Gather ’round, check out this bullet hole

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Ice Cube is headlining the final Treasure Island Music Festival on Treasure Island!

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Featuring MC Ren and DJ Yella! Announced this morning! Here’s the rest of the lineup:

Sigur Rós
James Blake
Purity Ring
Glass Animals
Duke Dumont
Mac DeMarco
Young Thug
Flight Facilities
Sylvan Esso
Christine And The Queens
Neon Indian
Wild Nothing
Mura Masa
How To Dress Well
Car Seat Headrest
Day Wave

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Firefly Restaurant’s legendary fried chicken available to go, tonight only!


They did this last Wednesday for Game 3 too and it was awesome! Highly recommended! (Firefly is in Noe Valley, up 24th Street aways from the Mission, so maybe get some friends who live up there to shuttle down to a bar for you or something? That’s what I did last week.)

Here’s the deal:

Firefly’s legendary fried chicken dinner available TOGO for ‪#‎Warriors‬ game 5 Monday. Comes with 2 pieces of fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, horseradish slaw and a buttermilk biscuit (or cornbread)! $20 bucks a person, multiple order discounts available. Strength in numbers! Place your order anytime after noon for pickup after 5pm. 415-821-7652 ‪#‎glutenfree‬

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Casa Sanchez ‘Jimmy the Cornman’ enamel pin

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Local pin purveyors PSA Press explain their product:

Casa Sanchez is a chip/salsa company based in San Francisco, CA that was founded in the 1920′s. Their mascot “Jimmy the Cornman” has become a local icon. In 1999, Casa Sanchez attracted national attention when it unveiled its new marketing campaign: get a tattoo of “Jimmy the Cornman” and get free lunch for life. Because of this over 200 people have Jimmy on their bodies forever. The Taqueria is now closed but Casa Sanchez remains the highest selling salsa in California, a true staple of the Golden State.

Limited Edition enamel pin

1.5 inches

Soft enamel black dye metal with 3 color fill and two butterfly clutches on the back to prevent spinning.

Get yours here.

“As if I go to North Beach”

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From Missed Connections:

You were hungover on the 21 – 8:00 am – w4m (hayes valley)

I was standing on the 21 this morning (got on at Buchanan, heading downtown), you were sitting down directly in front of me. You kind of nudged me with your foot and when I looked at you, you were waving as if you knew me. I couldn’t really see your face because you were wearing a Warriors hat and sunglasses, so I just rolled with it and pretended I knew who the hell you were, mostly because it was amusing to me, and also because I didn’t want to ask “um who are you?” on a full bus first thing in the morning. I said “oh hey, what’s up, how are you” and you replied that you went to “a few bars last night”, then gestured at your coffee, implying a hangover. You said something else about a friend asking you to go to North Beach and scoffed “as if I go to North Beach”. I gave you a courtesy laugh, pretended to look at something on my phone, then moved to the back of the bus.

I’m not sure if you mistook me for someone else or if I actually know you. If you are reading this, please tell me who you are, it’s driving me nuts not knowing.


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View of Sutro Tower from space

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Dude is a fedora says what

Movies to go see in the Mission this Saturday!

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  1. LA DOLCE VITA! Saturday afternoon at the Alamo Drafthouse, as part of Negroni Week 2016!
  2. PITCH PERFECT! Saturday night in Dolores Park, as part of this year’s Film Night in the Park programming!

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St. Francis Fountain is open for dinner again!!!


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My wish came true! Let’s all be sure to eat dinner there a lot and maybe they can expand to more than just Friday-Sunday, am I right?

Now please enjoy all this previous (and sometimes controversial) St. Francis Fountain coverage…

Bernie Sanders, the next President of the United States, taking a stroll on Mission Street just now

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Shaking hands with local politician Tom Temprano no less!

[via Tom Temprano on Instagram]

UPDATE: Another good shot by Linea Caffe!

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