Z Dating Game graduates from Z Below to the Z Space main stage this Z Saturday night!

Z Dating Game is the Mission’s very own version of the classic TV game show, but it boasts boatloads more booze and also lots of cursing. Co-producers Jack Morse and Rob Ready have done it a few times in Z Space’s small, underground space Z Below, but this weekend they’re moving to the main stage! (Congrats, boys!) And check it out, they whipped up a little Q&A just for us:

How does the show work?

A bachelor or bachelorette comes on stage and questions three potential dates with inquisitive gems like “Do you like horses? Defend your answer.” And, “When was the last time you hate fucked?” After a few rounds of questions, the bachelor(ette) picks a date and Z Space sets them up with dinner for two and tickets to a show… at Z Space!

AND for people who don’t get picked, TheRealMatchmaker.com is going to set them up on a date of their own so they get a second chance at love.

Why is this going to be hella dope?

It’s real singles, who are really looking for a date. They’re all hot twenty/thirty-somethings from the neighborhood, and you get to watch and heckle the entire time.

Also, the show is a fundraiser for Z Space, which is pretty much the coolest non-profit theater in San Francisco.

AND we’ve got some amazing local artists on the bill – PianoFight, Mission CTRL, Super Nova Desert Eagle, and a kickin’ house band.

Oh, we also have the best damn drink specials on Earth.

Is this only for straight people?

Nope! There’s a round for straight men and a round for straight women, but there is also a lesbian round and a gay round.

How do the artists work into the show?

The different acts will weave in and out of each round. So, when one contestant is asked to sing a love song to the bachelor(ette), that person will be backed up by the awesome house band. Or when a contestant describes his or her most embarrassing sexual encounter, the super serious, contact improv troupe Super Nova Desert Eagle will immortalize that encounter on stage via interpretive dance.

Have you made any lasting love connections with past Z Dating Games?

Yes! Maybe! Who cares?

Anything else we should know?

Z Dating Game happens on Saturday, May 3rd at 8pm at Z Space (450 Florida Street at 17th). Tickets are $10.00 online and $15.00 at the door.

How do you feel about dubstep?

I see. But it’s so good when Helen does an impression of it. Or when Mission trees dance to it.

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Chilling mural outside Galeria de la Raza depicts a bleak outlook for the youth of the Mission

[Photo by Kyle]

3D City: Colorful Streets

3D City is a year long stereoscopic photography project by Doctor Popular

Taking a break from my usual routine (black and white people-on-the-streets shots), this week’s 3D City is all about the colors of the Mission. Buildings, trees, sunsets, etc. All shots taken with a Lumix DMC-3D1, my favorite new digital 3D camera.

More shots after the bump.

Sex Fog karaoke party with KJKC debuts tonight at the Make-Out Room!

KJKC is apparently a protégé of the beloved KJ Paul, so… hold on to your butts!

RSVP and invite your friends!

List of people I saw go by while sitting in the window at Delarosa drinking cocktails this afternoon

Delarosa is cool because it’s like Beretta but with more light, more beers, more pasta, a deep fryer — and it’s open for lunch! And there’s sidewalk seating and great big open windows so even if you’re inside you feel like you’re outside. It’s in the Marina though, so I don’t recognize many of the people walking past. Here’s a complete list:

  • Matty from Rainbow Grocery (who’s really great at singing Favourite Shirts at karaoke)

That’s it! Only one person.

[View from the window of Delarosa, more or less, by Google Maps]

List of people I saw go by while sitting in the window at West of Pecos drinking margaritas yesterday afternoon

I like West of Pecos for people watching and frozen margaritas (and variations on frozen margaritas). Every time I go there, I look out the window and see literally tons of notable people. Yesterday was no exception:

  • Doc and Mrs. Pop
  • Erika Kali
  • Mike Keegan (of the Roxie)
  • Ben and Mrs. Russo (of Cracked Machine)
  • Guy doing krav maga routines in front of Therapy for literally 1 whole hour
  • Lanky pale guy from Silicon Valley and the Office
  • Fake Stinky (not of Tuff Signals)
  • Jake Faska
  • Three separate people, many minutes apart, wearing the same Airbnb hoodie
  • Doc and Mrs. Pop again
  • The guy who wears gold lamé a lot and is BFFs with the dancing robot
  • Guy in a Cookie Monster outfit (or maybe it was a really fuzzy North Face fleece)
  • Two separate people, several minutes apart, in the same Jawbreaker shirt
  • Bartender from Dear Mom
  • Michael Connolly
  • Ben Ward
  • Bike messenger who looks like Michael Connolly
  • Tall guy who is friends with Andrew Sarkarati
  • Jake and Bethany (who met and got engaged at Amercian Tripps) and Baby Gray
  • Michael Connolly again
  • A little baby on a little baby scooter riding by yelling, “Manila, Manila, Manila!”

Did I say hi to any of them? Nope, I just sat there and made my list.

“This is definitely the most fucked crotch I’ve ever seen”

Here’s how Rain and the crew at Darn-It! fix the catastrophically blown-out crotch of your old Levi’s in under an hour… (What? It’s like a year’s worth of mosh pits and bike rides and street fights is all.)

First, an examination:

“This is definitely the most fucked crotch I’ve ever seen,” says Rain, “And I’ve seen a lot of crotches.”

Then some ironing:

Trimming some fat:

The most important part is coming up right after the jump…



I thought it was a T.P. Wall-E at first — does that make me a millenial? (I also think I was a little too young for the Pixies; but then again, when the hell did Disclosure and the National become the biggest bands in the world?) (Am I stoned?)

[via Clark Allen]

Keep in Touch, Ol’ Scott

The first bar I ever went to (besides with my dad as a kid) was the Uptown. It was a great experience, just what I always thought a bar would be like: Dark, damp and a little scary. I felt totally at home. Last week the owner, Scott Ellsworth, passed away unexpectedly from a heart attack. I didn’t know Scott that well, but the couple times we talked he was always really friendly, and very supportive of the weird artsy place my buddies and I were building across the street. He ran a bar that didn’t have a cocktail program or a dress code. He ran a bar where you could sit down, have a shot and a beer and chat with familiar regulars. Inside the Uptown I’ve stored paintings during a scavenger hunt art show, made business deals, broken up fights, maybe gotten in a fight, tried in vain to get up the nerve to talk to a girl, watched my team dominate the World Series, and seen Sean Penn close it down.

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The Bold Italic has a great tribute to him today, which would have been his 60th birthday.

In 2011, when I posted a picture of “KiTOS”, the letters on the back of the bar, Scott wrote in to tell us that it stood for the previous owner’s names, Kim and Tony. Let’s just say now it stands for “Keep in Touch, Ol’ Scott.”