FBI joins SFPD in hunt for serial rapist; new video and sketch released; $25,000 reward offered

There’s the guy. And here he is caught on video:

Mission Local reports:

San Francisco Police Commander Michael Biel announced to hundreds of community members on Wednesday that the City is offering a $25,000 reward in the investigation of two “brutal” sexual assaults that happened on 24th Street. The first assault occurred on Nov. 18, the second on Dec. 8.

“The attacks keep getting worse,” Biel told reporters. “We have someone who is very dangerous to the community.” The police department is working with the FBI on the investigation, he said.

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38 Responses to “FBI joins SFPD in hunt for serial rapist; new video and sketch released; $25,000 reward offered”

  1. That looks like at least 25% of the people I see on BART. Seriously, why do all you fuckers wear hoodies?

  2. Bill Murray says:

    Oh yea, that guy should be easy to find. Just drive down Third st.

  3. why says:

    can’t we hurry up and finish the gentrification of SF so we can worry less about these ethnic types…

  4. pitt@nysfu.com says:

    These fuckers wear hoodies to intimidate you. They swagger down the street thinking that they’re hot shit instead of the ghetto welfare leeching trash they are. Fuck them.

    • paulina says:

      what the fuck this is ONE GUY. ghetto welfare leeching trash? seriously? how much of a racist hater are you?

      • Ha! says:

        Well, PAULINA, ‘pitt@nysfu.com’ has a valid point, these people ACTUALLY are low life, opportunistic, ghetto welfare pieces of human garbage that do nothing but try to scare,hurt,and often intimidate people. I hate people like yourself who think someone is racist because they stereotype people,and you know that ‘shadier characters’, even if they’re fucking whiter than my ass, are still going to be stereotyped. Everybody does it, that’s Human fucking nature. Wow,’racist hater’? Really? Ridiculous.

    • Yeah, because if there’s one article of clothing that’s universally acknowledged to cause knee-shaking fear in white people, it’s the zippered hooded sweat jacket.

  5. Mari says:

    Ok, a hoodie really intimidates you? and why are most of the comments on here are racist and classist? wonder if the drawing looked more “white looking” if those comments would appear… oh and for the Why person…. about the “ethnic types” the first people who committed the crimes of rape in San Francisco were White people who raped Native women… ya’ll sound like mostly men of class privilege and of white privilege… think about the innocent women who are scared to walk the streets because of the culture that is created where someone grows up thinking its okay to rape a woman!

    • thanks says:

      if your reverse racism goes far enough to the point of defending a rapist, it might be time to take a step back and gain some perspective.

      white people have done a lot of fucked of stuff, but to blame all white for the actions of a rapist makes you sound about as tolerant and intelligent as someone who blames all black people for the actions of a rapist.

    • tc says:

      Wow, what kind of quantum extradimensional worm hole in your mind finds a link between a rapist on the loose and SF white privilege. WTF lady, shame on you.

    • LalaLand says:

      Ever heard of the ‘White Flight’, look it up. There should be an ‘Asian Flight’. Asians leave the neighborhood when it’s becoming ghetto. That’s a fact.

    • anonymouse says:

      i am totally ok with my comments being racist and classist. dude looks tan

  6. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    Why would anyone be intimidated by a hooded sweatshirt?

  7. Lauren says:

    I expected that readers from this site where mostly privileged but reading these comments, it cemented that most of you are also entitled. Most comments don’t even mention the victims. Most do mention racial stereotypes & fashion. But then again its typical of contemporary SF.

    • erp says:

      “most of you are also entitled. Most comments don’t even mention the victims. Most do mention racial stereotypes & fashion.”

      actually, none of them mentioned the victims. what a bunch of fuckin worthless pussies.

      just for the record, @Why was being facetious. one hopes, at least.

    • thanks says:

      we are all privileged with the ability to write intelligible sentences.

  8. KeepitNContext says:


  9. Seriously says:

    Oh my fucking god, people of the internet. You can not stop being whiny, argumentative little fucks when facing news of rapist so brutal that the FBI has gotten involved? Could you be more narcissistic or self-centered? Who cares if these women are still in the hospital, I need to prove how witty and smart I am at all costs and at every opportunity! PAY ATTENTION TO ME!

  10. Ulsterdom says:

    The black community really needs to address the violence that their young men are perpetuating. Sure white, latinos, and asians commit crimes. But an overwhelming amount of blacks commit far more violent crimes in San Francisco considering they only represent about 8% of the population. Believe me…ask any cop and they’ll tell you the same. Ask a cab driver if they ever go to Hunters Point or Bayview. And to those who think of calling me a racist…ask yourself – a black guy in a black hoodie, saggy pants – 3am coming towards you in a dark street – tell me you’re not going to think twice about crossing the street…

    • thanks says:

      the lady above, who blamed white people for the rapes, you and her should hang out. with her blind hatred of white people and your blind hatred of black people, it would be like a classic sitcom.

    • why says:

      wow – at least my response was just an attempt at a joke in very bad taste…

  11. You All Are Stupid says:

    This is the most depressing comment thread I have ever read. I’m mad at myself for reading it. You are all fools.

    Every race rapes. EVERY RACE. If any man is coming towards me – in the dark at 3am – in a hoodie – in a business suit for that matter -I cross the street.

    Here, fools:

    The white community really needs to address the violence that their young men are perpetuating.

  12. brownmama says:

    Been threatened with knives, gun and sexually assaulted, separate incidents.
    Each time by a clean-cut white man. We all have potential to harm or help. Make the brave choice.

  13. lolol says:

    You guys are tight!

  14. Franki says:

    I’ve been stalked by a black man whispering crazy, sexual things while walking in the SOMA — it was scary enough that I ran into a supermarket to hide. I’ve been harassed by a white guy on Muni. My friend was jumped and mugged by three Asian WOMEN in Daly City.

    And they were all wearing hoodies.

    I think it’s safe to say that any race is capable of anything, it just depends on what race is the majority of POOR/POVERTY in that city. It’s not that the person committing violent crimes is black, white, asian, etc. It’s the fact that they come from a violent background!
    I’m not sure what my experiences says about hoodies, though…you gotta admit, they do seem to be the uniform of choice for muggers, rapists, etc.

  15. LalaLand says:

    Well, back in the day..yes whites raped natives. But, uh we’re talking about now. In the 21st century, living in the U.S many people who commit crimes are either black or brown, and that’s a given fact, especially a lot of blacks I encountered have attitudes in the 9 San Bruno. They even talk shit to Asians in the bus and push them around. Many white males are serial killers, and that’s also a fact. What is white anyways, if you look at the U.S census, North Africans and Middle Easterns are considered white and people in that side of the world treat women like crap.

  16. Sadie says:

    Okay can we get back on track here…any news of the rapist? Is he still at large?

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    • Sweet T says:

      I really don’t want to believe this is a spam bot. I’d prefer it was the mostly insane, but sometimes mysteriously prolific and revealing, ramblings of the senile black matriarch character in the debut novel of a fresh young Southern writer.

    • Kathy says:

      Hi Mary, I am going to write you a letter and send you pictures. Please email me from your nieces computer or from a Library. Thanks. Kathy.