Royal Cuckoo Market might get a beer and wine license!

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Drink a few brewskies while you shop for brewskies? Cross your fingers. Capp Street Crap reports:

Known for its array of fancy liquor, the tiny market is pursuing a beer and wine license which, if approved, would allow them to start serving in the store.

Although letters have been sent to neighbors and a California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control already hangs in the store’s front window, owner Paul Miller wrote in an email that the process could still take months – if they get the approval at all.

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Inside the WesBurger fried chicken burrito

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Drink of the Week: Limited edition dry-hopped Anchor Steam at Bender’s

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We stopped by for a pint last night and it was pretty cool. A rare twist on one of the most classic (and consistent) tastes in SF (and the world).

[Photo by Bender's on Instagram]

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Drink of the Week: Lo-Fi Aperitifs’ dry vermouth on the rocks (while watching the Goonies at Film Night in the Park)

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Those exact circumstances might be hard to duplicate — but you can definitely pick up Lo-Fi Aperitifs products at Royal Cuckoo Market on 19th Street, just a couple blocks from the park, which gets you about halfway there. Here’s what the bottle looks like:


And here’s a closeup of the label, which gives you a nice hint of what to expect:

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And all those ingredients are local! Read all about it, and Lo-Fi Aperitifs’ other fine products, here.

Note also that this stuff goes really good in cocktails, like this one my pal Jess had:

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(That photo is by Jess.)

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Yakitori Tuesdays at Namu featuring the BEST SANDWICH IN SAN FRANCISCO, starts tonight!


Here’s Namu Gaji‘s official announcement:

We will be launching the Crokune for a limited time at Namu Gaji with our new chicken skewer focused Yakitori Tuesdays!

What’s a crokune? Crispy, buttery everything croissant from Neighbor Bakehouse stuffed with soft and rich tsukune meatballs that have been caramelized by the kiss of binchotan charcoal and finished with beet mayo and an umami-rich tare glaze. calls it the best sandwich in SF right now.

The crokune will be amongst a number of specialty items available from the Pink Zebra himself Chef Jesse Koide in collaboration with Chef Dennis Lee.

Expect a rotating seasonal selection of skewers ($4 – $5.75) in addition to the crokune ($9.50), including:
- aged hen + scallion

- chicken tsukune

- crispy chicken skin skewers

- spicy chicken hearts

- boneless wing

- chicken thigh

- seasonal vegetables from the namu farm

Read our original review of the Crokune here — and then c u tonight!Q!!!!


How good does this bacon-wrapped hot dog look?


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BBQ Lamb Shawarma Tots this week at WesBurger

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La Taqueria opening new location


7×7 reports:

La Taqueria, home of America’s best burrito, is opening up a second location on Thursday. But as splendid and amazing as this news is, you’ll be sad to know that the new location is in Turlock, a small town near Modesto and a two hour drive from San Francisco. The second restaurant will run by the owner’s daughter, Irene Gonzales, and will have the same recipes and secret menu as the original. There will also be more meats on the menu: al pastor, grilled chicken, and shrimp, as well as a shrimp cocktail (which just may be reason enough to make the trek). [link]

Turlock here we come!

[Photo via Burrito Justice's post about how La Taqueria used to be a dive bar]

Drink of the Week: ‘Fruity, yet dry’ blackberry cider by Two Rivers

At Shotwell’s starting tonight:

Here’s a photo:

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[Photo by Amy K.]

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Clare’s Deli is now Turner’s Kitchen and the sandwiches are still awesome

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Yum! Check out the full Turner’s Kitchen menu (which includes a lot of old Clare’s faves) here. And do note that there are a bunch of special sandwiches on the specials board every day.

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