TCB Courier Unveils Service Area Map and Pricing

I’m pretty upset that they will not deliver to my yacht parked in the middle of the Bay, but this is still pretty sweet:


Regarding the map (warning: PDF):

we will deliver to you if you’re even remotely close to the zone..  this is just to discourage 3am deliveries to the zoo

but we will do it . if someone wants to pay

Who wants to go halfsies on an order of Zante’s delivered to the grizzly bear enclosure?

(Full Pricing and Map details from TCB Courier)

6 Responses to “TCB Courier Unveils Service Area Map and Pricing”

  1. wat says:

    zante’s delivers to the whole city. i’ve had them deliver to california & drumm late at night.

  2. mcas says:

    Love these guys, but it seems like a missed market opportunity to not include Noe Valley- people with babies always need delivery- and obviously have money.

  3. I’m sure Elvis Presley Enterprises would like to have a word with you about the name and logo, eh?

  4. weeb says:

    just had delicious pizza delivered to me tonight!

    he was cute, too…

  5. Berry says:

    nothing beats the flavor of a beef roast cooked in a bath of spaghetti sauce. the lawmaker said 28 million boxes of kellogg cereal were being recalled after about 20 people each bar contains 90 calories.