Do people in the Tenderloin use the Internet?

Some print publication wanted to know:

[via Janebook, who tagged this item "KRESHNA KOUMA KEEPS IT REAL"]

Acid is back

Janebook all but confirms it:

Jane: What are you doing tonight, want to go to that warehouse show?
Joe: Probably just going to Homestead. Gotta stay in the Mission, big day tomorrow.
Jane: Ooooh, what’s happening tomorrow?
Joe: Me and that guy Dan got some acid.

Huzzah! Let’s get fucked up!

[Photo by O.G. Old English]

A Good Samaritan Tries to Return a Lost Item at the Front Desk at the Goddamn Public Library

Janebook is about to rile you up:

Earlier today I was totally distracted and left my phone on top of a paper towel dispenser in the restroom at the Public Library on 24th Street. Realized a few minutes later, ran back down to look for it and it was gone. I went to ask the lady at the desk if anyone had turned it in and she said nobody had turned anything in that day. Honestly I wasn’t expecting anything so I wasn’t too surprised, just assumed someone had taken it, and was at least consoled by the fact that, were this the case, they wouldn’t gain much from selling it as it’s a first generation iPhone that’s three years old and has a shattered screen among myriad other problems. So imagine my surprise when I get home and go on Facebook to see that two of my friends have messaged me saying that a guy called them saying he found my phone and wants to return it. So I call the guy, arrange to meet up with him. He’s incredibly nice, refuses to take the reward money I offer him, but here’s the fucked up part. He tells me that after he found it, he tried to turn it in at the front desk of the library, but the lady told him “I’m busy right now. Just take it.”

Yo, that’s fucked up! Either the SFPL needs to hold a bake sale so they can afford to hire some decent people, or dudes are going to ever-crazier lengths to meet Jane in person. Read on.

[Photo by Carina]

Modern Love 2011

I love that David Bowie song “Modern Love,” but I think it’s time Janebook and her pals produce a remix, incorporating some of the decidedly even more modern stuff seen here, in this excerpt from a post called “The Modern SF Love Story”:

K: We should write the modern love story:  a tale full of riveting texts, unbelievable tweets, and dive bars with views of Tecate waterfalls.

J: Long afternoons in Dolores Park, gossiping about people sitting 20 feet away. The buzzing of exterior gates at 2:43am.

K: 1964, the big Royal Ball. Epic battles between track bike riders and people with vintage city bikes.

J: A duel outside of Pop’s in the late summer afternoon heat…

K: … people watching in suspense from the windows of St. Francis.

J: Two lovers separated in a sea of Debaser flannel.

That’s how it ends. Super poetic. But the beginning is great too. Read it all.

[Photo by Carina]

Freeman's Sporting Club Coming to Valencia Street

The Denim Maven, one of our favorite tipsters, tells us NYC-based Freeman’s Sporting Club is about to open up its third shop, at 18th and Valencia in the space recently vacated by Amore Animal Supply. From the Freeman’s “about” page:

F.S.C. was established to pay tribute to the vanishing art of American handmade goods, the quality and durability inherent to something made by skilled artisans. These tenets form the foundation on which Freemans Sporting Club is built.

Based on 18th and 19th century sutleries, which were expeditionary general stores that offered the paramount essentials to settlers and soldiers. F.S.C. offers a roughly hewn yet refined reinterpretation of this bygone era, one in which a man’s garments were made to be both functional and long lasting.

Sounds like a good fit for a modernified frontier city like SF!

Note: When I first read “Freeman’s Sporting Club” in the subject of the D. Maven’s email, I was sooo hoping it had something to do with ping pong. Alas.

UPDATE: Jane dug up some better pics than the one above:

These are from their current Lookbook which seems to be based off of Mission Stereotypes. There are many more, but here’s ‘skater/tagger,’ ‘bike messenger’ and my personal favorite ‘yuppie DILF.’ LMAO. These folks already have the Jane seal of approval.

Good work, Jane!

Hipsters as a Consciously Formed Legitimate Subculture

Janebook examines a hypothesis put forth by one of her readers:

Do people really see hipsters as a legitimate subculture that individuals got together and consciously formed? Like, around 2002 all these dudes who got picked on by jocks in high school all got together around this big round table and were like, “Modern culture is fucked! Let’s make our own, where we wear trucker hats and Buddy Holly glasses and sweaters that are too small, drink shitty domestic beer and nerd out over records! That’ll show ‘em!” And then they recruited people and did their thing, then they all reconvened in 2004 like, “OK guys, new rules” [...]

Read on for 2004′s new rules and more.

[Photo by Primo]

Houseful of Awful Losers

Hey, Janebook, throw some reality on our ass, right now:

why is it that EVERY CHEAP ROOM IN THE MISSION is in a houseful of awful losers who won’t let any alcohol or meat in the house or even outdoor-only smoking, won’t let a potential roommate’s significant other spend the night and insist on obnoxious anal retentive policies like weekly house meetings and fucking … chore wheels?

Right!? Fucking chore wheels? It just gets better: read on.

[Photo courtesy of Hippy Kitchens]


Room 4 Rent: All Roommates Wear Black-Framed Glasses

Bulleit and Coke in a Can!

In England only :(

Janebook, esteemed local authority on canned cocktails, reacts:


Hey, Foodie!

Janebook isn’t impressed:

it seems like every pretentious idiot i meet these days seems to refer to him or herself as a “foodie” in a manner not dissimilar to the way in which awkward mainstream bros start self-identifying as hipsters the minute they buy an animal collective album or the third american apparel flex fleece sweatshirt (i shouldn’t even have to say this but COME ON, so 2005) enters their wardrobe.

Sure, this line of criticism might be a little 2005 too, but do read on.

[Photo by Jesse Friedman.]

BART Dick vs. Muni Dick

Jane over at Janebook was the victim of a legit sex crime the other night, but at least she managed to pull a great blog entry out of the ordeal. It starts with this screen shot of a Facebook conversation:

And after that, she charts “types of dick exposure from least classy to classiest.” Read on if you’re dying to know where N-Judah dick ranks. (No Greg Dewar jokes, please.)