Check out Rice Paper Scissors’ sweet new hand-lettered signage!

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Genius entrepreneur peddling homemade milkshakes in the park

And only $3! Look out, St. Francis Fountain!

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Drink of the Week: Damnation

On tap at Rosamunde right now. So good. Just look at it.

Pho-spiced beef ‘n’ Velveeta burrito for lunch at Rice Paper Scissors today

It may be April Fool’s Day, but I’m pretty sure they’re actually doing it. A gourmet ode to the Taco Bell Sriracha Quesarito they enjoyed so much last week.

It’s also got Sriracha rice and a real Las Palmas tortilla. And as always, they deliver via Postmates.

Mission Chinese Food and UC Berkeley partner to celebrate Wild Food Week

Wild Food Week kicks off this Saturday with a foraging walk in the Berkeley Hills, and continues with special dinners at a number of celebrated area restaurants (including a Mission Chinese Food/The Perennial event on April 8th).

Here’s a note from Anthony and Karen of the Mission Chinese Food family:

This is not purely Mission-related news, but we wanted to let you know about a “Wild Food Week” we’re organizing with three Berkeley professors (Philip Stark, Kristen Rasmussen and Tom Carlson), who run a group called Berkeley Open Source Food. The idea is to reclaim edible plants currently going to waste (often literally right in our own back yards). By some estimates, up to 40% of edible plants on farms are classified as weeds and are watered, fertilized, harvested, and then not eaten. With a little more exposure and education, these wild edibles could be integrated into the food system, with all sorts of benefits, including free nutritious produce in food deserts. Berkeley Open Source Food is showcasing wild foods with a series of events from a guided foragers’ walk to dinners at César, Chez Panisse, Mission Chinese Food, and Mission: Heirloom (details below). We are working with  Capay Valley FarmsF.E.E.D. SonomaGood EggsGreen String FarmThe Living Wild Project, and Say Hay Farms. and will debut a foraging field guide called The Bay Area’s Baker’s Dozen Wild Greens.

Complete list of Wild Food Week events, with ticketing info, after the jump:


Remembering Hapa Ramen, longtime neighborhood institution

Here’s the official Mission Mission opening-night review, by Helen Tseng, from way back in November of 2014:

After doing the farmer’s market pop-up thing for years, Richie Nakano is finally opening his long-awaited ramen shop tomorrow. The Hapa Ramen restaurant is located at 2293 Mission Street, in the former 99¢ Depot. As a long-time noodle advocate, I headed over to report from the front lines, armed with a fellow noodle-loving lady.

The opening menu features snacky small plates (ribs, a raw fish tartare, a Korean seafood pancake), steamed buns a la David Chang, and with three types of ramen. The restaurant’s namesake bowl, pictured above, is generously topped with pork slabs, nugs of fried chicken, a poached egg, and seasonal vegetables.

There’s also a full bar and cocktail menu, which includes a gin drink involving Hi-Chew tincture and Hawaiian Punch syrup (above, right) that tastes exactly like a Pixy Stix. The bourbon drink on the left contained banana, black sea salt, and cacao.

Above, two of my favorite things I ate: a savory pile of roasted baby carrots and radishes, and an adorable fried chicken-and-pickle steamed bun that, in the most flattering way possible, reminded me of the classic sandwich from my childhood favorite now-shunned fast food establishment.

Oh, and those in-progress booths we reported on awhile back cleaned up real nice:

[Booth photo by Erin Conger]

P.S. Visit Girls Love Noodles!

Funny to think about how much has changed in the Mission since the heyday of Hapa Ramen, right? Sometimes I miss the old days.

Inside Scoop has the inside scoop on the fall of Hapa here and here and here.

The Rice Paper Scissors crew review the new Sriracha Quesarito from Taco Bell

Sounds like it was pretty alright:

cheese to everything else ratio was on point, rice was the undercooked (was sticking to our fillings) but all was forgiven bc cheese product

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Whoa check out the new Anchor Brewing beer garden down by the ballpark!

Not open yet, but open soon, just in time for BASEBALL SEASON.

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Coopers Pale Ale on tap in the United States for the first time ever thanks to Bender’s!

All the way from Australia!

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Learn to brew your own beer at Rainbow Grocery

I don’t know Kevin, but Alejandro is a really fun dude. This will be a greaaaat way to learn brewing. (Plus I hear there’s free beer involved.)

And be sure to follow Rainbow Grocery on Instagram to stay hip to other fun stuff happening at the store.

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