Introduce yourself

Dear readers,

We were thinking since Mission Mission is about this community we all love so dear, maybe the website should have a space where we the community can all get together and introduce each other to one another. Here it is…

[Photo by Matt Baume]

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  1. Allan says:

    Hi all. I’m Allan and I invented Mission Mission. You’re welcome.

    • Annie says:

      My name is Annie. First year in the Mission. Lovin it. Looking for musicians/friends around the hood. Love 1.50 Tacos. LOVE THEM.

    • Manny says:

      Wow, you invented the idea of a blog? Or do you mean that you bought the domain and started another blog just like almost everyone else?

      • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

        You fail at reading comprehension.

        • nonpareil says:

          hey there guys!
          have u included these on your fantastik “to do” list:
          La Taqueria on el calle de 24th “y” Dianda’s ?
          Long-standing traditions of outstanding yum, in the most celebrated ‘hood!

      • Russell says:

        If I read it correctly (which I did, so I only typed “If I read it correctly” as a polite sentence starter) the statement was “I invented Mission Mission”. I don’t think the author is claiming to have invented the web log just a hella funny times place.
        I invented the chocolate chip cookie though. Well not “thee” chocolate chip cookie but I’ve made some before. While we’re on the topic of cookies, Anthonys are nomfukinlicious.

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  3. Drew says:

    Hey everybody. I’m Drew. Lived in the Mish for the past ten years. Rawk on \m/

  4. Drew says:

    Whoops, I fergot…Thanks Allan! I love the idea of a site dedicated to the Mission. Drinks sometime eh?

  5. Derek says:

    My name is Derek and I live in the Mission. I like Mr Pickles

  6. chrisisgross says:

    I’m Chris.

    Happily been in the city and the Mission for a year. I run a little blog that touches on the Mission and more.

  7. buzzgirl says:

    Hi Chris.

    I’ve been a Missionista for a looong time – 14 years – which is hard to believe because I’m so youthful :)

    Thanks for taking the initiative in creating a site dedicated to the best neighborhood in the City. Viva la Mision!

    MissionMission Happy Hour soon?

  8. Allan says:

    Hi Drew, Derek, Chris and buzzgirl.

    Yeah, good idea. Mission Mission Happy Hour soon.

  9. RedShoes says:

    I’m Jax and I live in the Mission…almost a year now. Thanks muchly for the local bloggishness.

  10. TK says:

    Hi. My name is TK and I’m an alcoholic.

  11. plug1 says:

    hi, my name is Plug 1. I am an alcoholic, and hate The Mission, or as I call it “The Dirty Thirty.”

    But I like this blog, so carry on.

  12. plug1 says:

    ps: Is Ribbity from The Mish? I thought the TL?

  13. Allan says:

    i dunno. i’ve seen more ribitys, and better ribitys, in the mission than anywhere else. of course, i almost never hang out in the loin, except that one really fun halloween at ha-ra.

  14. katie says:

    I’m Katie, and i hate everything — including the Mission. Some people think i’m a bitch, but i really just say what others are thinking. :)

  15. Tara says:

    Hi, I’m Tara, and I’m responsible for the cranky open letter to SFPD, posted today. Thanks, Mission Mission! We at Muni Diaries look forward to working with you.

  16. Brock says:

    I’mn Brock and I need to have three TVs at my house. at least three. Sigh.

  17. Rhiannon says:

    I’m Rhiannon, and I’ve been living in the Mission for 5 years now. I work at The Dark Room Theater on Mission at 19th, and can be found every Sunday night working the door. Hi!

  18. Junk Thief says:

    I’m Junk Thief, a.k.a. Gregg, and I’ve lived in the Mission for 12 years, currently a stone’s throw away from the Brava Theater and the St. Francis Fountain.

  19. Alexandra says:

    Hello All,

    I’m Alexandra. I run a food website called Romancing the Strawberry ( I like eating, writing, and adventuring (long walks, road trips, bike rides you name it). I live around the 24th Bart station. Would love to meet some of you!

  20. Junk Thief says:

    Allan – Yes, Pop’s. How could I forget Pop’s!

  21. johnny0 says:

    I’m johnny0 — this is the best blog ever. I nearly spit coffee onto my computer reading the Medjool Douche posts.

    Last month I took a German buddy of mine to El Farolito for a burrito. At first he was scared, but now he won’t shut up about it.

    Just minutes ago he sent me pictures of a taqueria in Berlin he found — Dolores Burritos. I had to share — check out the map on the wall!

  22. johnny0 says:

    Here’s an article on the guys who started the Berlin Taqueria.,1564,1500156,00.html

    and their website:

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  24. Hey, welcome to the blogosphere! Love the blog, great stuff, thanks for taking my call and I’ll listen to my answer offline.

  25. bodah says:

    I live in miso (mission/soma) part of town. punk rock is freedom.

  26. CitySlicker says:

    I think you guys could improve the last paragraph:

  27. theresa says:

    love the blog – native to the mission – still live/work/own a biz here – it’s hip to be square

  28. Hi Everyone, I love the Mission! I started a blog last month about San Francisco’s juicy, funky and fun places, and so far, there are more posts about the Mission than anywhere else in the City (could it be any other way?). Can’t believe it took me til now to find this site!

  29. pg says:


    I like the idea of this blog!
    Moved here a couple of months ago to eat mission style burritos.


  30. Cassandra says:

    Hello hello. I live, and work in the Mission.

    I also take a plethora of pictures around SF.

    Snapped this one last night. Enjoy.

    Speaking of enjoyment, I absolutely adore Mission Mission. Keep up the good work, guys!

  31. raimondo says:

    ciao missionistas! i moved into the neighborhod back when valencia street was the lady’s castro auxiliary and 16th and church was still considered ‘the mission’. god i feel old. now i’m a proud bernal heightian; i’m going to start herding sheep on the hill and rename it ‘little sardinia’.

