Here’s a nice analog Yelp review of the new KronnerBurger

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Cool new innovation in artisanal cocktail flavoring

Drink of the Week: Floating on a Cloud

Float a little Fernet on top of a pint of Anchor Flying Cloud Stout. It’s a variation on the San Francisco classic The Bottom of the Bay. Dark and stormy.

Drink of the Week: Jello shots at Chino (eaten with chopsticks)

They contain gin, sloe gin, apricot and lime, and they’re real fun to try to pick up and transfer to your gullet.

Steph Curry Sausage, now available at 4505 Meats (Go Warriors!)

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Luna Park has shuttered and it will soon be something new from the Mission Beach Cafe folks.

The former Specchio recently reopened as the Buffalo Club but then received a cease-and-desist order from something else with Buffalo in the name, so it is reopening as Cease & Desist.

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Weird stuff on your burrito

My cousin Jono (co-creator of Patatap) showed up late to a brunch thing yesterday (like 9pm-late) with a bag of burritos in hand. He then decided to experiment with some leftover brunch condiments.

Butter and strawberry jam on your burrito? He said it was really good.

Queso on your burrito? Obviously really really good.

Both at the same time? I don’t know, because I left the room, because I didn’t want to know.

(Now, technically none of this violates any of the Burrito Justice Burrito Code statutes, but we’ll wait to see if the tribunal hands down any new legislation.)

Ma Po Tofu ‘n’ Burger Rings, a recipe

What you’ll need:

  • 1 order of Ma Po Tofu from Mission Chinese Food
  • 1 bag of Burger Rings


  1. Next time you’re in Australia, bring back a bag of Burger Rings.
  2. Then get an order of Ma Po Tofu from Mission Chinese Food.
  3. Eat them side by side.
  4. Enjoy how well they go together.
  5. Thank me when you’re grateful.

Now please also enjoy some other recipes I wrote…

No more dinner hours at St. Francis Fountain means where should I get a burger around here?

KronnerBurger or somebody should do an after-hours popup at Dynamo Donuts, right?

But more importantly, having a casual dinner at St. Francis was always so fun and chill, and I’m sorry I took it for granted, and I hope it comes back again some day, and if not it will live on forever in my heart.)

(And I obviously still prefer it to Boogaloos.)

(Thanks for the photo, Jess.)

The ‘Mission Hamburguesa’

The Mission Chinese Food Instagram account posted this photo with the caption:

Mission hamburguesa gen. 1

All beef patty, guacamole, shredded lettuce, special sauce, jalapeño pickles. SOON

Unclear whether this is exclusive to one of their NYC outlets or not, but, damn.