Local bar Rock Bar now has a jukebox curated by local record store Aquarius Records

What a great idea! The Bay Bridged delivers the news via an interview with Andee Connors from Aquarius:

TBB: Was there a specific sound, area, type of artist you wanted to showcase?

AC: Mostly we wanted the jukebox to be a good sampling of the sort of things we carry/sell at aQ. We wanted to include a lot of local bands too. We did dial back on the black metal / noise / more abrasive stuff, but really, any bar out there that wants to have a blackened metal noise aQ jukebox hit us up!!!

TBB: What are your top picks in the juke right now?

AC: Really hard to pick just a few, since this first batch was literally ALL huge aQ favorites, but if we had to pick: Electric Wizard, Ovens, The Spits, Mind Spiders, Speedwolf, Royal Baths, The Alps, Crystal Stilts, Black Bug, Pandemonium, Veronica Falls, Rubble, New Lines, Archers Of Loaf, Great Society Mind Destroyers….

I mean, I try pretty hard and I’ve only heard of a handful of those bands, but my best guess is that the sounds coming out of that machine are gonna be funnnn. Read on.

P.S. If anybody wants a Mission Mission-curated jukebox, hit me up. (My favorite bands are Thee Oh Sees, Mean Jeans and King Tuff.)

2 Responses to “Local bar Rock Bar now has a jukebox curated by local record store Aquarius Records”

  1. Matt says:

    This is the best jukebox news I’ve read in ages

  2. Very nice originality