Wearing your office clothes in the Mission

Paintings inspired by hand-drawn Mission signage

Apparently, Mission signage is quite the font of inspiration these days (pun entirely intended). Previously, there were two typeface projects, and even before that, our lovely sidebar headers.

Artist Pablo Medina is working on a series of paintings that combines the hand-drawn aesthetic of Mission signage with very personal lines from his journal. I’m especially fond of the Whiz Burger one above, and I can’t help but agree with this one:

Here’s what Pablo had to say about our ‘hood:

I arrived in the Mission District from the airport on a Friday night, and the neighborhood had just the perfect balance of a lot happening and nothing happening. A couple of bars were buzzing, some kids were fixing their bikes, and some local Mexicanos were sitting on their stoops listening to reggaeton. My kind of place. Hand-painted signage was everywhere.

Read the full story over at Imprint.

CONTEST: Win tickets to a ping pong party and a punk show at El Rio this Saturday!

Two big-ticket parties at El Rio on one big-ticket date!

First there’s the triumphant return of American Tripps to the Mission, which we mentioned yesterday. And then stick around as the sun starts to set for a thrilling night of distortion-drenched punk rock courtesy of AlaricCrimson Scarlet, and my band La Corde!  This is going to be our only show of the summer, so don’t say I didn’t warn you when you’re suffering from withdrawal sometime in September.  Also, it’s going to be Alaric’s last show for a looooooong time, as they are taking a break to write and record a new record.  Oh, and DJ Brown Amy from Hard French will be spinning records in between sets! Check out the details and tell your friends about it here.

Oh, and I almost forgot about the best part: We’re offering 2 FREE tickets to BOTH events for whoever can come up with the best story in the comments about the craziest punk rock show they ever attended, whether it happened at 924 Gilman, ABC No Rio, or even your mom’s basement. The contest ends at noon on Friday, and winners will be judged on merit.

See you there!

CONTEST: Win tickets to ‘When We Fall Apart’ at Z Space!

Live theater! When was the last time you saw some live theater? Z Space seems to be the place to see some, and I’ll be damned if the above image isn’t seriously sparking my curiosity. Here’s the deal:

Z Space presents Joe Goode Performance Group <http://www.joegoode.org>  in the world premiere of When We Fall Apart, a dance theater work that examines the intricate and fragile relationship between house and body, and the determination and resilience of the human spirit. Life (and the body that contains it) is impermanent and – like everything – eventually falls apart. Goode explores the motivations that keep us building, even as life might collapse around us, by weaving the real life stories of audience & community members into the work itself. Architect and collaborator Cass Calder Smith <http://ccs-architecture.com/v3/>  provides a visual “house of art,” constructed to collapse, re-shape, and illuminate the songs, stories, and movement that take place within. Featuring original music composed and performed live by Ben Juodvalkis of the band Battlehooch <http://battlehooch.com/> . Presented and commissioned by Z Space.

I like the sound of a collapsing house, and I love the sound of Battlehooch. Sucks to be reminded that everything falls apart though :(

To win tickets to Friday’s 9pm show, tell us your best things-falling-apart story in the comments section below. Winners will be selected based on merit and awarded a pair of tickets. Contest ends at noon tomorrow (Thursday).

Buy tickets here. Now here’s another pic:

KFC’s new Cheese Top Burger, only available in the Philippines

The best part is, it’s a chicken sandwich. This is dumb as rocks, but I really wish it was available at our neighborhood combination Taco Bell/KFC, right?

I guess you could sort of do it yourself with this week’s 4505 Meats Burger Chef’s Market Box, or you could see if the Fogcutter babes will top tonight’s Fried Green Tomato Burger with some cotija cheese from the summer squash tacos, OR just slap some cheese on your late-night Hog & Rocks spicy fried chicken sandwich if you really wanna keep it real.

[via Andrew]

Awesome jeep

Look at these details:

This week’s Chef’s Market Box contains do-it-yourself 4505 Meats Burgers for two

Chef’s Market Box is a weekly program, part of the Mission Community Market (that Thursday-evening thing behind the Alamo Drafthouse), which gets you a recipe from a local chef and all the fresh local ingredients you need to make it. This week’s looks bomb:

4505 Meats Burger and Summer Salad

Cook up Eater SF’s Best Burger in the Bay! 4505′s grass-fed, dry-aged beef, Gruyere cheese and 4505 secret sauce, plus a summer salad with lemon vinaigrette.

Your Market Box includes: The full recipe from Chef Ryan Farr, founder of 4505 Meats, and all the ingredients you’ll need.

Ingredients: All produce is organic! 1/2 lb. 4505 ground beef, special sauce, Gruyere cheese, onion, butter lettuce, buns, lemon, herbs, nectarines, fennel.

And since you’re making it yourself, you can totally make it animal-style!

IMPORTANT: You must order it today if you want it tomorrow.

Fisherman’s Wharf’s World Famous Bushman further immortalized, in spray paint

Oh look, and he’s spray-painting something of his own too.

[via Sleepner]

Fried green tomato burger!

Tonight at Dear Mom, as part of a special popup dinner menu:

I wonder if you can get it animal-style!

Ranch vs. Ketchup: the full fight

Remember when we saw man-sized ketchup and ranch bottles duking it out in the new Dolores Park playground last month? Well I’m not sure how we missed this, but the full-length commercial that they turned out to be filming came out a month ago and it shows these condiments duking it out all over San Francisco. Here it is:


Not sure who to call the winner. Looks like at least dogs prefer ketchup.

By the way, I know we just posted a commercial, but don’t think we’re on the take. It’s just a funny commercial.

That being said, I can tell you from personal, unbiased experience that Hidden Valley® brand ranch dressing truly is the world’s finest condiment for fries, steaks, and sushi. In fact, independent studies have shown that it can increase the intelligence in newborn babies if rubbed on the belly daily during pregnancy. Why don’t you live a little and make your dinner tonight a ranch-drizzled dinner? Hidden Valley® makes everything taste better™.