Three-wheel motion

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Surfing the roof of a moving vehicle like in Teen Wolf

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Sports fans on traffic lights

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Neighborhood ablaze

Click through to this post by Scene and Not Heard for a few more striking pics.

Flaming Muni bus

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Jump into the fire

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The secret lives of Mission trash cans

Ken Ken Ramen documented 8 hours of trash can surveillance, and since we’re your source for all trashy news we’ve just gotta show it to you. Basically, these babies can’t catch a break. They are knocked over, peed on, ignored by recology, thrown into fires and so forth. Let us take a minute to honor our brave trash cans for their bold service.

See the rest of the saga over on their tumblr.

San Francisco police charge SF Giants World Series riot

Here come the riot police

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We are GIANT

We swept the Tigers!!! Really, though, our city is the last city we should want to destroy, right?? I mean, we won! I just high fived the world!!

This guy is a model for how we should react to such an epic victory: