Map of all the parklets in San Francisco

Curbed SF made it, and it’s interactive, so you must click here to use it. Handy-dandy!

There are 43 in all! Who knew!?

[via Sarah Lane]

A nice short film about Needles and Pens on its 11th birthday

Go see King Parrot tonight

King Parrot are an amazing band from Australia. They are playing at Thee Parkside tonight.

DJ Purple celebrates *7 years in the Mission* this Thursday!

Woweeee, 7 whole years! Here’s how DJ Purple puts it on the invite to Thursday night’s celebration:

IT’S HERE! 7 YEARS! Let’s celebrate the history of Dance Karaoke, born in the Mission, raised by Jack’s Club and YOU! And now going strong at Slate Bar!

Read our in-depth interview from back in 2011 for more on the history of DJ Purple’s revolutionary Dance Karaoke party (with photos from back at Jack’s). And if you were a longtime Jack’s regular and still haven’t made it out to the new show at Slate, now’s the time! Purple says it’s gonna be a fabulous reunion! (And you should probably get hip to the new Easy Song Search!)

Also, looks like DJ Purple is calling on all of us to celebrate #ThrowbackThursday by posting vintage pics from back in the Jack’s days all day tomorrow. Here’s one of my faves (by Vic Wong):

What did you listen to while viewing last night’s blood moon?

I listened to Rancid:

Also, here’s a better Rancid song also about riding the bus:

And the ska version is pretty great too:

The Bay Bridged says the SF music scene is ‘Not Dead Yet’

The popular local music entity presents the evidence in a lengthy and heartfelt blog post, which is also the official announcement about this upcoming festival:

La Rondalla is hiring!

[via Ariel Dovas on Twitter]

Drone-assisted selfie by Amit Gupta

[via SFist]

A rare opportunity to eat some Bike Basket Pies pie tonight

Nattles from Bike Basket Pies makes an appearance in this new book Ms. American Pie, and they’re celebrating its release with an event tonight at Omnivore Books! Here’s what Nattles has to say:

My friend Beth is releasing a memoir & cookbook and is demo-ing pies & speaking at Omnivore Books this Friday, April 11th! I’ll be there with fresh baked Shaker Orange pies (my recipe is in her book, too!) Join us!

Can’t wait!

Dolores Park right now

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"I joked that living in the Mission would be the end of me. And there were nights where it felt like the case.

One night I went out with my friend Allan to the bar that no one goes to on 16th Street, where I lost half my drink and money on the dance floor. Later we skated down 16th to Evelyn Lee, where I fell off my board and landed on my head as the 22 bus sped past behind me. A sobering moment. At the bar, I sulked and nursed my wounds until Allan put on Amy Winehouse’s 'Valerie.' We danced, he dipped me, and I felt better."

— My pal Valerie, writing about life in the Mission

[Photo by Sexpigeon, Homestead, 2009]