Royal Cuckoo Market lives!

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Mission Local has a long account of what went down here, but the main thing is: get your buns to Royal Cuckoo Market asap and drink a frickin Blood of Rollo to celebrate!

Royal Cuckoo Market’s big Planning Commission hearing is this Thursday


Here’s the deal, from an message to their mailing list earlier this week:

Dear friends and neighbors of The Royal cuckoo Market,

Will you join us on Thursday, Sept. 7th?

The Planning Commissioners on Thursday, September 7th, will decide if we can serve food or not.  The Hearing is public, and the outcome is based greatly on community support so we implore anyone interested and available to join us at City Hall to show that they would like this business to continue to operate as it has been by granting this permit.


September 7th Thursday

City Hall, Commission Chambers- Room 400

1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place

San Francisco (enter main civic center side of city hall not the Van Ness side and take elevator up to the 4th floor)

AGENDA: starts at 1:00 sharp but there are several items on the agenda.  The order of items will be posted on the SF planning department site before the hearing but the exact time of our item is not available.

Full text of the email after the jump:


Guac Off is this Saturday! Better get to work on your guac!!!


Here’s the deal:

As this weather has surely reminded you, Indian Summer is here, so that means that it’s time again for the Annual Indian Summer Guac-off!

We’d love for you to be able to join us this Saturday, September 9th, as we’ll once again be at Dr. Avocado’s house for our 6th annual celebration of the almighty avocado. This year promises to be even more fun, as we’ll have 10 different prize categories, a restaurant showcase with guacamoles from some of our favorite restaurants, chips provided by Tacolicious, and of course, an even bigger Guacamole Glory Trophy.

The rules this year are simple, your guacamole must use at least 8 avocados and arrive by 2pm. Other than that, let your creativity run wild!

As always, the event is completely free, although guests are obviously encouraged to bring guacamole! You can find all of the other details on our website:

Can’t wait!

Heatwave rap

Mission Chinese Food, the clothing line

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 3.55.17 PM

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 3.55.07 PM

See the rest here.

This facebook post

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 1.38.21 PM

Photo of the Mission in 2017

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 11.29.32 AM

[via Kayla]

Photo of the Mission in 2010


Now, as we all know, it looks more like this (minus Balançoire which seems to be gone now):

Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 2.26.03 PM

[Old photo by Honey Jets; new photo by Google Maps]

Wildewhere, a months-long festival of free shows at Jerry Garcia Amphitheater in McLaren Park


That there is Jerry Garcia Amphitheater. Imagine spending an afternoon up there seeing music or theater, eating food from food trucks and enjoying the sunshine. Wildwhere can help you out. Think the Stern Grove Festival, but new and different, and like slightly closer to the Mission (it’s a bit south of Bernal Heights):

A hidden gem in the middle of San Francisco’s second largest park, Jerry Garcia Amphitheater hosts an eclectic group of performers each summer season. These performances surprise and delight neighbors in the know as well as anyone lucky enough to stumble upon the amphitheater while exploring McLaren Park.

(If you wanna read ALL about the event, check out this article by Portola Planet.) (Portola is the cute little neighborhood adjacent to McLaren Park that you’ve also never been to.)

Here’s the lineup:

wildewhere_web (1) (1)

And here’s a helpful map of the area, in case you (like most) are unfamiliar. See something at Wildewhere and then explore one (or more) of the surrounding up-and-coming neighborhoods:

Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 2.09.08 PM

20th Street Block Party set times announced!


This Saturday! Plan accordingly!

Activities schedule after the jump (if you’re into arts and crafts and stuff):


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