crime and how to avoid it: http://www.nononsenseselfdefense.com the guy who writes it is a former violent criminal himself and a certified BAMF who understands that sometimes you have to fuck someone up to protect yourself or your loved ones yet he preaches awareness and avoidance above all.

  59. cathycatmar says:

    first off, talking to the police and filing a report are two different things. like you just go into the hospital and they automatically see injuries and don’t assume your bf and you were messing around? they can tell it’s rape? i was sexually assaulted and didnt want to tell ANYONE at the hospital. they don’t instantly report “suspicious injuries” to the police: it would be a serious amendment violation. do you even know how many times hospitals report “objects” being lodged in people’s body? you think they call the cops?? that’s a personal decision for someone to make. people can receive treatment or talk to the cops and then decide they don’t want to proceed. I know I did. maybe the woman knows her rapist and doesn’t want to identify them. do you think the police keep a log of every comment or call? considering how often rape happens vrs. how often it’s actually reported.

    • D. Jon Moutarde says:

      The thing is — accepting your premise that an actual sexual assault did occur — what the “victim” is saying, by not filing a police report is, despite all the out-pourings of sympathy and support for her: ‘I don’t care if you get raped. I don’t care if your friends get raped. I don’t care if your girlfriend or wife gets raped. What’s important here is that I don’t have to talk to anyone who could possibly do anything about MY rape, because my pain is more important than any future rape that might happen to you or someone you care about.’

      Well, OK, if that’s how you feel. But I bet your pals at Bender’s who bought you drinks and blogged about you are re-evaluating your “friendship” about now.

    • Flora says:

      Uh…I know for a fact firsthand that if you come into the E.R. as a result of sexual assault all healthcare practitioners in the state of California are required to report it. They file an incident report called a “CAD”. It is not the same as a case number, but it is a start. If this girl got medical attention and had to have stitches on her cervix, and reported that it was a sexual assault, a CAD # was filed on her behalf. You still have to come into a police station and fill out a report, and then you are given a case number. Until you do, there is no case, period. The police do not consider that to be a “report” in their procedure. The whole case is in limbo until a formal report is made. If the victim of this attack (presuming it is real) is truly this traumatized, it is natural to assume that she is still at home trying to recover and does not feel like walking down to the police station to give her formal report and interview. It took me a month to give mine and I wasn’t beat-the-fuck-up.

      However, in the case of SFPD, like I already said above, even once a formal report is given, they don’t give a shit about rape cases and will not pursue them unless they think there is a possibility of prosecution in a given case.

  60. northern star says:

    So many people have posted their stories of getting attacked, wtf. That area and others like it in the Mission, regardless, are dimly lit and poorly patrolled. More crazy shit-

  61. lucy says:

    Perhaps this woman is undocumented and doesn’t feel safe going to the police. It is odd though, that SF General has no record of this either. One wonders why someone would make up such a thing…

  62. Rex says:

    I find it hard to believe that the alleged victim would talk to friends, bartenders, etc. but not talk to the police? Especially if there’s been such severe physical injury that it required stitches to the cervix??

    If nothing else, she owes it to her neighbors to report the crime, just so the (alleged)rapists can be apprehended and stopped in their tracks. If these (alleged) perpetrators go out and rape again, how would she feel?

  63. scum says:

    this shit was made up. period. sad but true.

  64. sfthen says:

    If she scratched one of them then she had his DNA under her fingernails (and elsewhere if they didn’t use condoms) and she really, really owes it to all the other women on this planet to see that these guys do not get away to do it again.

  65. Prost says:

    HOAX? Are you kidding me??? I literally lost some sleep over this. Whoever is responsible for this, if indeed it is a lie, needs their fucking head checked. It’s sick.

