La Rondalla is hiring!

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A rare opportunity to eat some Bike Basket Pies pie tonight

Nattles from Bike Basket Pies makes an appearance in this new book Ms. American Pie, and they’re celebrating its release with an event tonight at Omnivore Books! Here’s what Nattles has to say:

My friend Beth is releasing a memoir & cookbook and is demo-ing pies & speaking at Omnivore Books this Friday, April 11th! I’ll be there with fresh baked Shaker Orange pies (my recipe is in her book, too!) Join us!

Can’t wait!

Is it bad that you’re dying to eat at La Movida just to eat the spaghetti Björk ate?

No way dude

Look at this salad

Only at Rice Paper Scissors.

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Drink of the Week: El-ahrairah!

For years I’ve been trying to come up with a carrot juice-based brunch drink. The tomato juice-based Bloody Mary is one of the most famous and beloved drinks of all time, so why not something with carrot, right? About a decade ago I tried something involving a ton of carrot juice and a ton of Ketel One, and a whole banana as garnish. It was a waste of a ton of carrot juice and a ton of Ketel One and a whole banana.

Now, I’m not saying the El-ahrairah is gonna join the Bloody Mary in the cocktail hall of fame, but it is damn good. The ginger helps mellow the carrot, and the dark rum stands up to all of it better than Ketel One would.

And it goes great with Barrelhead Brewhouse‘s BRUNCH POUTINE.

Cheeto cock

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Cool new way to eat a cheeseburger

I can’t wait to rip up a Wes Burger and dip it in a carton of Blue Bottle New Orleans Iced. (Remember like in elementary school if you wanted to dip an Oreo in your milk at lunch, you’d have to open up the carton all the way?)

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Homemade organic injera


Now that Pal’s Take Away has officially left the building to open their own sandwich shop, the lovely Ethiopian couple who run the market on 24th and York Hampshire have begun a new endeavor by offering fresh, homemade injera! In case you don’t know, injera is that wonderfully spongy sourdough-like stuff that’s used to eat Ethiopian food in lieu of utensils. And they’re selling packs of six for only five dollars!


Look at all that yeasty goodness! Just don’t do what I did and eat the whole pack in one night, because you might feel somewhat, well, incapacitated the next day…

Fayes introduces a Google Glass antidote

Fayes Video (where I worked for a bunch of years around the turn of the millennium) has thrown down the Google Glass gauntlet with a new pint glass that they’ll be selling in the shop. The glasses will be $9.20+tax, so you can buy two of them, hold them up to your eyes and order $1,480 worth of Fayes coffee, knowing you’ve saved a buck or two not buying Google Glass! What a swell way to support a local business!

Thanks, Mike!

It is delivery, it’s DiGiorno