How NOT to connect with the workers of your local taqueria

Our pal Teddy witnessed the following scene (not pictured):

At the taqueria…

Customer: Are you all from Mexico?

Counter lady: Yes except him, he’s from El Salvador

Customer: You know, Mexico is the only Hispanic country I haven’t been to. I’ve been to (proceeds to list all the countries).

…Dude, is this how you “connect”? By announcing the places you’ve traveled to, to these working class people who don’t have the privileges you possess in this country? Maybe you don’t know any better but next time, just leave a fat tip and enjoy your burrito.

So, how do you connect with your friendly burrito crafters?

[Photo via Mission Burrito Book]

55 Responses to “How NOT to connect with the workers of your local taqueria”

  1. Ashleyanne says:

    I say, “hey.” Then tip them well.

  2. Hater Above Cortland says:

    “…Dude, is this how you “connect”? By announcing the places you’ve traveled to, to these working class people who don’t have the privileges you possess in this country?”

    Kind of messed up of the writer to assume the person working at the taqueria hasnt traveled because they are working at a taqueria. You should check YOUR privilege.

    • thuglifecrunk187 says:

      oh snap!

      • waitwut says:

        das whats up

      • scotterpop says:

        This writer is worse than the customer, ASSUMING the workers haven’t traveled based on their current social economical backgrounds.


      • blah says:

        Total snap. Everyone knows that you can easily circumnavigate the globe on the salary you earn slinging carne asada. In fact, most taqueria workers are also venture capitalists, sailing enthusiasts, and passionate wine connoisseurs. You are racist/classist if you suspected otherwise.

        • Car Dude says:

          Do you know how much they make at Faralito?

        • Pete Lee says:

          because a carne asada slinger can only have been a carne asada slinger right? how dare all these classy racists imagine/deduce/guess the possibility of any possibility that these slingers could have had the opportunity to travel before/during/after their times as asada slingers? don’t these people understand vague math?! don’t these people understand how far apart some of the Latin American countries are to each other and sometimes it might take A DAY to travel to a neighboring country?

  3. Brillo says:

    I say “yo quiero” loudly before every part of my order, to show I respect their culture.

  4. Andy says:

    Nice post. These new folks gotta reflect and develop some respect for the neighborhood they’ve moved into but know so little about. It sounds cliché to say this, but it’s totally true.

    • Mart says:

      These “new folks” could probably care less about your opinion and have probably been in the neighborhood longer than YOU. Its YOU that should know more about the world, not just your neighborhood. San Francisco has always been a multicultural, diverse city. It will probably always be even when younger generations start ageing and sagging (and you will) and the tech boom starts busting like the dot com business did. At that point you will be old and your opinion will mean even less to the new younger generation. Welcome to life.

  5. Miguel Andrade says:

    Pompous ass. They should have spit in his burrito.

  6. Nick says:

    I don’t think it’s a bad thing to make small talk with people if it’s reciprocated. If the time of the picture is accurate with the conversation, then it appears this is lunch and the line is short so it’s not really a huge deal.

    If this were 2am with a line out the door and this person is holding a conversation while a lot of hungry drunk people are in line… there’s going to be a problem.

  7. Ben says:

    That awkward intersection of “these newcomers ruining the neighborhood don’t engage with the community” and “just shut up and give us your money, we don’t want you to talk”

  8. Haggie says:

    To the “customer”: Just imagine someone striking up a conversation with you about San Francisco because they spent a day at Fisherman’s Wharf…

    Customer: Where are you from?

    You: San Francisco

    Customer: Oh, I’ve been there. I loved that famous seafood place.

    You: Swan’s Oyster Depot?

    Customer: No, it was from a movie. Bubba Gump. Yeah, that’s it.

  9. Alex says:

    I take offense to this “conversation.” Well this is what gentrification does when dumb white people move in to your hood. Talk about making an idiot of yourself.

  10. scum says:

    I just ask for a 5 layer beefy burrito and a large drink.

  11. JohnnyL says:

    Who gives a shit?

  12. Brillo says:

    It’s slightly racist/classist but mostly boring and irrelevant conversation. “You make burritos? I’ve eaten lots of ethnical food. I love pizza!”

  13. yohans says:

    The person who mentioned all the countries they have been to may have aspergers or autism. So deep breath everyone.

    • waitwut says:

      nope, not that. bring in the familiar pick up lines of white dudes hitting on asian or black chicks. oh yes i am connecting with you thru assumptions i have made based on a shitty understanding of your “heritage” “what are you? oh cool I love XYZ food” “I’m legit, bc I have been there for XYZ months/years”

  14. flip burgus says:

    this author of this post probably says “thanks bro”….real street like.


  15. pedro says:

    This is very fucked up of you Mission Mission, get a life. Learn to respect and not generalize people.

  16. mamame la pinga says:

    No worries eses, the peeps at the taqueria encounter at least 2 duchebags a day with retarded sht coming outta their centrified pipeholes, they know who the ignorant is, they’re just polite enough to pretend they speak little ingles, just order and move along no biggie.

  17. gregspeed says:

    Slow day at the Mission Mission office?

  18. gregory says:

    oh come on! at least he (he, right?) was trying to have a conversation with the people he was transacting with rather than treating them like a vending machine! so what if his attempts were laughable by your standards (what did you say to the person who made your burrito, btw?) — at least he was attempting to connect!

  19. JohnnyL says:

    Let me ask again: WHO GIVES A SHIT?

    I can have whatever the fuck conversation I want with anyone. Why assume it was meant to be “looking down” on someone. Small talk is small talk. Why do you judge? I don’t understand this bullshit.


    • Danielito says:

      Oh shoot, life is so unfair JohnnyL!!!! Why can you just come up to someone and be like “Oh hey, your black! You know, I’ve been all over the African Continent but I have never been to Kenya…”
      Oh why do people judge you for having simple chit chat. Ugh, darn humanity and its inability to communicate these days. Just the other day I came across a dude sleeping on the sidewalk and I was like “Hey dude, I really like how you keep all your possessions in one shopping cart! You know, my Condo is very cramped and I could really use some advice on how to organize….”

    • troll says:

      You really seem to give a shit, given your usage of CAPS and what not. You been to Norway? How about the Netherlands? You ever been to Germany? OMG, have you been to Wales?!

  20. dave says:

    I’ve heard people say that the curse of the younger generation is that every dumb thing they do or say is going to be around forever on the internet.

    I feel like the guy who wrote this initial rant might have just proven that example.

    People who work in customer service deal with all sorts of folks all the time. Do you think taqueria workers are going to be particularly offended by someone who’s a bit chatty but friendly?

    No Teddy, I think YOU”RE the one who’s offended and you’ve convinced yourself that your outrage is on their behalf.

    Drunk, difficult, belligerent, and would-be freeloading people are the ones I’d imagine taqueria workers are annoyed by much more than chatty people trying to be friendly.

    If you’d ever worked behind a counter you might know that. If you actually have worked behind a counter and you are still offended by this, then I’d say you have what I’d refer to as ‘white guy problems’ or hipster problems, if you prefer, but not real problems.

    With your sense of outrage and your eagerness to judge otherwise well-intentioned customer behavior, you should consider a stint as a Philz barista. You’d fit right in.

  21. Greg says:

    Everybody loves questions

  22. Fuck hipsters says:

    Andrew Sarkarati is so cool. Does he have a blog I can follow?

  23. Stuart says:

    When they hand me the change I gently tickle the back of their hand, there’s been mixed results so far.

  24. pedro says:

    JohnnyL is dumb.

  25. Henry says:

    lol thats Kris. Bring back BEAU NAVIRE!

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