    • Yatima says:

      I was a Missionista from 1998-2004, when I moved to Bernal between Little Sardinia and La Lengua. I love Pancho Villa, Telstar Logistics, El Dia de los Muertos and my native-born San Franciscan daughters.

  32. Jen says:

    Hey all! I’m brand new (a week!) to the area but love it so far. Found you guys via the SFist link from this morning. Sorry I missed the peace protest – and based on the pictures, super sad that I missed the block party one block from my apartment. Keep up the good work.

  33. Eve says:


    I just moved to the Mission this past month to attend CCA. I wasn’t aware that Treat Ave was in the middle of a crazy war zone right now….

    Love the blog.

  34. Emily says:

    Good blog. Found it just by googling, I think. I’m very happy (and lucky) to live in the Mission.

  35. I live in the Mission and teach at Berkeley’s J-school and we’re covering the Mission District for a new hyper-local web site that we’ve created at

    We’ve already used Mission Mission for several tips. Thank you.

    Best, Lydia

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  37. isaias says:

    i moved into the mission in August and love it. I’m near 22nd and Mission. Such a great neighborhood. Good food, bars, more sun than the lower haight and I like the familial feel of the hood.

  38. jameth says:

    oh hi! i am reading ur stuff now kthx.

  39. Ben says:

    Brooklyn transplant since February – thanks missionmission for giving me a clue in my new nabe.

  40. Tim Moore says:

    I’ve lived on Valencia @ 24th for a couple of years, and I work on Alabama @ 17th. I practically never leave the Mission these days… what else could I need? Pancho Villa is my taqueria of choice, but Papalote is great too.

    I love the site, even though I don’t always agree with it (fuck Beretta) and check it several times a day just to make sure I don’t miss out on anything interesting happening in the neighborhood. Thanks!

  41. Gravity says:

    How awesome! I am co-founder of Instant City and I can’t believe I’ve never seen this site before today!

  42. Summer says:

    I moved to the Mission (well, technically the Castro, but right on the edge) about 2 years ago from Brooklyn, and have been experiencing lots of uniquely Mission experiences since.

  43. Cristina says:

    I’ve been in the Mission for eight years now. I believe in having a community. I also believe in burritos for dinner every Friday night.

  44. Tricia says:

    I’ve been in the Mission for 6 months now – just had my bike stolen outside of Mission Yoga on 20th and Mission. I feel like I’ve finally arrived!

  45. My name is Broke-Ass Stuart and the Mission has been my home for roughly five years. The main reason I check Mission Mission is because I think Allan is dreamy.

  46. KC says:


    With the possible exception of raimundo, I guess I’m the geezer here. Ouch. Landed in 81. Before most of you – and most of my coworkers – have been on this planet.

    He he he.

  47. Boringtime says:

    Hi, I’m Adam Martin. I lived in the Mission on and off from 1997 to 2007. I’m no longer in the neighborhood, but I still leave the house, turn left, walk one and a half blocks, and expect an El Farolito burrito. It rarely appears.

  48. curledupwithabook says:

    Hi, I mostly check Mission Mission with the faint but ever-glimmering hope that Lael will write again. Bring her back Allan! (Hint: try bribing her with a chocolate chip.)

  49. Cielo Gold says:

    Just found MissionMission and love it. I know all about having great pride in the part of city you live in. Tenderloin here. I love the TL! Mission is pretty cool too.

    Check out my bartender blog sometime. I have a few stories…

  50. tangobaby says:

    I love the Mission (but live in the Inner Sunset) and try to spend as much time in the Mission as I can. This blog is great for me to learn more about this neighborhood I love.

    I have a community based project as well, if anyone is interested in participating:


  51. Shakti says:

    I live near 20th and Bryant. Love the Mission, why would you want to live anywhere else in this city? I like checking in with MissionMission to see what’s going on around me and I hope that eventually my trapsing around this online community will lead to some actual (live) interactions with my neighbors! Sweet.

  52. slyder24 says:

    I like this blog so much, I started my own. Homage is the most sincere form of… something, I forget.
    But during the week, I’m on the Peninsula, where there’s less interesting stuff. Anyways, keep up the good work!

  53. agent_torpor says:

    Hi. I wasn’t born in the Mission, but I sure as hell grew up in the Mission. Now i’m out in Hayes Valley but I still miss my old hood, even though it’s less Norteno thugs and more transplant douchebaggery. Still, I love it. Just don’t fucking let it become Haight Street. Or worse yet, the Marina (Valencia, looking right at your honkey direction).

  54. pat says:

    Hi I’m pat and I think your blog looks marvelous so I will read it. I live at 16th/van ness where i make cartoons and sell books.

  55. Ben Nash says:

    Hello Mission Mission and people. I probably click on a few Mission Mission articles per day from my Google Reader. Thank you so much for making me laugh and keeping us all informed.

    This past Sunday saw some action on Hampshire St near 26th in front of my place. Check out my pics of a car that flipped over in the middle of the street.


  56. Hi, My name is Ray Fernandez and I live in the Mission.

  57. Mazzy says:

    Mazzy here. I’m a native San Franciscan and moved into my home on Florida Street in 1991. LOVE this neighborhood. During the dot com bust here in “Media Gulch,” I tried to rename the hood SOPOSA (South of Mariposa) or WEPO (West of Potrero). No, not really.

  58. Mazzy says:

    EVA? East of Valencia? Oh well. Inner Mission works for me.

  59. Kahley says:

    Just moved to 22nd and Florida a month ago. Love it.

  60. moradodreams says:

    sup gente?! dD here.. livin and playin in the mission for the past 7 yrs. evol this site much :) keep up the great work, Allan! and thank you.

  61. ape breath says:

    Dear Mission Mission,
    I was looking for the CCSF Lit Magazine and I found you guys. This is a very cool blog, especially since you use those frogs. Keep up the good work, and if you want you can visit me at my blog,

  62. Romy says:

    Hi guys, I just moved to the Mission close to 24th Mission BART and I am amazed by the variety. Please let me know about good music and food places!