  66. sadiesays says:

    Having grown up in the Mission and lived in the city most of my life (43 years) I can say this is not a good neighborhood and never has been. I’m not blaming the victim for being attacked, but common sense should dictate, don’t walk around in the middle of the night alone in a place rife with junkies, hookers, gang bangers and sexual predators that live in the SRO’s all around there. It seems that young people and the cool kids think that just because there is a hip bar or some such thing there that suddenly the neighborhood becomes their personal playground, where nothing can touch them. Pull your heads out of your asses, the place is shit, and if you go there and get fucked with, well, live and learn. It is sad but true.

  67. Maria Machetes says:

    SFWAR is running a Free Self Defense Workshop at “The Women Building” this next Thursaday 5-8 PM! is Drop In & billingual Sapnish/English
    Be your own Ally
    Peace is necesary on this times
    ensure that they dont take away your freedom of speach & Rigth to Change the Violence that Oppression Crreates around us…

  68. Lulu says:

    Just another point of view…. I had a close friend get violently raped after a Match.com date with a police officer (not SFPD). She did not report it because of fear, shame, more fear, and then a bit more on top. When you report and these things potentially go to trial, the person who has VIOLENTLY abused you and likely totally destroyed your faith in humanity now knows who you are, where you live, and how to access you again.

    I haven’t a clue about the validity of the allegations in this particular case, but it’s unsettling to say the least, again, about where I live.

    But to say that someone who has been violated this way has an obligation to report is overly idealist, me thinks. Yes, it would be ideal, but their only obligation is to survive and hopefully heal.

    • Deicide says:

      Right on. Sorry about your friend – very good point about survival.

    • D. Jon Moutarde says:

      “When you report and these things potentially go to trial, the person who has VIOLENTLY abused you and likely totally destroyed your faith in humanity now knows who you are, where you live, and how to access you again.”

      …Just like other violent crimes, such as aggravated assault and attempted murder. I think it’s wrong to try to excuse non-reporting, or even intimidate women into not reporting, because of the possibility of retaliation. It turns women who are raped into a special, protected class of assault victim, and it stinks of paternalism. And its main effect is to help shift the NEXT assault to a DIFFERENT woman.

    • sadiesays says:

      That is so awful. I am very sorry for all the women in the world who go through this.

  69. Robert says:

    I was told by an older Sergeant at Mission Station that I had the right to protect myself, my loved ones AND my domicile with DEADLY force. Are there any armed merchants or neighbors in this neighborhood willing to shoot violent criminals when they see/hear this type of activity IN PROGRESS ????

  70. Robert says:

    You have a few incidents of the neighborhood “taking care of itself” and it’s quite possible that this type of coward will either be ELIMINATED or, at the very least, move on to some other area where the consequences for his actions may not be so GRAVE.

  71. Mike says:


    To all you sick pieces of shit that were more concerned with whether or not this could have, maybe, been a hoax. Shame on you. This really did happen, and the info was a little wrong, as it seems the girl never went to the police, or the police lied and said she didn’t to save face. Either way there was a girl violently attacked by two men who it seems tried this on at least 1 other girl as well. Where’s that D. Jon Moutarde fucker at I want him to read this… You’re a real piece of shit Jon..


    • D. Jon Moutarde says:

      Ho hum, nothing new here, just some trashy, sensationalist website recycling Mission Local. Nothing to justify your pugnacious attitude, either.

  72. D says:

    So something to realize that is that many times the police will interview victim and never actually file a report.

    OR-they could have the complaint, but it is behind 4 other cases sitting on their desk to get into the system.

    After something traumatic happens-it’s easy to understand how to the victim it would seem like they took a report,when in reality they just took down a bunch of information. Noone, but the victim may have access to these reports and, also, they could just not be able to talk about it because it’s an open investigation

    All the police essentially stated is that there was no active report pending for a crime which fit the description of this attack. This is not to say, with certainty, that the event never happened.

    I invite all of you to try and file a police report with SFPD over anything-maybe some of you alread yhave..it’s a quagmire which, in itself, needs ot be fixed.

    The real point of all of this is to come together to support the victim and the community-regardless of the reason.

    Start a neighborhood patrol-it helped the Castro get it’s shit together-why not the mission?

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