Two cans of vintage Four Loko up for grabs to the highest bidder

Reader Krissy P. alerts us to this hot item:

2 cans vintage 2010 4 Loko caffeine + alcohol (mission district)

I have two cans of vintage 2010 Four Loko. This is the original formula, chock-full of alcohol, taurine, and caffeine–so powerful the FDA banned it. This is the original Tiger Blood, nevermind 7 gram rocks, Charlie Sheen was shotgunning cans of this stuff. I have one can of Lemon Lime flavor and one can of Lemonade flavor. They’ll be refrigerated and ready for consumption. Best offer gets ‘em. 21+ only please

I wonder why they’re unloading ‘em already. Think how much they’ll be worth in five years! (Maybe they really really need a seven-gram rock.) [link]

Thanks, Krissy!

UPDATE: There’s also a big feature and interview with Four Loko’s founders making the rounds today. It’s hell of long.

3 Responses to “Two cans of vintage Four Loko up for grabs to the highest bidder”

  1. TruDat says:

    I have cases of the stuff in my van. It is like catnip to high school chicks!

  2. SCUM says:

    Selling outlawed hooch will get you in federal trouble btw.

    • SCUM says:

      MAHWAH, N.J. (WABC) — Police in northern New Jersey say they’ve arrested three women for selling the alcohol energy drink Four Loko to undercover officers.

      Mahwah detectives posing as college students responded to an advertisement on the Craigslist website. They set up a meeting Tuesday near the Ramapo College campus to purchase three cases of Four Loko for $335.

      The women, ages 20 to 23, were charged with selling an alcoholic beverage without a state license. They were released pending a municipal court hearing.