  63. rachel says:

    Hi. My boyfriend was the one hit by the car in the Valencia bike lane in June (he’s doing okay, retained a lawyer to recoup medial expenses) and we live at The Box Factory on Florida where we do various events like MAPP and fundraisers. Say hi!

  64. radaniels says:

    relatively new to the Mission- in love with the Mission and this blog.

  65. modernsophist says:


    My name is Thomas. I’ve lived in the city for about 6 years, spending half my night and day life in or around the Mission though, oddly, never lived there.

    I just started my own blog and realized that a lot of the perspectives I’ve got on the world are well expressed here too. Here’s hoping we run into each other taking notes on some mission-related musing.

  66. Oops, pardon blatant self-promotion.The name now works.

  67. Jess says:

    Hi I’m Jess, and you got me to go to Bender’s last week in search of Quentin Tarantino. Well done! I don’t go to Bender’s enough.

  68. ML Heath says:

    Hiya…actually met Allan at the Literary Death Match lst spring where I was a ‘contestant’ (and lost, oh well, in good company in that regard).

    A fine, fine, superfine, ever expanding chronicle of the Mission? Oh yeah.

  69. ML Heath says:

    Hiya…actually met Allan at the Literary Death Match last spring where I was a ‘contestant’ (and lost, oh well, in good company in that regard).

    A fine, fine, superfine, ever expanding chronicle of the Mission? Oh yeah.

  70. Amy says:

    Hey. Love the site. I DJ in the Mission every week and just started writing about nightlife for the Examiner. Check out the articles!

  71. Bettie Sugar says:

    Hi, I am Bettie. Bettie Sugar. That’s not my real name. I am moving to the Mission. That is my mission (that’s never been said before). I live in Portland, OR. I am not a logger or a hipster or a hipster who looks like a logger. Thank you for this blog. I am enjoying it from my home in Portland over a cup of instant italian coffee… and I am listening to bowie.

  72. Chaka Kahn says:

    Hi, I’m Chaka. I would just like to thank you all personally for your contribution to the gentrification that has nearly drained the mission of its authenticity, culture and vibrance. It’s heartbreaking how many families that made this neighborhood what it is have had to move away so a bunch of middle class little dipshits could move in and feel unique and cultured. Take a hint and mosey on over to the Marina, or Russian Hill. Go drain another neighborhood.

    • Ariel Dovas says:

      Ask us how we got here first.

    • johnny0 says:

      Would this be Irish or Ohlone authenticity? I feel for you.

    • marco says:

      Yes it’s true. This was a great neighborhood in the old days when it was all Irish. There were so many great families here, great culture, less crime. I’ll just let Wikipedia take over from here:

      “During the 1940-1960s, large numbers of Mexican immigrants moved into the area, initiating white flight… During the 1980s and into the 1990s, the neighborhood received a higher influx of immigrants and refugees from Central and South America…The Latino, Chicano, and Central American immigrants also brought with them gang violence. During the 1980s and into the 1990s, branches of the Sureño and Norteño gangs settled into the area and engaged in open violence throughout the neighborhood. The notorious Central American gang MS-13 also became active in the neighborhood as well. Although gentrification and a nationwide crackdown during the late 1990s and into the 2000s have reduced activities from these gangs, they still continue and continue to be a persistent problem for the neighborhood.” Ah, the authenticity, the cultural vibrance. Should we thank you personally, Chaka, for your contribution to crime and gang violence? Get off your high horse. Places change, people change. Take a hint and mosey on over to L.A., or Richmond. Go drain another neighborhood.

  73. Mazzy says:

    Huh!! I grew up here. The mission was Irish and potrero was Russian and the fillmore was Jewish. Shit happens things change.

    • Chaka Kahn says:

      Nice…so the recent changes in racial make-up of the Mission are blatant enough that you all assumed that was what I was talking about.

      No, no…I was referring to the extreme gentrification of the neighborhood in recent years…look it up, if you don’t get it.

  74. Mazzy says:

    It’s all authentic. Are you talking Latin authenticity or Irish in the Mission? Would you feel that The Fillmore authentic is African American or Jewish (as it was 60-70 years ago)?

    SOMA was working class, The Embarcardeo dock workers. Native American Indians hundred of years ago. I lived in the Inner Sunset and the Richmond many many years ago. It was Jewish, Polish, Irish Russian, no much of the Richmond is Asian. So what?

    I love the mix of the Mission. Should it be a Ghetto for one ethnic people or culture? Just artists? 100 more Latin restaurants? Where would you draw the line?

  75. Alex says:

    Hi I’m Alex! I recently moved to the mission to pursue my dream of making a living as a fine art photographer. I’m looking to connect with local artists, especially in the Mission, and am opening a gallery in October.

    Contact me if you’re an artist or musician looking for inspiration and someone to collaborate with. My contact info and photography can be found at my website:

  76. The Buffet Boss says:

    Mission Mission rocks!, Thanks Allan.

  77. Michelle says:

    Hi! I’m Michelle and I work at The Go Game at 24th and Mission! We are hosting a Mission event at Dolores Park this Sunday–
    Want your life to be more like the Michael Douglas movie “The Game?” With a little bit of Cranium and a lot of Amazing Race thrown in there? SIGN UP HERE for Sunday’s Go Game in the Mission, benefiting Intersection for the Arts:

  78. we’re a skate shop. hi.

  79. Ali says:

    Hi, I’m Ali. I like cheese. I probably have a drinking problem. My dog thinks I’m awesome. It is raining.

  80. Amber June says:


    i live on mission and 20th, kinda right above Bruno’s so it can be pretty douchey on the weekends, but the bacon wrapped hot-dogs in front of my door kinda make up for it.

