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Perennial grain Kernza could counter climate change; eat it and drink it (!) tonight at the Perennial


Here’s Jane Black in the Washington Post, telling us about perennial wheat:

The grain was Kernza, a new breed of wheat. Unlike the usual varieties, it is perennial, which means it grows back in subsequent years rather than being sown each spring. That matters because over time, the plant develops a deep, dense root system that helps to build healthy soil and to keep carbon in the soil, a counter to climate change. No wonder perennial grains have long been the holy grail for a certain set of agroecologists (visionaries or eco-weenies, depending on your perspective). Now here was Kernza in my kitchen. And, it turns out, in other places, too.

Patagonia Provisions, a new division of the outdoor gear company, this week releases the first commercial product made with Kernza, Long Root Ale. The Perennial, a new restaurant in San Francisco, is serving it, along with its house-made Kernza bread and crackers and a deliciously toasty Kernza ice cream. In Minneapolis, close to a large Kernza test plot, chefs and food artisans are using Kernza in tortillas, muffins, pasta and more. Minnesota-based General Mills is also evaluating the grain. [link]

Tonight in San Francisco, Kernza is having a coming-out party! Karen from The Perennial tells us about the event:

The biggest party we have on tap is actually a keg party to celebrate the release of Long Root Ale, a brand-new beer made of Kernza, from Patagonia Provisions. We’ll have kernza beer, kernza bread (with various topics from veggies to pork to housemade butter), and we’ll be screening Patagonia Provisions’ films on the food/environment connection. Eventbrite tickets ($16) are here.

See you there!

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[Photo of the bread by Jane Black]

RIP Dear Mom

Hoodline reports:

Dear Mom, open since 2012, will be introducing some changes soon. Owner Paul Bavaro plans to revamp the bar-restaurant at 16th & Harrison by the new year, bringing in new food menus and pool tables and changing the bar’s name.


When he opened Dear Mom, his fourth and most recent business venture, Bavaro wanted to mix things up: it’s a larger space than his other bars, and is also the first of the three to offer food. A couple of Bavaro’s employees came up with the “Dear Mom” concept and name, and he ran with it. But he says the concept just isn’t working in terms of profitability, so he’s changing things up.

I always thought Dear Mom should have a sister bar named Fuck You Dad. Maybe now’s the time?

Regardless of the name though:

[T]he bar has one issue that Bavaro will be hard-pressed to change. He told us business hasn’t been helped by the frequent presence of homeless encampments on both sides of the street, which often discourages customers from sitting on the bar’s sidewalk patio—or visiting Dear Mom in the first place.

Many patrons have told Bavaro that they don’t like to walk in the area near the bar. “They say that they don’t feel safe, so they try to avoid it,” he said.

Read on.

[Photo of the Dear Mom "Mom Wall" (RIP) from like 3 years ago by Jay or me I think]

Lamb bam thank you ma’am!

Mission Chinese Food has four (4) lamb dishes on the menu right now, so I was like damn we gotta at least order three of these, which we did – and then our server Lindsay, who is the best in the biz (and famous for comping Serena Williams’ wings that time), had the lovely idea of surprising us with the fourth, for completism’s sake.

If you haven’t been enjoying the lamb rib these past few months, you are definitely missing out. Add to that the lamb dumplings, the cumin lamb, and the lamb face noodle soup, and it’s a lambathon like no other. Highly recommend.

Here’s some okay pics:

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At least a couple of these items don’t seem to be on the delivery menu, so best find a time to actually leave the house for once, you guys.

(Thanks again, Lindsay!!!)

Hanging out at bars and clubs in the Mission a LONG time ago

Local blogger and photographer Tippity Change had a nice chat with longtime Missionite Curtis Williams:

He listed a number of establishments I’ve never heard of, some of which were owned by people from the neighborhood; all of them long gone- both the owners and the businesses. This story shares the stops at bars/clubs along his routined lurk in the Mission as a young man. Romanticized ? Sure maybe, but it’s pretty clear it that his present day experiences in the Mission pale in comparison as he continues lurking through life & the ever evolving Mission District as it stands today in 2016

Here’s their talk in full:


Modern Times just wasn’t made for these times

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Modern Times is closing up shop. Capp Street Crap reports:

Never quite able to regain its footing since it was forced from Valencia Street in 2011, Modern Times Bookstore Collective is set to close next month after 45 years in business.

According to an announcement on the store’s Facebook page, the progressive book store will shut its doors at 2919 24th St. on Nov. 15. having explored “every possible avenue of support to sustain the store since its displacement from Valencia Street in 2011.

Read on. And like maybe get some early Christmas shopping done there real quick?

[Photo by Steve Rhodes]

New Mission Theater marquee, now an enamel pin!


The folks at Mission-based PSA Press (the makers of the Casa Sanchez “Jimmy the Cornman” pin and the Doggie Diner head pin and the It’s-It pin set) continue their tireless efforts to honor the Mission and SF:

The New Mission Theater in SF/CA was built in 1916. This Art Deco masterpiece boasts a 70 foot marquee sign that is a beacon at the heart of the Mission District where PSA Press calls home. In its early life, it showed mostly “B” movies. It is currently the location of our go-to movie theater, Alamo Drafthouse. The sign still stands tall 100 years later.

Limited Edition enamel pin

2 inches

Hard enamel gold metal with 3 color fill and two butterfly clutches on the back to prevent spinning.

Here it is in the wild:

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Get your own here. And see what’s playing tonight at the New Mission Theater here.

California Bart pin

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By local funnyman George Chen, this pin celebrates California AND Bart (AND the image was part of the first poster for the first edition of the long-running Mission-based comedy show Cynic Cave). Says George, “it’s 2016 so I made an enamel pin.”

Here’s another look:

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Get yours here.

Batman at Folsom Street Fair [NSFW]


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Now please enjoy all these other old Batman-related posts from over the years…

A simple plea

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One night I went out with my friend Allan to the bar that no one goes to on 16th Street, where I lost half my drink and money on the dance floor. Later we skated down 16th to Evelyn Lee, where I fell off my board and landed on my head as the 22 bus sped past behind me. A sobering moment. At the bar, I sulked and nursed my wounds until Allan put on Amy Winehouse’s 'Valerie.' We danced, he dipped me, and I felt better."

— My pal Valerie, writing about life in the Mission