Royal Cuckoo Market grandly opens this Thursday evening!

It’s been regular open for a while now, and it rules, so whether you’ve been or you haven’t, attend this party (for festiveness and for a heap of killer last-minute gift ideas.) (They’ve got all manner of local and imported booze and beer, plus local and imported corner-store fare like soap and jam and candy.)

Keep the party going between Christmas and New Year’s with Uptown’s weekend-long 30th anniversary celebration!

It’s been an intense year for this beloved local bar, so what better way to cap it than with 3 days of nonstop party??? Happy birthday, Uptown!

Everything is free and open to all:

Friday, December 26 – 6pm to 10pm
Birthday Reunion Party
Celebrating Uptown Founder Scott Ellsworth, current and former staff, regulars and all community members. Wear an Uptown T-Shirt and pay 1984 prices!

Saturday, December 27 – 6pm
Musical Review & BBQ Feast
Featuring musicians who have called Uptown home over the years, including Mindi Hadan, Douglas Katelus and Ivy & Devon.

Sunday, December 28 – 6pm
Uptown Salon
An evening of poetry & prose by local writers, hosted by Uptown Bartender & Poet Tym Butler.

Don’t go leavin’ town!

[Photo by Ariel Dovas]

18, spicy

(A popular aisle at Duc Loi.)

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Early morning line for the barbershop on Valencia

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I’ve seen a lot of Weezer shows over the years:

  1. Opening for No Doubt at the Delta Center in Salt Lake City, 1996.
  2. Headlining the Crest Theater in Sacramento, 1999, after a couple years of hiatus following Pinkerton but before the Green Album hit.
  3. The big pre-Green Album tour stop at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, 2000, right before the Green Album hit.
  4. September 12, 2001, at the Oakland Arena. The Cal marching band played Weezer hits during the break between bands.
  5. November 2014 at Slim’s. They played an acoustic set of classics before turning off the lights and ripping into their latest album in its entirety.

All the shows were great, particularly that most recent one (pictured). Seeing them up close and personal, playing new shit they were all really excited about was a gas. Up until then, the most intimate, fiercest Weezer shows I’d seen were not performed by Weezer at all, but by a band called My Name Is Jonas Brothers at various Debaser Christmas parties at the Knockout. I’m pretty sure they just stick to Blue Album and Pinkerton, and they rip! And they’re doing it again this weekend. Here’s the info:

DJs Jamie Jams and Emdee return with an extra helping of Weezer to get you in the mood for the holidays.

It’s like your favorite compilation of Spike Jonze videos or that one tour with That Dog!

Special guests “My Name is Jonas Brothers” play all the Weezer classics, so come early.

$5, Free w/ your worst holiday sweater before 11 pm.

RSVP and invite your friends!

[Photo of Weezer at Slim's by Kat]

A song for Uber

It’s World Series-themed, so we’re posting it a little tardily, but oh well:

The pipes on these two!

Life advice, courtesy of some graffiti at Lexington Club

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A poem for Elbo Room

Local rapper (and monthly Elbo Room DJ) Ticklefight penned this lovely ode to the ‘Bo:

Elbo Room Rap
All I wanna do is a zoom zoom
Pretty soon the ‘Bo is gonna go boooooom
Pinballs go crack when I get a game
Cheap happy hours mezzing up my brain
Walk inside, pitch black like night
Bathroom stall door missing, that ain’t right
Upstairs is a fee, pay to play
If I had my way, Elbo would stay


["Faux Elbo" photo by Emily Savage]

The end of the rainbow… is somewhere in the Mission!

Is it Bender’s? I think it’s Bender’s.

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Cool view of the Golden Gate Bridge from underneath

(This is part of a photo set on Mid West Coast detailing a trip out to the Farallon Islands.) (Read on for the rest of the journey.)

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"I joked that living in the Mission would be the end of me. And there were nights where it felt like the case.

One night I went out with my friend Allan to the bar that no one goes to on 16th Street, where I lost half my drink and money on the dance floor. Later we skated down 16th to Evelyn Lee, where I fell off my board and landed on my head as the 22 bus sped past behind me. A sobering moment. At the bar, I sulked and nursed my wounds until Allan put on Amy Winehouse’s 'Valerie.' We danced, he dipped me, and I felt better."

— My pal Valerie, writing about life in the Mission

[Photo by Sexpigeon, Homestead, 2009]