    I live with a pirate and a one eyed cat named othello that was found on lexington st.

    i’m kind of a newb to the mission, i’ve been here about two years and its by far my favourite district that i’ve inhabited in sf.

    My usual bars are the lone palm, laszlo and benders.. oh and my favourite southpark character is butters.

    oh, and thanks allan

  81. Jen says:

    Hi I am Jen and I can hear rats using the pigeon net in our commin well area to cross onto out roof, Not even joking..

  82. loetek says:

    New broke ass dude to the mission, been perusing this blog for a bit. Some really good shit here love the blog.

    • Ben Nash says:

      Yeah there are a lot of us in the mission, you know, broke-ass-dudes. Makes me think all the broke-ass people in the mission could get together and do something about this economic slump. Any ideas?

  83. Hi – I’m a long-time Mission resident (I consider it the MIssion – South Bernal anyway), live a short block off Mission St. My office is above SoCha Cafe. I write about SF stuff off the beaten path on Dee Dee’s San Francisco ( Latest post is about Mission Street. MIssion Mission rocks!

  84. Donovan says:

    Hi – I’m Donovan. I live around 24th/Church, up the hill from the Mission. I’ve always wanted to live IN the Mission, but I was never cool enough, and now I’m too old (35+).

    Love to blog, though. I’ve authored a site ( which invites exploration of SF in its glorious entirety.

    Many thanks for an entertaining and illuminating guide to the essence of Mission-ness.

  85. Jason(AKA-"OgCracker") says:

    Hey Folks — My name is Jason and I am grateful recovering addict. I have lived in the mission for longer than I would like two admit. Lets just say it’s well into the double digits and before the dot-com who-ha. I love the site. Thank you for all you hard work cyber people. This is one of the sites that has helped me shed my Luddite tendency and embrace my inner techy geek-a-trod. Oh, and if your new to the neighborhood and you drive an SUV I have stopped popping your tires and keying your paint job long ago. In fact, welcome.

  86. lila bird. says:

    hey kids. i’m lila. i live in el corazon and barely ever have a reason to leave 24th street. you can see me at jacks, pops, taqueria san francisco, st. francis, dirty thieves, dynamo and/or philz on any given day of the week.
    sometimes i even venture out to la lingua to have a drink at argus, naps, el rio or the knockout, but only cuz that’s where my partner lives.

    i see a lot of the same faces all the time, who probably live in the hood like me, so i think it’s high time we say hello and get to know the other regulars and locals. this is our community.

  87. Liz says:

    Hi I’m Liz, I first moved into the Mission in 1991 and lived on Elgin Park. Since then I’ve lived on 20th and Guerrero, Clinton Park, 22nd and Dolores, and that awesome brick building on 25th and Bartlett. If you ever see a vacancy there, you should move in–it’s an awesome mix of hipsters, ancient people who smell like pee, and couples in their 50s who still pay $450 a month.

    But I digress. I now live in the bayview but do almost all my eating and drinking in the mission. In the last two weeks I’ve been to Pop’s, Latin American Club, The Corner, Gracias Madre, and the Attic. I love dogs and vodka.

  88. Donny says:

    hey all, i have lived and work in the mission for 5 years now. Live in the mural on 18th and Lexington and work as a bartender just down the way. Besides waking up to mural tours outside my window in the summer and making it onto who knows how many mid american families pictures from their visit to sf…(i am the naked shadowy one in the window from the walking tour of the mission day) i love the mission and want to life no where else… unless you know about a cheap tic in noe.

  89. Ms. Chew says:

    Howdy folks.. I’ve taught in the Mission for almost 3 years and lived on 20th and Lex for about 2. Love it here, it would take a LOT for me to leave. This blog is awesome.. one of my daily reads. Thanks!!

  90. Neo Displacer says:

    To all my friends, drinks on me, just kidding, I have no friends. My name is neo displacer and I am as old as dirt. (well from a 20 some-thing’s perspective. From my view I’m young but I’m delusional.) I love the mission and I love missionmission. I miss KevMo too. I have strong opinions about Taquerias (I hate your favorites), love bicycles (but think fixed gears are idiotic outside of tracks), am very interested in street art (but hate tagging, taggers, and illegible script.) So I guess this is the best spot for me!

  91. Hi, I’m Rok Das Boot and I stayed in the Mission Dist for 4 days during Lovefest 2006. I will return. But right now I’m chairman of the sprawling edifice that is and am living in exile on my home turf here in Melbourne.

  92. [...] breathe easy:  your SUV is safe with us.  Allan Hough at Mission Mission shares the latest from Jason (AKA-”OgCracker”).  Thanks Jason.  And thanks for sharing Allan;  always nice to start the day with something [...]

  93. RhodesTer says:

    Dave here, been in the mission for 3 weeks observing the kooks and hooligans as they flit about under my prime perch on the 2nd floor of the Mirabelle at 15th and Mission. Saw SFPD take down a thug at gunpoint last night and knew it was something worth watching the news for – sure enough, turns out he and his thug buddies are suspects in a home invasion from Wednesday, having beaten an elderly couple and stolen their vehicle. GO SFPD! Nice to personally see someone like that taken off the street.

    Here’s the thing I can’t figure out.. they caught him because he was still driving the stolen truck, 24-hours later, IN THE CITY. They pulled him over at 15th and Mission, he bailed from the truck to run and they took him down. Yes, crooks ARE stupid.

    As fun as this show is, the wife and I have to be out of this hotel on Monday and are looking for new digs. Don’t want to make this an ad, so all I’ll say is my name up top of this comment links to my blog, which has a contact page *ahem*

    I’ve been reading this blog for a few months and love it, which is why I subscribe to it along with a number of other SF blogs in my reader. Thanks for the hard work.

  94. GETBUFF says:




  95. PierogiPundit says:

    Just a Polish-Croat girl from Chicago living in the mish since 2006 wishing there was a decent pierogi joint in the hood. Pierogi cart anyone? Been reading this blog for awhile but finally decided we need to band together to get more pierogies damn it!

