Three-wheel motion

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Surfing the roof of a moving vehicle like in Teen Wolf

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Sports fans on traffic lights

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Neighborhood ablaze

Click through to this post by Scene and Not Heard for a few more striking pics.

Flaming Muni bus

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Jump into the fire

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The secret lives of Mission trash cans

Ken Ken Ramen documented 8 hours of trash can surveillance, and since we’re your source for all trashy news we’ve just gotta show it to you. Basically, these babies can’t catch a break. They are knocked over, peed on, ignored by recology, thrown into fires and so forth. Let us take a minute to honor our brave trash cans for their bold service.

See the rest of the saga over on their tumblr.

San Francisco police charge SF Giants World Series riot

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Here come the riot police

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We are GIANT

We swept the Tigers!!! Really, though, our city is the last city we should want to destroy, right?? I mean, we won! I just high fived the world!!

This guy is a model for how we should react to such an epic victory: