More late-night fun in Dolores Park

Or, I guess this could be 4:45pm what with how early it’s getting dark lately :(

Anyway, nice shot, Carinabot!

P.S. If you like this, Carina has some work in a show this Friday.

What’s the point of staying at the Standard if you can’t ride your bike into the rooftop pool?

Chris Six seriously wants to know.

[Photo by Carina]

Stair air

Siiiiiiiic triple insane stunt bonus.  That shadow is pretty rad too!

(Terry Barentsen via Fecal Face via Carina)


Sorority life

College can be a pretty fun experience, and sometimes it’s a little tough to let go and embrace the real world when it’s all over.  That seems to be the case with this Craigslist post from a recent graduate:

Wanted: One big room, full of girlfriends – w4ww – 22 (mission district)

Trendy ladies of the Mission, listen up. I am at my wit’s end. I am a recent transplant to this city from Seattle (don’t I get cool points for that already?) and after four months of hanging with the same three people (also, all transplants), I am at a lost as to how to make new girlfriends. Listen up Carries, Samanthas, Mirandas and Charlottes of the world, I want one big a$$ room full of bada$$ girlfriends. I want to form the trendiest girl group that will knock all other Mission girl groups out of the park. I want us to form the trendiest group where we go biking, brunching, happy-houring, getting trendy a$$ coffee together-ing.

I want it all, and I want to be YOUR best gal pal.

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(Thanks Carolyn!)  [Completely unrelated photo by Carina]


Disco-era Pabst Blue Ribbon commercial starring Patrick Swayze


(Thanks, Carina!)


To flip-flop or not to flip-flop?

Local journalism student Emily has beef with the fashion police:

Dear San Francisco Footwear Elitists,

Yesterday, in a blatant act of defiance, I did the unthinkable: I wore flip flops outside of my house. I wasn’t going to the beach, I wasn’t even going to the park, I just didn’t give a fuck.

I rode Muni, I walked around, I lounged at a cafe in Hayes Valley, all while letting my feet enjoy the Indian Summer weather. And believe me, they loved it. They missed their soft brown leather Rainbow flip-flops. Meanwhile, my friends were in their usual footwear, Doc Martens and ridiculous Jeffrey Campbell heels. Yeah, no thanks, I already have a low tolerance for heat so I will spare my feet from the discomfort.

I’m from San Diego and as a result I essentially spent the first eighteen years of my life in flip-flops and jean shorts sitting on the beach. I knew early on that this habit would not be welcomed in my new home for obvious climate-related reasons, but I quickly learned that that was not the only restriction.

Read on.

[Photo by Carina's mom]

Two art openings to attend tonight

The first because it features work by Carina Johnson. We use Carina’s photography so much here on the blog that we should really just have her on the payroll at this point.

The second because it’s nothin’ but Jihaari. You might remember Jihaari Terry from the Q&A we did with him last month all about common courtesies and working in the service industry.

Is that a banana in your bikini bottoms or am I just happy to see you?

[Photo by Carina, whose photostream today is reminding us that we should totally all go camping one of these weekends.]

I know it’s hot, but that doesn’t mean you can push your loved one out a second-story window

I love a good lovers’ quarrel as much as the next guy, but in light of all this heat, we’d better all be extra careful not to lose control. SF Appeal tells us about one couple (not pictured) that just couldn’t hack it:

A man was hospitalized after a woman allegedly pushed him out of a second-story apartment window during an argument in San Francisco’s Mission District early this morning, police said.

The guy’s probably gonna be okay, but seriously, people, keep it together. Read on.

[Photo by Carina]

A Good Samaritan Tries to Return a Lost Item at the Front Desk at the Goddamn Public Library

Janebook is about to rile you up:

Earlier today I was totally distracted and left my phone on top of a paper towel dispenser in the restroom at the Public Library on 24th Street. Realized a few minutes later, ran back down to look for it and it was gone. I went to ask the lady at the desk if anyone had turned it in and she said nobody had turned anything in that day. Honestly I wasn’t expecting anything so I wasn’t too surprised, just assumed someone had taken it, and was at least consoled by the fact that, were this the case, they wouldn’t gain much from selling it as it’s a first generation iPhone that’s three years old and has a shattered screen among myriad other problems. So imagine my surprise when I get home and go on Facebook to see that two of my friends have messaged me saying that a guy called them saying he found my phone and wants to return it. So I call the guy, arrange to meet up with him. He’s incredibly nice, refuses to take the reward money I offer him, but here’s the fucked up part. He tells me that after he found it, he tried to turn it in at the front desk of the library, but the lady told him “I’m busy right now. Just take it.”

Yo, that’s fucked up! Either the SFPL needs to hold a bake sale so they can afford to hire some decent people, or dudes are going to ever-crazier lengths to meet Jane in person. Read on.

[Photo by Carina]