A real live Toynbee Tile right here in SF!

Local hero the Fog Bender spotted it this afternoon near Church and Market and “nearly shit [his] damned pants.”

If you’re not familiar, the Wikipedia entry on the Toynbee Tiles phenomenon is helpful. Here’s some of it:

The Toynbee tiles (also called Toynbee plaques) are messages of unknown origin found embedded in asphalt of streets in about two dozen major cities in the United States and four South American cities. Since the 1980s, several hundred tiles have been discovered. They are generally about the size of an American license plate (roughly 30 cm by 15 cm), but sometimes considerably larger. They contain some variation on the following inscription:

IN MOViE `2001

Some of the more elaborate tiles also feature cryptic political statements or exhort readers to create and install similar tiles of their own. The material used for making the tiles was initially unknown, but evidence has emerged that they may be primarily made of layers of linoleum and asphalt crack-filling compound.

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Go Giants!

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$138,000 Maserati looking for parking near Trick Dog accidentally drives into a Muni maintenance trench

Bummerdude ;)

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Hot new look for summer: Flanders pin

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Vehicular Manhattanslaughter

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Drunk and hungry

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UPDATE: SFist has more info.

Say goodbye to the giant seal mural

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Naked wolf lady hobo graffiti

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The Fog Bender’s new blog is a portfolio of all his work

It’s called Evan Porter Larsen and its tagline reads:

this is a portfolio of my work. hopefully you will see it and want to hire me to do art for you. prints are available as are the originals. help me to not be broke and homeless. thnks!

New Mission Theater tattoo

I wonder if this will gain him free access to the new New Mission Theater once it reopens as an Alamo Drafthouse some time next year.

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