Bad Blood with Joshua Cobos: Evil Children and Partygoers

Every week, photographer Joshua Cobos shoots a roll of film just for us. He picks the best 13 photos and we post them here, and it’s called “Bad Blood with Joshua Cobos.” Here’s what Joshua has to say about this week’s installment:

Right around the end of December I went into Tiny Telephone to record a single with Big Drag. My photographs of Boo and Ashley are directly influenced by the subject matter of Nobuyoshi Araki’s early work found in Sentimental Journey. A friend gets me into the SFMoMa sometimes so I go there and hang around till it’s almost empty. Special shout out to the Christmas Krampus, scaring evil children and partygoers for all time.

Thanks, Joshua! Ten more shots after the jump:

17 Responses to “Bad Blood with Joshua Cobos: Evil Children and Partygoers”

  1. scum says:

    Pic #3 Andrew looking shifty.

  2. simon stark says:

    all lamers!

  3. Haz Been says:

    Big Drag might do well to search the internets prior to naming their band… (pretty awesome chick)

  4. Schlub says:

    All beautiful photos.

    Does Joshua only shoot photos of 20 somethings? Would be nice to get a bit more of the human race in that folio.

  5. Andy says:

    Good stuff. What camera(s) are you using here?

  6. mental_beat says:

    great one of andy and ashley

  7. jacqueline says:


  8. THE WOLF says:


  9. pat says:

    Araki? Where?…the influence might be there, but these look like lame snap shots. They have none of the edge of Araki.

    Your friend gets you into MOMA? There are free days try spending more time there looking at good photos. You need to spend more time looking at the history of the medium you are embarrassing.

    Mission Mission needs to find a good photographer, and stop putting this hipster shit online.

    • Joshua says:

      just because you can type shit on a public forum doesn’t give any amount of credibility to your words. you’re a troll, you’re an unhappy excuse of a human that’d rather shit on a young working artist than admit that you’ve wasted your life away doing nothing except leaving negative comments on blogs.

  10. pat says:

    Yeah – you nailed me.

    Or, my knowledge of photography is light years ahead of yours. You dabble with taking photographs, and think that makes you a photographer. You drop Araki’s name when the work looks nothing like it or has any reference to it. You post a bunch of bad pictures on MM, and think you are a working “artist.”

    Fact, you are not a part of the SF photography community.

    Composition = weak
    Technical competence = weak
    Knowledge of the medium = weak
    Shitty hipster photography that looks like every photo student in SF = Strong

    You probably don’t even know one of the greatest venues for photography in the world is here in SF. Hint – it isn’t SFMOMA.

  11. bah says:

    Dear lord I thought you had stop carrying this horrible excuse of a photographer. Such SHITTY SHITTY photos. Looks like a kid got a camera from his grandma and tried to take “artsy” pics.

    Wonder if that grandma would even put these on her fridge.