Pop-Up Jubilee starts tonight and continues through Labor Day

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Wildlife Massacre on Valencia

Somebody stop that U-Haul!

Do-it-yourself lamb burger

Mission Community Market is back this week with another Chef’s Market Box, a pre-prepped bunch of locally sourced ingredients you pre-order today, pick up tomorrow, and whip into a meal at home:

This week, you’ll be cooking a recipe from Lauren Kiino, the Executive Chef and Owner of Il Cane Rosso who was also Delfina‘s Chef de Cuisine for eight years. Her recipe this week is for a pasture-raised 4505 Meats lamb burger with cherry tomato salsa over mashed potatoes with a mixed greens salad. All the produce included in this recipe is local and organic, sourced from Happy Boy Farms, Winters Fruit Tree, Twin Girls Farm, and Blue House Farm. Plus, if you like a little something sweet after your dinner, add an artisan 70% Madagascar dark chocolate bar from Dandelion Chocolate in with your order.

Read more and place your order here.

Here’s what it’s like to see Conor Oberst at Bottom of the Hill

Like it’s 2002 or something.

I won’t get into any detail because I don’t want to spoil anything for people going to tonight’s show at the Regency Ballroom, but the Desaparecidos show last night at BOTH was siiiick. This photo by a Conor Oberst fan blog proves it happened.

Here, Conor weighs in on national politics:

Conor Oberst: I used to think that republicans were evil, but now I realize that the democrats are just as bad, and it’s really the corporations who run our country. Our two party system is broken, and we need some radical change.
Audience heckler: What happened to your pro-Obama stance?
Conor Oberst: 4 years. [via Faust on the Shore]

Crate stack dance

Whatever it takes to get up a new mural on Osage behind the Mission Cultural Center.

UPDATE:  Apparently this is a real sport.  Original photo has been removed at photographer’s request.


The Eagle to soar again soon!

SFist delivers the wonderful news:

This just in: The San Francisco queer community gets to keep the Eagle. Via a very, very excited update on the Save the Eagle Facebook page, “Gays sign Eagle Lease!!!!” [link]

Yussssss! Now hopefully the below video (rad as it is, and rad as the show was) will no longer be “the last show at the Eagle” (nor “the last Oh Sees shoe at the Eagle”).


From Deidre D. via our Facebook timeline:

Today around 3:15pm I tied my dog Z up to a tree on 19th St in front of Radish, just off Valencia. I went into a store for about 10-15 minutes. When I came back she was gone and there was no sign of her. I am pretty sure she was stolen. She has a locator chip in her but it will only be useful if she is turned in. She is a yellow lab mix. I am desperate to get her home safely. We’re offering a huge cash reward on her behalf, no questions asked. If anyone has any ideas on how to get her back please let me know. I’m new to the Mission.

Contact us if you have any thoughts and we’ll get them to Deidre.

UPDATE: Z has been found! Yay!

Woody Allen ate a cupcake from La Victoria Bakery

Beerito! (Or: How to smuggle a beer into a music festival by disguising it as a burrito)


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DJ Purple kicks off a brand-new Dance Karaoke party tonight in North Beach

It’s a trek, sure, but the debut of any new endeavor by DJ Purple will be special.

Peruse the songbook here. Read our in-depth interview with the award-winning DJ here. And finally… RSVP and invite your friends!