    • Greg Z says:

      Howdy-how. I do Russian pirogi. I’ve never done anything like food-cart action but could be totally game. Email me! greg (at)

      • Cindy Ha says:

        Hey there,

        I KNOW just the guy to talk to. Matt Cohen from SF Cart Project. Check out his website: SFCartProject.
        Email: He’s full of info and he can help.

        I have a blog called Foodie a-la-Cart and I cover all things street food. Check it out and let me know what you think. Here: FoodiealaCart. Hope to see you up and running real soon!

        Good Luck,

  96. Hey there,

    My name is Starla and i have lived/worked in the Mission off and on for the past 6 years. I work at Sports Basement on Bryant street and wanted to share with all of you what an awesome business it is. I’m not just saying this because i work there but because i really respect what they do and how they reach out to the community. For those of you who don’t know Sports Basement it’s an out door store that carries new but discounted products because they get things on close out, along with discounted items they also carry a lot of in line stuff as well. They have a full service bike and ski shop too.It is not a corporation but it owned by a set of partners some who started working on the sales floor them selves.

    They host all sorts of free events from free Sunday yoga to movie nights. They have fun runs every Wednesday and it’s a great place to meet new people. They offer bike maintenance clinics so you can learn how to fix your flat and advanced ones were you can learn to take your bike apart and put it back together the right way. They lead group bike rides on the weekends, have free CPR certification classes and cool Speaker Series talks.

    They also have a huge Gallery space that showcases local artists, again for free.

    They host tuns of events and offer up their space to organizations that need a place to meet.

    They help groups raise money for charity and other organizations through shopping party’s where they provide food and beer, Ive taken advantage of this my self to raise money for a charity.

    As for people who work there they take great care of them as well. With an amazing discount we all spend most of our paychecks there, we have a kitchen with a fully stocked fridge, we are encouraged to participate in sports and get support doing so, they take us on Out of the Basement trips to different locations like Tahoe and the Velodrome. And if you have a furry friend you can bring them to work with you, that’s right they are a dog friendly business.

    I could go on and on about this place and it’s not because I’m trying to drum up business, but more because i think more businesses should reach out to the community and support it the way that Sports Basement dose.
    So if you haven’t been it’s worth checking out and if you have but did not know about some of the community events and support that they offer then take advantage of it.

  97. Nicole says:

    My name’s Nicole and I’m young and broke (but not too broke) and looking for a cool place to crash in the Mission over summa since I’ll be working on Valencia! Help a sister out. :)

  98. Hey there,
    I’m one of the few lucky men who work at the Women’s Building and love and respect the diversity, strength, and resilience that is so alive in the Mission. I also write a blog about the awesome thrift finds that are so prevalent in the 16th-24th St. blocks…

  99. greg alishus says:

    hey all…

    my name is obviously greg… i have no doubt in my mind that i’m the smartest person you’ll ever meet (or not be fortunate enough to meet)… been here less than 2 months now… loving every minute of it…


  100. elle ko says:

    hi, i’m elle. i walk around the hood in wings.

    guess what? starting yesterday evening and throughout the summer, there is a security guard on duty 24-7 on the block of Valencia between 16th and 17th. this is private ‘police’ monitoring your activity in public space. they don’t stop people from being robbed or killed, they are just there to watch the stuff.

    is hiring private security for public space even legal?

    your neighbourhood is turning into someone’s private police state.

  101. Dave says:

    Elle Ko. I was talking with the security guard recently on my way home, and he told me that he’s there because you keep spray painting the building next to frjtz. He also said that you promised to continue vandalizing the building the moment he’s not there, so as a result, he simply has to be there. My guess is that if you weren’t committing crimes in the neighborhood, or at least telling people you were, he wouldn’t be there at all. My guess is you’ll get caught soon enough – but it seems like (according to the security guy anyway) that’s exactly what you’re trying to do. Personally, I’m glad he’s there. If what he says is true, I applaud the day you get bagged with a felony. Is hiring private security legal? I guess it’s at least a little more legal than tagging local businesses.

  102. [...] curious has unfolded on our Introduce Yourself page. First came a comment from Elle, a few weeks [...]

  103. YMFY says:

    There’s like 4 asians that live in the Mission. I’m one.

  104. shailesh says:

    Hoy, I’ve been living here for two years, reading this blog for about half that time, just found this page. I’m slow like that. Peirogi idea gets my vote. Also, more noodles in the mish.

  105. Hey there, I’m Schlomo.

    I used to own a bar in a different part of SF called House Of Shields, where the bike messengers drank starting at 2p before riding their fixies to Bender’s and Pop’s later in the day. And I’m close to closing a deal to put another bar in the hood. I also sometimes serve Banh Mi from my cushman (@BanhMiSF). I also live deep in the Mish across from an old catholic church to remind me that Latinos still live around here.

    Wanna go out and maybe we can fall in love?

  106. ron says:

    Hey, been reading mission mission for a while now.
    If anybody is ever around bartlett and twenty second and you see a dude painting in a garage with the door open (on bartlett street) that would be me. If you say please and thank you then you can come over anytime and chop it up as i work.

    Coffee am, Beer pm.
    Metal am, hip hop pm.

  107. I was born in San Francisco. Yes…a proud native and raised in the Mission District (24th and Mission, lived in the apartment right next to the Bart Station). I LOVE Mission Mission! More than happy to subscribe! Thanks so much for creating the blog!

  108. Paco Romane says:

    Just wanted to say “hello”. I am a company member of Killing My Lobster and saw you had our video on your site. Thanks!
    Also, I host and produce the comedy show The Romane Event at The Make-Out Room. Come by sometime and get your comedy on.
    Love the site.

