Asians taking our jobs, street art space

It’s true! We love rice and really do wear those funny hats.

[Photo by Steve L, by 30th and Mission Walgreens]

It’s my party and I’ll look totally bummed out if I want to

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Just so everyone knows, Walgreens at 23rd/Mission is your one-stop shop for all your birthday poster needs.

SF Guardian Angels Pouring Out Perfectly Good Beers at 'Delores Park'

Aw, hell naw:

The highlight of the night was pouring out beers for drinking in public, but that’s OK because these bad guys respected us for doing it, they knew this was breaking the law.

The question is, what kind of beers? Hopefully no local microbrews.

All this comes from their latest patrol report. The report also indicates that they accosted and handcuffed a kid for MUNI fare evasion. Apparently, it’s ok to slap handcuffs on a total stranger. If I wasn’t such a pussy, I might be inclined to say something slightly unflattering about these guys.

[via San Francisco Citizen]

Update: Our pal Joshua comments:

actually it looks like they handcuffed one of their own incognito. Then again, their writing is so god-awful I can’t really tell what they’re trying to say.


Guardian Angels Patrol Walgreens, Call Vic Wong a Pussy

Eroding Consumer (Confidence)

Ominous Walgreens Ad

I don’t know what it is about this Walgreens window ad, but for some reason I don’t really . . . want what they . . . oh, it’s because the parents’ faces are melted off.

Your Parents Could Be This Gross

Maybe they’re advertising those sunglasses from They Live.

Titillating Window Display at Walgreens

Al says:

Walgreens is getting pervy! They ‘claim’ it helps posture and cinches the waist. 23rd & Mission.

Thanks, Al!


Strangulation Fetish Meets Female Mannequin

Sirron Norris Studio Bricked

Lydia Chávez at Mission Loc@l reports that a brick was hurled through the window of the Sirron Norris Studio on Valencia Street.

Lame for sure.

Source of the photo and the rest of the story here.

Also from Mission Loc@l, a new Reyes piece in the making on the Walgreens at 23rd and Mission.

Sirron Norris was previously covered on Mission Mission here.

Spring is Here

…according to Mollie C, whose photo here makes me want to sprint to the nearest Walgreens and load up on Advil Allergy Sinus. How’s everybody feel?

Reforestation at Mission and Chavez: Palm Trees for New Walgreens

Pretty! Reader Eric D. tells us they come courtesy of Friends of the Urban Forest. Thanks, all!

Set Phasers To Baffle

Sexpigeon puzzled over this mural today. I’m going to take a gamble and assume that it’s on the side of the Walgreens on 16th based on the flanking photos in the stream.

Oddly, I learned new things about both Elvis and and Patrick Stewart today before seeing this. Coincidence or cosmic anomaly?

  1. Jailhouse Rock alludes to prison rape “Number 47 said to number 3, You’re the cutest jailbird I ever did see…”
  2. Patrick Stewart explains why, unlike his ex-Starfleet comrades, he doesn’t twitter.

Bonus video of Patrick Stewart acting like a total perv on Extras:

New Walgreens Reveals Future Color Scheme

Oh no. Oh no, no, no. You’re mucking this up terribly. Was that chilly white just a base coat? You were looking as beautiful as a Banana Republic. Must you really dress yourself as a Tex-Mex children’s hospital? Please reconsider.

From Sexpigeon, an update on the Walgreens-in-progress on Cesar Chavez/Mission.

I must say, I agree with the criticism so far.  However! I’m feeling positive toward 2k10 and all that it may bring.  Perhaps our new Walgreens will end up looking like a pimp pastel Mondrian?