The Mission's 'Neighborhood Game Changer'

Eater SF says it’s the Summit, a new cafe/living room/place to hang out:

The whole shall be greater than the sum of its parts at ex-Poleng owner Desi Danganan‘s new “third space” concept. And those parts are a counter-serviced, brasserie-inspired menu; an art gallery, Blue Bottle coffee, a pastry program with rotating guest chefs and an event venue all wrapped in a designy space shared with business startup incubator i/o ventures.

Read on for more about the Summit and game changers in six other neighborhoods.

Photos by The Summit’s Blog.

Mission Flashback: Hoodlums Raid Saloon on Mission Road


Mark of Death Wish 3 sent us in this tip:

I came across a Chronicle article from 1891 about “mission hoodlums” raiding a bar and stealing three kegs of beer, then hiding their contraband in a barn in Bernal Heights.  so good.

This is definitely good stuff.  First, I am really happy to see Mission referred to as “Mission Road.”  Argh.  You can always spot a transplant in this town by them uttering the words “Mission St.”  I am also digging the picture of the sergeant making “one of the oldest officers on the force” roll the beer barrels up the hill all by himself.  Way to be a dick.

The Police Discover the Plunder in a Barn on Bernal Heights.

A gang of Mission hoodlums made a raid last Saturday night upon Hermann’s saloon, on the Mission road, carrying away three barrels of beer, which they secreted in a barn belonging to a man named Bell, on the very summit of Bernal Heights. For some reason the circumstances of the theft was kept from the police until Tuesday morning, when Sergeant Burke received knowledge of the affair in an indirect manner, and for his own information made an investigation of the robbery.

rolling kegsYesterday Sergeant Burke had occasion to visit Bernal Heights to investigate some depredation recently commited there. While taking observations he happened to be in the vicinity of Bell’s barn, and something prompted him to take a peep inside, where, to his surprise, he espied the identical three barrels of beer snugly secreted in one corner of the barn.

Satisfying himself that it was Hermann’s property the sergeant summoned the owner to identify the property,and at the same time rang in for the patrol wagon to remove it to the Seventeenth-street station as evidence.

During the sergeant’s absence, however, the barrels were rolled out of the barn and slid down the steep hillside to the gulch below.

When he returned with Hermann he observed the furrows cut into the ground by the barrels. Hermann and the sergeant descended to the gulch and there the owner fully identified his property.

While in the gulch below the patrol wagon arrived at Bell’s barn on top of the hill, accompanied by Officer Gallagher, one of the oldest officers on the force. To get the wagon into the gulch below was out of the question, so the sergeant directed Gallagher to roll the three barrels of beer up the hillside to the wagon, where, with the assistance of the driver, they were loaded into the wagon and transferred to the Seventeenth-street station.


Tonight: What If Globalization Were Stopped?

Mission Mission pal Norm invites us to tonight’s screening of What Would It Mean to Win? at ATA:

Filmed on the blockades at the G8 summit in Heiligendamm, Germany in June 2007. In their first collaborative film Zanny Begg and Oliver Ressler focus on the current state of the counter-globalisation movement in a project which grows out of both artists’ preoccupation with globalisation and its discontents. The film, which combines documentary footage, interviews, and animation sequences, is structured around three questions pertinent to the movement: Who are we? What is our power? What would it mean to win?

Find out tonight. Only $6. Link.

Photo of riot police at Heiligendamm last year by paper_riot.