Dolores Park right now

Google to pay for free wi-fi in Dolores Park!

And all the parks (!!!):

– Alamo Square

– Balboa Park

– Bernal Heights Recreation Center

– Boeddeker Park

– Chinese Recreation Center

– Civic Center Plaza

– Corona Heights

– Crocker Amazon Playground

– Duboce Park

– Eureka Valley Recreation Center

– Gene Friend Recreation Center

– Hamilton Recreation Center

– Huntington Park

– Joseph Lee Recreation Center

– Justin Herman Plaza

– Margaret S. Hayward Playground

– Marina Green

– Minnie and Lovie Ward Recreation Center

– Mission Dolores Park

– Mission Recreation Center

– Palega Playground

– Portsmouth Square

– Richmond Recreation Center

– St. Mary’s Recreation Center

– St. Mary’s Square

– Sue Bierman Park

– Sunnyside Playground

– Sunset Playground

– Tenderloin Recreation Center

– Upper Noe Recreation Center

– Washington Square

Although, no Potrero del Sol and no Precita :(

Read on for more info.

The other bad news is, this news is sure to render my “It’s so nice in the park right now, why are you still at work” posts totally meaningless.

(Thanks, Mikey!)

It’s super nice in the park right now, why are you guys still at work?

It’s really nice in the park right now, you guys

And not too crowded!

Cold Beer’s cold beer business makes huge technological leap forward

Congrats, Cold Beer! (Hopefully it’s full of Pabst Blue High Life.)

(Also, it’s gorgeous in the park right now, nbd.)

Seriously you guys, it’s gorgeous in the park right now

Come hang out already!

It’s pretty damn nice in the park right now, not sure why you guys are choosing to stay at work

Homemade arepas for sale in the park right now!

These two babes are walking around the park with a cauldron full of arepas and a tray full of fillings. Get here now!

I was super stuffed from brunch at Beretta and a cookie at Arizmendi, so I didn’t actually eat a whole one, but they gave me this little free sample and it was as golden and crunchy and warm and soft on the inside as could be. Best arepa I’ve had on the west coast.

It’s 80 degrees in the park right now

But temps drop significantly over the next couple days. So you should probably get a “stomach ache” and “head home early” RIGHT NOW. (See you in the park!)

[Photo by stayp0sted]

Dolores Park Drinking Game


Why are you not at Dolores Park right now? What, are you watching Spain Paraguay? Fair enough, but as soon as that’s over try to get in on this drinking game in progress. Definitely look for overdressed Goth chick to come back with a vengeance!

[Photo by Annette]


Dolores Park Bingo Card Includes Charming Illustrations of Public Urination and Ganja Treats