  109. Hello. I am a writer and a teacher here in the Mission and I wanted to get the word out about a GED class I teach through the Mission Neighborhood Center. If you know anyone who needs their GED or who wants to volunteer as a tutor/mentor, drop me a line at


  110. I live in 24th &shotwell, LOVE, LOVE this blog.

    been following a LONG time.
    thank you, for being amazing.


  111. AriRenee says:

    Hello All! My name is Ariana, born and rasied in the mission for 22 years, now I am raisng my little one on Treat Ave as well. she was born with a view from St. Lukes of the Mission & the Bay Bridge. We are Mission Bosses through and through!
    I am also an SF based fashion designer inspired by what else? my life in the SF Mission. I would love your support please check out the link below:

  112. Hi folks -

    My name is Amandeep but everyone calls me ‘Deep. I’ve lived in the Mission since I discovered it in ’96.

    I’m all about making urban spaces the most vibrant, enjoyable and human places possible, and I love our particular slice o’ the planet. I’m doing my best to give back all the awesomeness that is the Mission & SF.

    I’m involved in a lot of of SF stuff (SF League of Conservation Voters, SF Bicycle Coalition), local stuff (Dolores Park Movie Night) and my own crazy activities (my flash mob dance parties: and my roving tricycle sound system – which you’ve probably heard blasting around our ‘hood and Dolores Park :-) (

    Rock On Mission Mission!

    - ‘deep

  113. [...] that guy introduced himself today on our Introduce Yourself page: Hi folks [...]

  114. Marisol says:

    Hello Mission Mission!
    I favorited this blog a long time ago and recently rediscovered it.
    My name is Marisol and I was born and raised in the Mission. I can’t imagine living anywhere else. I used to tell my parents I’d buy them a house to live in, so long as I get to keep the apartment, lol.
    My favorite thing about the Mission is the murals. I love looking for new ones.

  115. Caitlin says:

    I’m Caitlin and I live above the Orbit Room on Market Street. I am more likely to be found in the Mission than Hayes Valley or the Lower Haight because gravity pulls me downhill. I’m addicted to blogs and it’s a problem.

  116. sandeep says:

    mission mission, how i love you! what up? i’m sandeep…i would say ‘you can call me deep’, but it seems that moniker’s been taken by my desi brother on the badass tricycle. i’ve lived in the mission for three years and can’t live anywhere else (tried, failed, and i’m back!). i dig going to see music in the mission and do what i can to rock the fuck out. when not making a spicy food obsessed metalocalypse styled caricature of myself, i teach high school…and read mission mission.

  117. Call Me Ixion says:

    Hi: I drive a taxi, mostly on the weekends in the Mission.

  118. Geog says:

    Hi: I drive a taxi in the mission, mostly on the weekends. Call me Ixion.

  119. SCUM says:

    I am SCUM, I grew up in The City (since 1972) and I like PBR, whiskey, Motorhead, lengua, hockey and girls. Lets meet at a bar in the Mission and have a drink and shoot the shit.

  120. Debi says:

    Hi there!

    Just ran across your site- nice one! I live in the mission and just opened a bar a block from my house. Asiento at 21st and Bryant in the purple mural building.

    It is a place where neighbors meet and can enjoy yummy tapas and good drinks. Full bar, rocking sound system and fun, welcoming staff. And happy hour seven days a week :)

    Come by and check it out! Looking forward to meeting you.

  121. Hi Everyone!

    I’m Dorothy and I’m a San Francisco native!!. I went to grammar school on Army Street before it was re-named)! High school: Sacred Heart Cathedral. University of San Francisco Alumni. Yeah, I’m that home grown.

    I love Mission Mission!!


  122. Jesse says:


    My name is Jesse. 2nd year transplant from LA. I live Across the street from Pop’s bar and I like pizza. I’m probably not as cool as you, but that’s okay because we can still be friends.

    If you see hefty latino dude on a neon-green track bike….that’s me. Shout me a holler.


  123. Hello everyone–

    We are the Front Row, an all-girl sketch comedy troupe based here in the Bay Area. We are returning to our favorite venue, the Dark Room, on Saturday March 19th! We have a great show for you- it’s hosted by Kelly Anneken, with special guests Jesse Elias and Robin Higgins. Doors are at 10:30 and it’s $7 at the door.

    More info here:

    Hope to see Mission Mission readers there!

    The Front Row

  124. Will (supa-fly-dope ass missionite) says:

    Someone sent me a link to this site about 2 weeks ago… and I have come on here every day since… I live on 21st & San Carlos and I freakin’ love this blog…

    Rok the F on…


  125. Magali says:

    My name is Magali and I moved here from NY 2 months ago. I adore the Mission and run a blog of somewhat snarky illustrations about it – but the snark is only because I love the neighborhood so.

  126. pmr says:

    Hi HI HI
    I’m Pardon My Radio, covering live shows in SF, providing reviews and video from local acts and your favorite bands.
    Maybe one day my blog will be as big as yours!

  127. Tess says:

    Pleased to meet you all.
    I getting back to blogging about the Mission now that school is winding down for the semester. I take pictures of trash found on my street. At times, I post it to 311. Or I pick it up and dispose of it properly…or I donate it. Other times I take a pic of it. Sometimes I take pictures of places in SF and beyond on my cellphone too:
    Kind regards,

  128. Bubba Jude says:

    Greetings Missionites,

    I’ve wanted to live in the Mission for the last 15 years. My fiancee and I recently moved here from Santa Monica/Venice Beach, but we had to choose Berkeley (which is all-goodness) because she’s at UCB.

    That said, would it be possible to have probationary Missionite/Missionista status until we’re able to move to the ProMissioned Land? Took the BART to Dolores Park this morning just to get a quick sniff of that glorified Mission air…


  129. Bridge says:

    Hello there!
    I’m Bridge from Chicagoland and I stumbled upon MissionMission about a week ago. Last October, my husband and I took our first trip to San Francisco and we’ve been pining away for it ever since. For the time, I think I’ll just live vicariously through MissionMission until the day I can return to your beautiful town!

