Ma Po Tofu ‘n’ Burger Rings, a recipe

What you’ll need:

  • 1 order of Ma Po Tofu from Mission Chinese Food
  • 1 bag of Burger Rings


  1. Next time you’re in Australia, bring back a bag of Burger Rings.
  2. Then get an order of Ma Po Tofu from Mission Chinese Food.
  3. Eat them side by side.
  4. Enjoy how well they go together.
  5. Thank me when you’re grateful.

Now please also enjoy some other recipes I wrote…

No more dinner hours at St. Francis Fountain means where should I get a burger around here?

KronnerBurger or somebody should do an after-hours popup at Dynamo Donuts, right?

But more importantly, having a casual dinner at St. Francis was always so fun and chill, and I’m sorry I took it for granted, and I hope it comes back again some day, and if not it will live on forever in my heart.)

(And I obviously still prefer it to Boogaloos.)

(Thanks for the photo, Jess.)

The ‘Mission Hamburguesa’

The Mission Chinese Food Instagram account posted this photo with the caption:

Mission hamburguesa gen. 1

All beef patty, guacamole, shredded lettuce, special sauce, jalapeño pickles. SOON

Unclear whether this is exclusive to one of their NYC outlets or not, but, damn.


Drink of the Week: Chilled shots of Midori

It’s actually really horrible, but it’s festive, and I like this picture.

Burrito rules

Set off by this photo of an Englishman eating a burrito with a knife and fork, Burrito Justice got to work on a formal system of “Burrito Law.” Here’s are the first two statutes:

  1. if you pull off all the foil, it is no longer a burrito
  2. if you touch it with a knife and fork, it is no longer a burrito

Read on for the full story and the rest of the statutes.

KronnerBurger? More like BonerBurger [NSFW]

Also, KronnerBurger is open for business btw.

[via Porous Walker]

Fun with shrimp chips

Next level shrimp chip animation right here. This piece is entitled: Love at first bite. 👯👀👅💦

A video posted by Katie & Valerie (@ricepapersf) on

The best latkes in the Mission

The only problem is, you’re gonna have to make them yourself. (Or befriend Ariel Dovas or his mom Barbara.) (I was out of town for their annual Hanukkah party this past year and it was a total bummer.)

This month Lucky Peach started a new series called We Love Mom, about great food our moms make. For each installment, they get a kid to write a little intro about one of their mom’s recipes, then they do a little Q&A with the mom and print the recipe.

Here’s part of Ariel’s intro to today’s piece about Barbara’s latkes:

I was born and raised in Santa Cruz, CA, and my mom and I moved to San Francisco’s Mission District in 1993, when I was thirteen. Despite the fact that she was a single mom who worked long hours, she made sure I always had a good meal. She is endlessly supportive, and a great model for being a caring, compassionate, nurturing yet powerful force in this world. And she’s just really fun.

No matter what we had in the kitchen—or didn’t—my mom saw an opportunity for a great meal. She was truly amazing at pulling together a balanced meal seemingly out of thin air. We ate eighties Santa Cruz hippie health food, and while other kids had things like cookies sweetened with things stronger than fruit juice, our food was our food, and I just kind of accepted that. For the most part, my mom’s food wasn’t flashy or showy; it wasn’t supposed to be. It was healthy, warm, comforting, and it was there when I was hungry. It’s still what I try to replicate when I cook for myself at home.

Read on for more more pics, Q&A with Barbara — and of course the recipe.

What the pulled pork sandwich from New Hampshire Market looks like when you get it with sides

…and you remember to take a picture before you’re nearly finished eating:

They also do sausages — and sometimes ribs apparently.

20th and Hampshire.

Finally a way to support your local sandwich maker, your local rock band, and your local corner store all at the same time

Remember how excited I was the other day to learn that one of my favorite corner stores, New Hampshire Market on 20th at Hampshire, had started making KILLER pulled pork sandwiches? Well when it rains it pours…

I popped into Tony’s Market an hour ago, ordered a couple sandwiches from the Pal’s Take Away counter, grabbed some Popchips and a Guayaki, and while I was checking out, spied a handmade display full of records and tapes by local band Future Twin. I picked out a couple items and added them to my haul. The staff were very pleased.

Got back to the office and listened to Future Twin and ate these sandwiches:

This song “Lockits” rules, check it out:

And be sure to pick up a copy of your own next time you’re at Tony’s.