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Politics in San Francisco in 1861

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We’ve come a long way I guess? I dunno, vote for Tom Temprano!

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New trends in shitting

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And also, please enjoy our classic post “New trends in sitting

Cool new wet-weather extreme sport

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Mission Mission 2015 Last Minute Gift Guide

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1. Get a hat or fanny pack by Amos Goldbaum already!

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2. Get a jar of pickles by Inna Jam, man!

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3. Hire The Fog Bender to do a mural or a tattoo or some shit!

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4. Get a photography zine from Doc Pop for goodness’ sake!

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5. Get a bunch of tickets to a bunch of movies at the Alamo (just opened) or the Roxie (still open, man).

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6. Get my album! (I’m really proud of it, and my sister says it’s alright.)


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7. Join Bay Area Bike Share!

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8. Get a few Pilates from Tru Pilates!

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9. Get some weird booze at Royal Cuckoo Market!

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10. Get some boobs by Laura Helen Winn, if you’re into boobs!

Muni firebomb tattoo by the Fog Bender

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The Fog Bender, one of the greatest San Francisco artists of all time, has started doing tattoos. Hit him up.

Now please enjoy this list of posts we’ve done over the years highlighting epic Fog Bender originals…

Mission Street a million years ago

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Cool guerrilla marketing campaign for Red Hot Chili Peppers tour hits local Muni bus

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UPDATE: The last time we mentioned the Chili Peppers on this blog was 5 years ago and it was also a “Give It Away” reference!

Check out this colorful new mural by the Fog Bender!

Here’s what he has to say about it:

the intersection of getting paid to do what you love for people who appreciate it is the pinnacle of purpose.  now to make a career out of it.

Blam! Hit him up!!

Postcard from San Francisco by the Fog Bender

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