A night out in the Mission


Local Livejournal user Honey Jets tells us about a busy night out in a 2-block area of the Mission:

Elisa and Jane met me at Jono’s place at about 5:30. I put my shoes on while we watched Jojo’s video on Vimeo, and then we headed toward the Make-Out Room. Jane had to wait in line for a while to get her hand stamp, so Elisa and I walked around trying to figure out where to eat. Elisa didn’t want anything greasy or fried or containing dairy, so Wes Burger was out, Mission Chinese was out, Escape from New York was out, and F.O.B. Kitchen was out. We settled on Mateo’s. Jess met us there. I ran into Amy and a friend on my way to the salsa bar and we talked about meeting at Doc’s Clock after. On our way out of Mateo’s we ran into Omar and a friend, and we caught up for about half a block. At Make-Out Room Jonathan Richman was pretty good, and we ran into Joe. During the break, Joe and I talked outside about how he, me, Jess and Will had all been in Nashville recently. I told my “P.G. band” story, and he told me a cool story about how English people are different from Americans. After the encore, Jess and I headed for the New Mission. At the bar we ran into Mike and chatted for a minute, mostly about how good he is at his job. Upstairs we waved at Dave and Atousa who were in the row in front of us. Wild Beasts was as gnarly as promised, if not gnarlier. Terror Tuesday rules. After the movie we said bye to Mike, and then to Jess who went home to go to sleep. We joined up with Dave’s friend Brendan and went to Doc’s. Kevin was there already and we talked for a minute about how the new Doc’s is pretty good. Dave and company had gotten a table, so I joined them and we talked about the movie, at length. Dave and Atousa bickered a little (in a cute way) about fried chicken, we talked about plans for Friday, and then I strolled home, and ‘grammed an arty photo of the median on Guerrero in the moonlight.

I think it’s supposed to be a throwback to posts like this and this from July 2011, which in turn were I think some kind of homage to our dear departed Janebook.

Read on for a brief epilogue about the following morning. (And do go to all those restaurants, and do check out Amy’s blog about the Mission and Omar’s cookies and Mike’s Terror Tuesday lineup and new Doc’s Clock.)

Why are people so weird about paying a $5 cover to see a band or DJ?

Here’s a status update from our pal Matt who sometimes works the door at a local nightlife venue:

I’ve worked a few doors in recent years, and it always baffles me when people are baffled by a $5 cover. Bands and DJs and door people and bar backs and bartenders work hard. Don’t freak out, just pay the little $5, right?

P.S. Remember Jane Parton?

What exactly is ‘a regular job’?

Janebook wonders what qualifies in our interesting neighborhood:

But the fifth or sixth instance you hear some guy talk about moving weed like he’s performing life-saving organ transplants with surgical instruments he hand-whittled out of Mendocino redwoods …I can’t. I just can’t. I also find it adorable how they always faux-wistfully wish they had “a regular job.”

As someone with a menial “regular job,” I’m just gonna come right out and say I’d way fucking rather make five times as much doing something illegal — and I totally have options for doing that, but 9 out of 10 of them I’m sure involve donning patent leather and stepping on some dude’s nutsack, which I definitely don’t have the stomach for.

Would you have the stomach for it? Or are you wholly content with your “regular job”?

[Photo via Chinkerfly]

This month in Mission Mission: December





West Oakland artist bootie call

Hot local comedian Moshe Kasher hips us to the hot new local hookup:

[via Janebook]

Kreayshawn goes to Thrift Town

I’m a little late to the game with the whole Kreayshawn kreayze, but that hasn’t stopped other notables from weighing in (“Godawful. Another white girl from the ‘burbs trying to act hard. Kesha with a bluntwrap”).  Nor has it stopped Kreay-Kreay from venturing out of Oakland to hang out in our hip little Mission district for the obligatory Thrift Town rack dive and jaunt through Clarion Alley.  Did she buy the same rainbow-vomit sweater you sold there last week?


[Thanks J-man!]

Naturally caffeinated yerba maté IPA makes a good Four Loko replacement?

Janebook had hypothesized that it would. Here’s what actually happened:

Yesterday Aaron got me a MateVeza, that yerba maté IPA I anticipated as a replacement to Four Loko. Unfortunately it has two fatal flaws: (1) it’s so hoppy that it kind of tastes like cured meat, which is weird, (2) although I definitely felt the maté buzz, it’s not alcoholic enough to get me drunk. There’s a big difference between 7% and 12%. Ah well, it was definitely worth trying.

Bummer! Good effort though, Janebook. Read on for more about Jane’s weekend.

Or check out our big IPA discussion from last week.

Bridge buzz

Janebook points us to this beauty in the window at the salon next to Yamo. Jane says she hopes somebody she knows gets this ‘do done.

I think it would be way doper (and more timely) to get the half-built new Bay Bridge instead:


[Bridge construction photo by Dave R]

Surprise Sheryl Crow live acoustic set last night at Beauty Bar?

It’s true too. We checked with her management company AND her Twitter. AND her Tumblr. It’s true. Janebook doesn’t lie.

Anyway, I’m sorry I missed it. I hear her new stuff is dope.


Where are you playing basketball with Serena Williams?

Whoa! Epic!

Did a crazy celebrity shout this in a TV interview this morning, or did a crackhead shout it near 17th and Capp last night?

Janebook has the answer here.