Malort in San Francisco! (?)

Our pal Paul (of the “Drink of the Week” segment on’s “Weak Ledes” show starring Nick Pal, formerly of the “Drink of the Week” column on Mission Mission) points out that Trick Dog has some kind of Malort!

(Somebody on Twitter points out that it’s not actual Malort, so to Malort lovers it’ll probably be like when I order a Fernet at some weird bar and they give me the “Fernet” that’s made in Colorado: it’s fine but it’s not Fernet.)

In any case, possibly really good news for Malort lovers probably? And also, does anyplace in this town have actual Malort?

Drink of the Week: El-ahrairah!

For years I’ve been trying to come up with a carrot juice-based brunch drink. The tomato juice-based Bloody Mary is one of the most famous and beloved drinks of all time, so why not something with carrot, right? About a decade ago I tried something involving a ton of carrot juice and a ton of Ketel One, and a whole banana as garnish. It was a waste of a ton of carrot juice and a ton of Ketel One and a whole banana.

Now, I’m not saying the El-ahrairah is gonna join the Bloody Mary in the cocktail hall of fame, but it is damn good. The ginger helps mellow the carrot, and the dark rum stands up to all of it better than Ketel One would.

And it goes great with Barrelhead Brewhouse‘s BRUNCH POUTINE.

Drink of the Week: Carrot-orange mimosas with fancy juice by Thistle

These Thistle guys (note that their URL is (wait, so is it pronounced “this’ll”?) were giving out sample shots of their 100% raw, cold-pressed kale juice the other day on Valencia, so we struck up a conversation and ended up buying some other juices to go. But, us being us, we needed to combine them with alcohol in order to consume. It was awesome. Fancy juice is the bomb.

Next I’m gonna try combining the kale juice (which is called “Verdance” and also contains apple, celery, cucumber, spinach, parsley, lemon and ginger) with mezcal!

(We got the idea of a carrot-orange mimosa from the new kitchen staff at Broken Record btw.)

Drink of the Week: Aged Guatemalan firewater

They call it firewater, but I think the aging process mellows it out a lot because I found this stuff to be very smooth indeed. We did shots to cap off a very nice homemade dinner, and it made for a lovely dessert. I’d drink it all the time if I could.

[Photo by Nattles]

Drink of the Week: Argentine Fernet with Australian ginger beer

You’re right, no Fernet is as good as Fernet Branca, but sometimes it’s fun to branch out a little. My friend Simon recently hosted a Fernet party, most of which I do not remember, but according to this photo I just found, we drank this concoction. And it looks pretty good. (I do remember the Argentine Fernet was delivered to the party by someone who on the event invite expressed profound distaste for Fernet of all kinds. It was nice that she came to her senses and decided to participate.)

Looks real nice in that gorgeous Fernet Branca glass too.

Drink of the Week: If it’s yellow, it must be Mellow

Mellow Corn! Straight corn whiskey! Nothin’ but corn! It is VERY mellow!

Now let’s get down:

Drink of the Week: The Bad Santa

It’s a bourbon drink, with cranberry syrup and “a bit of Christmas tree.”

[via Hog & Rocks]

Drink of the Week: The last of the roadside mezcal your friend brought back from Oaxaca

Smooth as silk! And how about that bottle?

Drink of the Week: Monkey Monster, neat

You take a little bit of Monkey Shoulder and blend it with a little bit of Peat Monster and voila: Monkey Monster! It’s pretty good.

Drink of the Week: Chumpkin is back in season!

The bottom layer is is pumpkin ale, the middle layer is chocolate stout, and the top layer is creamy head. And it *actually * glows.

‘Tis Chumpkin season once again, right now at Shotwell’s.