Long line for free ice cream sandwiches at new ice cream sandwich shop on 16th Street

It’s called CREAM, which is a Wu-Tang reference, and it’s originally from Berkeley I think. Eater SF has lots more info here.

(CREAM is a fine name, but I think they could’ve come up with something better had they gotten lost in the mystery of the Wu-Tang name generator.)

(Here now are the Wu-Tang names of every current Mission Mission contributor:

  • Allan Hough = Eight-legged DJ
  • Andrew Sarkarati = Inscrutable Drama Queen
  • Ariel Dovas = My Cousin the Wife-Beatah
  • Vic Wong = Cheeky Delinquent
  • Helen Tseng = Superintendent God-Botherer
  • Kat Malinowska = Lesbian Pimp
  • Doc Pop = Dizzy Cow
  • Andrew Dalton = Asthmatic Enemy of God
  • Joshua Cobos = Tha Visible Choirboy

Cool, that was fun. I think Helen wins. Again.)

[via Rebecca Bowe]

14 Responses to “Long line for free ice cream sandwiches at new ice cream sandwich shop on 16th Street”

  1. Dizzy Cow says:

    We braved that line, it only took about 20 minutes to move through. Not bad. The sandwiches were good, but I wish they were smaller. Good ice cream, good cookies, but just a little hard to eat.

  2. m says:

    CREAM was one of the best parts of living in Berkeley (and I love Berkeley). Different kind of line, though. College students in Berkeley / Turds who wait in lines just to wait in lines in SF. Great place, though.

    • m says:

      Also, the Berkeley lines were typically night-time drunk lines. Not day time lines where people were joining simply because they saw an opportunity to join a line. Nu Marina.

    • umm says:

      it’s amazing how in the same comment you point out about how you used to wait in line for some fucking ice cream thing, then proceed to get all condescending about other people who wait for the same ice cream thing.

  3. scum says:

    Walked by that douchefest shitshow on Saturday. A dj spinning crappy noise and some frat looking dudes thuggin and muggin.

  4. tk says:

    Never underestimate the willingness of San Franciscans to wait in line for anything, whether they want it or not.

    Midnight Knight

  5. Greg says:

    Rubes being Rubes.

  6. Wacko Lover says:

    The name generator knows me so well!

  7. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    I got “Sheepish Lord of Chaos”, which is kind of shockingly accurate. Wacky. The other site gave me “Gentleman Genius”, which is flattering, if less entertaining.

  8. kiya says:

    This is by the same owners of It’s-It, they know a few things about ice cream sandwiches.

  9. Joshua says:


  10. Robert says:

    Walked by this Monday around 3PM. There was a security guard watching all the kids out front. He said he was hired because CREAM had been having “issues”. Why does Cream need security and Bi-Rite does not?