  130. MASQ says:

    Hi I usually destroyed every bathroom stall in the Mission.

  131. Natalia says:

    Hi I’m Natalia. My front tooth just got pull out and I’m I high in oxycodone. I love the mission but …. hipsters, or all the teenagers who didn’t live the 80′s, please, stop wearing stupid retro stuff.

  132. MarcusParcus says:

    Hey look some cool street art on Valencia!

  133. Hi I’m David and I’m helping Melody & Russ Stein who is remodeling the previous Il Cantuccio space in the Mission to become MOZZERIA.

    You can follow the Steins adventure at

    We all look forward to being part of the community!!!

  134. TheFrontRow says:

    Hello everyone–

    It’s us again- the Front Row, an all-girl sketch comedy troupe based here in the Bay Area! We are returning to Shotwell Studios on Saturday, Sept 10th at 8pm/doors at 7:30. Jesse Elias and David Gborie open the show. $5 at the door.

    Shotwell Studios:
    3252-A 19th St. (between Van Ness & Folsom), SF

    More info here:

    Hope to see Mission Mission readers there!

    The Front Row

  135. Meg says:

    Hi I’m Meg and I love everybody!

  136. Kierston says:

    Hello all! I’m Kierston and actually not a mission resident although I wish I was. Alas, I live in the Sunset but travel the 45 minute muni ride on the regular to the hipster kindgom and pretend.

  137. Marga says:

    Hi There. I’m Marga Gomez. I live in between the Mission and the Castro- the 2 parts of my persona. I do a solo comedy upstairs at the Marsh on Valencia at 22nd Thurs,Friday & Saturday nights thru October 23rd. In the middle of the show I open a window and yell out at all the youngins on the street. So don’t be scared if a Latina Lesbian yells out the window at you when you’re on the way to The Makeout Room.

  138. Hola a Todos,

    I’m a newbie Adult Services Librarian at your Mission Branch Library. I just wanted to invite everyone to come and check us out. There is no need to drop 30 bucks for a hard cover anymore. They are free to borrow with your SFPL library Card. We even have free ebooks that you can put in that thing called Kindle.

    But what I think is really cool about the Mission library right now is that we are doing a lot more programming for Adults. Recently, we hosted Lauren Davis, Collector and Editor of “The Comic Book Guide to the Mission”. It was an awesome program with many of the comic contributors on hand. Last weekend, we had a 8-piece Cuban Danzon Band right in the Adult Reading Room. There was some great dancing in and around the stacks!

    And, all these programs and materials are free so what’s not to like?

    Thanks for reading (literally!) and see you soon,


  139. Mish says:


    My name is Mish and I live in the Mish. So crAzY!

  140. Mozzeria has opened! New modern italian restaurant at 3228 16th St (@ Guerrero) opened on Friday. Now serving dinner Tuesday through Sundays. Menu reflects diversity – traditional & nontraditional pizzas out of wood-burning oven, pastas, small dishes, deserts, Wine Bar, local beers on tap, etc. come explore discover enjoy!

  141. Travis says:

    Oh I never saw this part… I lived in the Mission for my twenties, now I am in Berlin for my thirties. Dolores Burrito is terrible. Keep reminding me how great and scummy you all are, I love it!
    Yeah I don’t even lock my bike TO anything guys, just a cable lock through the front wheel and leave it on the sidewalk in front of my door. Well, to the side.

  142. miss california says:

    i’ve been in the mission since 1987, except for a period of about 5 years when i tried out other neighborhoods. i used to work at the york theater (RIP) in what i now refer to as little portland, back in the days when we had to wind our way through groups of people smoking crack to get in and out of the theater. i now live in the valencia corridor, which i sometimes refer to as little williamsburg. however, i love it. i loved it in 87 and i still love it. my favorite thing about the “new mission” is the mini parks (i don’t have a car and i don’t give a f**k about parking spaces being lost to these mini parks). my least favorite thing is the tank sized baby strollers on the sidewalks. i propose closing valencia to traffic, putting the bikes in the center and turning what is now the bike lane into a stroller lane so that people can actually walk on the sidewalks.

    nice to meet you.

  143. damian says:

    hello im damian..been in an out of :frisco(politically incorrect pronunciation to you purists)since 1967..haight first(ol haight -ashbury)mission for many years..haight back then was an extension of the fillmore district;and a largly black neighborhood..lived on haight/broderick in 1968 for $95 per month(back then the average rent)bus was just 15 was just 15 cents(down in the”mo”) friends are musicians;drinkers;ex-cons;and;some “out of this world”….was in the haight st. riots back in 1968(three days and nights)im a much nicer individual now/

  144. Scott James says:

    Hi Everyone! I’m an author living in the Mission. Working on making this dream happen: I’d love to hear from anyone doing something similar.

    @Allan- thanks for inventing MissionMission. It is all kinds of awesome.

  145. Hello everyone–

    We are the Front Row, an all-girl sketch comedy troupe based here in the Bay Area. We are returning to our favorite venue, the Dark Room, this Saturday 4/28 at 10:30pm! We’ve got Jesse Elias, DJ Real, and Joey Devine. Doors are at 10:00 and it’s $8 at the door or $6 online ( .

    More info here:

    Hope to see Mission Mission readers there!

    The Front Row

  146. moderniste says:

    Hi MM. I’ve been reading you all for like 3 years now and just ran across this “introduce yourself” thing.

    I was born in SF, grew up in Sacto, went to uni in Santa Cruz then moved to SF in 1991. I lived mostly in Duboce Park and the Castro until I moved to the Mission in 2001, to a big house full of well, lets call a spade a spade, *hipsters*, on Folsom btwn 20th and 21st. We had lots of parties, and had many, many bands play in our backyard and garage/basement.

