Bad Blood with Joshua Cobos: Sci-Fi Series

Every week, photographer Joshua Cobos shoots a roll of film just for us. He picks the best 13 photos and we post them here, and it’s called “Bad Blood with Joshua Cobos.” Here’s what Joshua has to say about this week’s installment:

I’ve been working on this sci-fi series for a couple rolls now but this is a more concentrated effort to visualize my idea. I used very little by means of equipment for this series, relying more on natural light, timing & collaboration with the subject’s environment. Requiring the subjects to bring in aspects of their own reality allowed the characters to build a foundation of verisimilitude, purposely obscured for anonymity.

Thanks, Joshua! Ten more shots after the jump:

19 Responses to “Bad Blood with Joshua Cobos: Sci-Fi Series”

  1. Topian says:

    Fuck Yes to these

  2. timbo says:

    Best set yet

  3. Milk Steak says:

    2, 10 and 12 are my favorites.

  4. Wanking Freely says:

    “Visualize”, “Series”, photo “Art” = Wankin Freely.

  5. dude really? says:

    hey dude with point and shoot camera who needs to go to photography school:

    are you going for the home movie circa 1980 aesthetic? this shit is uninspired (what the fuck does this have to do with sci-fi?), there are maybe 2 decently framed shots in the entire set, and the wanna be revolutionary chic shit you’re going for is an abomination, besides also being terribly executed.


    hey missionmission:

    part of the reason that art events in san francisco suck is because the local press and blogs prop up shitty artists and shitty art events instead of being a critical voice that would serve to advance the art and design community in this city. don’t hype shit. don’t publish shit. i am sure there are actually talented photographers in the bay area you could be highlighting instead of this amateur crap. they just probably aren’t your homies who went to academy of art, (which, side note, is more like a real estate fund than an actual art school).

    if you want an example of this, the NY press (not just blogs) actively critiques MoMA exhibits – – instead of just pandering to the latest dumb trends in the NY art world (like living art).

    • truth says:

      do you really think this is a good platform for art critique? i’m sure they would get trolled even harder if they attempted to critique art instead of just sharing it. this is a pretty smalltime blog and this dude is going pretty far out of his way to promote himself here. i doubt there are any super-talented photographers knocking down the doors of missionmission.

      also, the art scene here sucks because there are way more windbags who feel it’s their place to talk about art and rank art schools than there are decent artists. most of them left before you got here, sorry bud.

    • Thank You says:

      Glad someone else called this fuckery out.

    • Stu says:

      Yeah, this reeks of bitterness. Surely if an artist is driven enough they will find the right avenues in which to market themselves. Go right on out to NY with that shit.

      • mdm says:

        an overwhelming stench of bitterness… seems to happen to a lot of people after a few years in SF.

        • it gets bitter says:

          the worst part of san francisco is that people here, rather than admit to the faults of their own city’s culture, will vigilantly write off any honest criticism as “haters” or “bitterness”. this place is a provincial second-rate city when it comes to art and style, but no one here will ever do anything to change that for the better because the yuppies and suburbanites-turned-hipsters tolerate mediocrity or simply don’t know any better.

          • mdm says:

            Sorry it’s not working out for you.

          • Topian says:

            A lot of truth in those words, but provincialism isn’t always bad when it can reflect the influence of a place in a way that benefits the work.

  6. DSKFTM says:


    Not to knock on Joshua’s photos (because I do think he’s more than a dude with a point and shoot camera), but I agree with pretty much everything else this guy said. I don’t understand the whole piss-and-shit aesthetic that people seem to like with photography in SF nowadays. Shit is played out!

    • joshua says:

      it’s true, I don’t use a point & shoot.

      • hmm says:

        that’s honestly amazing that you’ve managed to replicate the aesthetic of a shitty point and shoot camera using an SLR…. that’s like replicating the sound of a $20 casio toy keyboard from a pawn shop using a minimoog.

        • Joshua says:

          What’s amazing is your own sense of self righteousness. How you 100% smugly think you’re right but guess what stink brain? I don’t use a SLR either

        • truth says:

          doesn’t look like SLR, i would guess he’s experimenting with TLR

  7. Jimma Bo Shem says:

    i rather like them.
    what is their faces like? why do they all wear a red jumper? nobody else knows, but they seem to know something no one else does. hmm