The Fourth of July, WesBurger style

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That’s a special “Red, White and Blue” burger (with blue cheese, red peppers and fried white onions), and down here are fried Katz’s full sour pickle pickle spears (with farm dressing), damn. All weekend long.

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Mission street food


Looks like peanut butter on a English muffin? Looks pretty enticing for a hunk of garbage on the street, right? I allllmost took a bite.

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More cheap eatz in the Mission

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Cheap eatz in the Mission

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Blast from the past: Mission storefront, 2001


Local historian David Enos takes us down memory lane:

The Key Man/Mr. Key in front of his shop, Mission & 19th (2001).


UPDATE: From the comments section…

Mr Keyman was my father, Carlos Vela, he originally worked for one of the major newspapers in El Salvador. He also was also a successful Mission real estate agent, at one time. He was proud being a local entrepreneur and self employed. He had several different businesses, over different periods of time, all in the Mission. He was well known by the local latino community, in his time. He passed away in 2005.

Is there a way I can get a copy of this photo?

SF’s Longest Happy Hour!


HAPPINESS IS THIRTEEN HOUR HAPPY HOURS! Bacon Bloody Mary’s, Irish Coffee, Mexican Coffee, Fresh OJ Mimosa, Pabst…Pops Bar gets your morning going every day at 6am and keeps happy hour going until 7pm! So Rise N Shine, then kick back and unwind, Pops is your official starting point in the Mission. *Please make sure your puppies drink responsibly.

Check out this week’s entertainment line up at Pops Bar:


Calling all witches

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Mathieu Verbeeck and Catherine Crevels, tech couple and evictors of Mission mother and daughter

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SF Magazine reports:

Though S.F. has proven to be an inhospitable place for renters the last several years, the circumstances surrounding this eviction are particularly startling. It seems that Malliett’s new landlords—Mathieu Verbeeck, a VP of product development at Mubi, and Catherine Crevels, a marketing manager at Intuit—are testing out a novel strategy for ejecting tenants. They contend that Malliett and her daughter are causing a “nuisance” by living in a unit that lacks the proper permits. The Board of Supervisors has already blocked landlords from evicting tenants of illegal units simply because they are illegal, but here the owners are taking a different approach—one that tenants’ rights advocates are concerned will create a worrying precedent.

“This is the first time we’ve seen a tenant accused of nuisance for living in an illegal unit,” says tenant rights attorney Joseph Tobener, whose firm is representing Malliett. And what, pray tell, is the nuisance cited in the legal notice? “Defendant’s usage of gas or electrical appliances is dangerous.” That’s right: Only in San Francisco do you stand to lose your rent-controlled apartment for boiling water.

Read on for the whole story.

Mondrian Volvo station wagon


(Thanks, Mariko!)

Now please enjoy all these other posts about Volvos, and Mondrian…

Wow look at the menu for this special Katz’s Deli/Mission Cantina/Tartine event at Mission Chinese on Friday that’s already sold out

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Now please enjoy this beautiful slo-mo video of me eating a fully loaded nacho at Mission Cantina ;)

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