    I live in the Lower Haight now. I was violently assaulted 6 years ago while walking home from work to my Mission abode. This was merely the straw that broke the camel’s back. I’d been growing extremely weary of the scariness of the Norteno/Sureno boundary zone that was my bus stop on Mission at 20th, and the sheer awfulness of thuggish drug dealers and pimps, and their desperate junky/crackhead customers and angry, abused hos who formed a noisy gauntlet every late night I had to walk home from work. Although I still love aspects of the Mission, the Lower Haight is the cheaper, safer kind of “secret”, or at least not as well publicized, cool neighborhood.

    So, reading your blog makes me feel like I’m still plugged into what’s happening in the Mission, and reading the comments is sometimes almost like being there.

    P.S. I have a blog (whoopee) full of rants and raves.

  147. Ms. Towers says:

    Hola! I’ve lived in the Mission for 17 years as of this month, except the year I spent in HAFC rehab on Treasure Island (which is still in District 6).

    People were talking about how much the Mission had gentrified when I moved here in 1995, and by now I bet there’s not a single joint on Valencia that will give you food poisoning for free. You probably spend more on coffee each week than I make in an hour, but I worked for Netscape, so you’re welcome.

    I was probably a hipster until I quit drinking, and yes, the Mission is still a great place to live even if you don’t enjoy hangovers.

  148. Blair G says:

    Allan, hi. We just me each other (again) at ping pong at Dear Mom. Thanks for doing such a bang-up job with this blog. I’ve been reading it for months. Love it!

  149. Emily says:

    I am Emily. I don’t live in the Mission, but I spend more time there than anywhere else. I talk about veganism probably too much and drink too much beer. But the good thing is that I’m selective about my veganism and my beer consumption? Whatever you tell yourself, I guess….

  150. _g says:

    The SFMOMA is closing for 3 years starting in less than a year. No big deal. Valencia street is becoming a modern art museum Sunday July 1st when it features 49+ framed pieces of original work, all _gIFTs to this neighborhood we love.

    Want to get involved? Leave a comment!

  151. Katie says:

    Hi, I’m katie. I just want to apologize to the girl at the door of El Rio. I gave you a really hard time friday night and may have gotten myself kicked out for life… I blame the beermate… and the gimletmate. But i really am sorry.

  152. William D. says:

    Hiya there, I’m William. I’m a hooker and I live in the Sunset. I LOVE this blog. Not sure how I discovered it, but damn I love it. I come to the Mission daily for sun and heat (the Sunset has none, like, ever), bananas from Casa Guadalupe (3 pounds for a dollar if ripe) and you know, to give ‘massages’.

  153. Jasy B says:

    Hello everyone!!! I have a new fashion truck will be posted at different SF locations hoping to be in the Mission District quite frequent…I hope you ladies will come shop Jasy B….Love reading the articles and posts…I love the area as my parents were born and raised on Shotwell. I was born and raised on South Van Ness…So a little part of my heart will always be around…
    Jasy B

  154. mtk says:


    I lived in the Mission from 1993 to 1997 and painted murals and read poetry and did art there. I worked on Clarion Alley with Rigo and Aaron and crashed there a lot, too.

    I also briefly worked the door for and helped with the dawn of Dalva in ’94. I was at the Tuesday night Elbo Room sessions of Charlie Hunter Trio that year, too which was sublime.

    I wrote a novel in which the Mission is a significant character in a way, but it wasn’t very good.

    I miss things which don’t exist and explore the nw arrivals with trepidation, but begrudging acceptance – things change.

    cranky though about it.

    miss my first $400/month apartment in SF, my first home in the years I became a man … which will always have been in the Mission.



  155. Jason G. says:

    I’m Jason and I live in SOMA but seem to end up on 24th Street at St Francis or Humphrey Slocombe way too often. I read this blog daily and have even been known to show it to students at the school where I work as they are likely more your demographic than my old ass. I started a blog about San Francisco recently at I figured there just weren’t enough out there…

  156. Jordan says:

    Hi Folks,

    I’m Jordan and I work at Paxton Gate. I don’t live in the Mission but I work here and feel some sense of responsibility to keep an eye on things for the betterment of the neighborhood. At any rate I enjoy people watching, drinking too much coffee, and drinking too much in general. You can find me at Giordanos every Monday blowing off steam.

  157. Agnes C says:


    Moved to SF in 2001 for college. Jumped back and forth between here and Oaktown a few times. Now in the city and counting over 10 years cumulative in the city. Boy howdy how it’s changing.

    After working for small businesses all over I realized the only hope of every making ends meet was to strike out on my own. I do dog walking and pet sitting in the Castro, Noe Valley, Mission, Glen Park, and Bernal. I walk the woofs and cuddle the meows while you’re away. And despite all the bellyaching, I not so secretly like the hipsters and tech folk.

    Check me out on

  158. Brel says:

    Hello! My name is Brel and I’m a teacher at the Reset Foundation, a new school in San Francisco. Reset San Francisco offers an education and career program for young men ages 17-26 who need a high school diploma.
    We offer students:
    • Accelerated credit recovery and high school diplomas
    • Career training and employer connections
    • Leadership development
    • Personal mentors
    • Lunch & Transportation passes
    and last but not least, life skills that will keep you alive and free!
    Come visit us any weekday at the Goodwill Building at 1500 Mission Street. Come meet the team and learn how we can support you to achieve your goals.
    Call 510-621-4022 to set up a visit Monday-Friday between 8:00am-3:30 PM.
    Or apply online at

    Please help spread the word about us, and tell any young man you know about us who would benefit from our program!

  159. Abby says:

    Hey I’m Abby,

    I love you guys. I once saw Allan at Dear Mom (but I was kinda drunk) and had trouble putting a face to the name. Never again!

    Can I work for you guys? Write? Photos? Support some how. I have a full time job, but I walk the mission streets daily soaking in the sights, sounds, smells (let me stress the smells) and would love to help generate content as a passionate hobby.

    xox Cheers – Abby

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