Pal’s Take Away celebrates 5 years in the Mission with fab lineup of guest chefs!

Check this OUT:

Happy birthday, Pal’s! Can’t wait!!

(Thanks for the tip, Simon!)

Colonialism and racism and gentrification and waffles

Reader Amy Y. has been following a little spat being played out on the facade of Linea Caffe (which houses the waffle shop Lt. Waffle). It started with a little promotional signage featuring the visage of some Belgian guy from history, which begat an angry flyer:

Here’s the rant up close:

And the response from the Lt. Waffle crew:

Gotta love that Anthony Myint. (And daaaaaaaaamn, those waffles.)

(Thanks, Amy!)

When your Uber is a Tesla

But was it awesome?

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First they steal your bike, then they assault you and pepper spray you

Got a note from our pal Jocelyn:

My bike was stolen (not news, not unique, I know). The real story is when I saw two guys with it on Market/12th. I went up to them, looked at the bike and one of them said “Nice bike, huh?” And I was like, “yeah, it’s mine.”

I picked it up, and started walking away with it. The guys chased me. One knocked me to the ground grabbing the bike, the other fucking pepper sprayed me in the face. EMTs and SFPD (eventually) showed up.

The only bright side to the story is that (hopefully) the police are taking it more seriously because of the felony assault. So, if someone spotted the bike they could contact me or SFPD.


Here’s the bike (since this photo was taken the saddle was replaced and is now brown):

Bad Blood with Joshua Cobos: I’ve Pissed off a Lot of People

Every now and then, photographer Joshua Cobos shoots a roll of film just for us, picks his 13 favorites, and we publish them here and it’s called “Bad Blood.” It used to be weekly but it’s become more sporadic since Joshua’s move to Los Angeles a few months back. He still comes back to SF every chance he gets (which is great for all of us) but regardless of where he shoots his rolls, it’s always a joy to get a peek inside his process with each new edition. Here’s what Joshua has to say about this week’s:

I’m pretty sure I’ve pissed off a lot of people in the 26 years I’ve been around in this body. I usually look my subject in the eye before or after taking the photo so that they don’t think I’m some timid voyeur or anything like that. Otherwise, interacting with various strangers and new friends over time introduces you to some pretty wild personalities. There’s a good amount of people in these photos that I imagine won’t be talking to me anytime soon as well but every town is a small town in certain ways.

Thanks, Joshua! Be sure to follow him on Instagram and on Twitter. Ten more shots after the jump:


How to carry stuff if you don’t have pockets or a bag

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Double exposures by Arthur Alvarez

This is from a series the local photographer calls “Above,” and it’s all great.

Check it out: Part I and Part II.

Short film starring Jeff Goldblum, made late last night in the Mission

Happy Easter/4-20, ya’ll!

How about a free punk show up above a bike shop in La Lengua?


(Thanks, Rocky!)

Rice Paper Scissors begins regular brunch (and dim sum) service this weekend

Rice Papers Scissors moved into its new headquarters in the Mission earlier this year, and this weekend they complete the transition with the start of BRUNCH! Their New Year’s Day brunches have *saved my life* several years in a row now, so being able to experience a similar menu every Saturday and Sunday is going to be killer.

They’ve got some dim sum, they’ve got banh mi, they’ve got pho, they’ve got eggs — and they’ve got brunch drinks with alcohol in them! What more do you need??

View the full menu here.

RSVP and invite your friends to Saturday’s kickoff here.

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One night I went out with my friend Allan to the bar that no one goes to on 16th Street, where I lost half my drink and money on the dance floor. Later we skated down 16th to Evelyn Lee, where I fell off my board and landed on my head as the 22 bus sped past behind me. A sobering moment. At the bar, I sulked and nursed my wounds until Allan put on Amy Winehouse’s 'Valerie.' We danced, he dipped me, and I felt better."

— My pal Valerie, writing about life in the Mission

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