Rice dog

The culinary geniuses at Lucky Peach just invented something new. Here’s what it’s all about:

If you’re anything like me, you sometimes get hungry. My solution for this is usually giving money to stores or restaurants that already have food that they are willing to trade, but last night I decided to switch it up by preparing a meal for myself! I started with one of the only dishes I can make: rice. On a hunch, I decided to put it into a hot dog bun. And now with this exclusive recipe, you can too!

Sounds good! Read on for the full recipe.

And now, please enjoy this selection of original recipes by the Mission Mission crew:

This is a pretty clever Coors Light ad, c’mon

[via SF Weekly]

Drink of the Week: The ‘Fernet About It’ at VSR

It’s Fernet, vermouth, agave and orange bitters I think? A nice lady at the bar recommended it and it was awesome. (Not quite as good as Fernet all by itself, but it was a nice change of pace last night.)

(And yeah, I just called Virgil’s Sea Room “VSR.”)

Now let’s rock:

Wes of Wes Burger and his brother Walker announce Uncle Brother’s Chicken!

It’s a Wes Burger-style popup, but FRIED CHICKEN! Here’s the deal:

I am excited to announce my new pop-up/collaboration with my brother Walker. Starting this Tuesday we will be serving a weekly rotating menu of different fried chicken styles from around the world. Come check us out at The Residence Tuesday nights 6-10pm

Can’t wait! Follow Uncle Brother’s on Facebook to stay in the loop.

The ‘best burrito in the city’ is facing eviction

Three years ago, Mission Mission’s Andrew Sarkarati proclaimed the plantain burrito at Cuco’s the best burrito in SF. (It was controversial both because any blog post involving burritos is controversial and because Cuco’s is located not in the Mission but in the Lower Haight.) It’s a really excellent burrito.

Cuco’s has been threatened with eviction before, but this time it looks like the landlord really means business. Hoodline reports:

Two months ago, we reported that tenants of a building at Haight and Fillmore had received a letter from their landlord outlining strict criteria for living at the address, including a minimum annual salary of $100,000 and credit score of at least 725. That story ignited a firestorm of attention, and the landlord, who was soon identified by various media outlets as Robert Shelton, quickly retracted his letter.

Now it seems he’s turning his attention to the ground floor tenants at Cuco’s.

In a letter postmarked June 24th, an attorney for Shelton informed Cuco’s owners Domingo and Carmen Campos that the restaurant had to shut down within thirty days.

Read on for more info and photos of the letters from the landlord.

Burger field/burrito field

These are by Rabbit at Rest. There are hot dogs and pizza too.

A bevy of awesome-looking Latin American dishes on Mission Chinese Food’s Instagram

Dang. I guess MCF sister restaurant Mission Cantina (in NYC) was on semi-hiatus or something, but now maybe they’re back popup-style?

Anyway, read the descriptions and keep up-to-date here: Mission Chinese Food’s Instagram

What are the best margaritas in SF?

This one I had at Jay ‘n’ Bee the other day was pretty killer, but it didn’t make SFist‘s list of the 10 best in SF. The Mission is well represented though. West of Pecos, Puerto Allegre and Latin American Club made the cut, and here’s what contributor Whitney Phaneuf has to say about the frozen offering at Mosto:

Frozen margarita lovers like me — who have been sipping on the rocks in fear of dirty looks from the snobby cocktail crowd — will feel no shame at Mosto. Led by Danny Louie of Alembic fame, the tequila bar next door to Tacolicious blends the classiest frozen margarita in town. Served in a a martini glass, Mosto’s version is as tart as its rocks counterparts and features high-quality tequila, agave, and lime. It’s been known to convert even the most on the rocks purists.

I like ‘em both ways, but I often lament that frozen isn’t often an option at SF bars, so this is good to know. Read on for write-ups on the other nine.

Here’s a veggie sandwich from Pal’s Take Away hanging out at Precita Park

And they’re available every day! You can get one of these whenever you want! Yum!!!

[via Lizzy]

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