What a beautiful city

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Local’s Corner guy admits maybe calling it Local’s Corner was a mistake

San Francisco Magazine (part of the Modern Luxury publishing family) just put up a lengthy piece on the plight of the Mission-based “Local” business empire, which keeps getting picketed and vandalized and everything. The piece is called “Local, Cornered.” Here’s a good bit:

Looking back, Milgrom wonders if his troubles might have started as soon as he gave his businesses their names. “Maybe we should have made it clearer that our use of ‘local’ isn’t about being local,” he says of Local’s Corner, which he opened in 2012. “It’s about our sourcing. People really, really get riled up, particularly about the possessive s.”

I definitely pat myself on the back every day for not having named this blog “Mission’s Mission.” Read on for lots more quotes from Milgrom and the Flour and Water guy and some other restaurant guys.

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Cool new selfie trend: Pigface selfie

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Men in denim vs. men in suits

It was true when cowboys and dockworkers wore denim, and it’s true now that software salesmen and startup CEOs wear denim.

Wait, whaaaaat?

Btw, this is a vintage limited edition poster by a now-defunct clothing store in Boston. (I saw it on the wall at Darn-It! here in the Mission.) Here is a video about the making of the poster:

$18.50 toast

Our pal Jess is on a mission. I thought I was doing pretty good with the $8 toast I found in LA. But Jess found some $9.50 toast. (She’s in Australia.) And now this:

To be fair, I added the haloumi which was $4, so technically it was $14.50.

To be fair, $18.50 AUS is $17.23 US. Looks like great toast! Thanks, Jess!

Tit-filled Tomorrow’s Tulips music video co-directed by local boy Dominic Santos [NSFW]

It’s actually two songs in one video, like that one Green Day video. Both have lots of tits:

Check out more of Dom’s work here.

There’s art in your overhead power lines

It’s basically a tattoo by Yann Black.

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Street fighting men

Such ferocity!

Capp Street Crap has a few more photos of the scene here.

The time my cousin Jono prevented a fight by dancing his ass off, while the Strokes played ‘New York City Cops’ in the distance

We’re in a tightly packed crowd, pretty far back, for the closing set of FYF 2014 by headliners the Strokes. They’ve just finished, but we just know they’re coming back for an encore. People are starting to stream out though, and amidst the chaos, some guy shoves another guy, the other guy shoves back, the crowd parts around them. It’s gonna get real.

But then, the Strokes (off in the distance) launch into “New York City Cops” (which is poignant already for its 9/11-related history and what’s happening currently with the NYPD) and my cousin Jono (who incidentally just won an Emmy) launches into the middle of the two guys and starts *boogying down*. The tough guys that were about to fight each other look confused for a moment and then go their separate ways. The rest of the crowd swarms in around Jono and we all dance and sing and shout along to the chorus.

Anger diffused by dancing. Violence prevented by party.

Let’s rock:

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Drink of the Week: Beautiful homemade bloodies

Fucking beautiful right? Mmmm.

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— My pal Valerie, writing about life in the Mission

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