Portrait of the guy handing you your coffee this morning

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One last look at the Lexington Club

Ryan Kost at the Chronicle takes an in-depth look at the history of the place and the drama surrounding its very impending closure:

Lila Thirkield moved to the Mission in 1994. She was 23 at the time. She had tattoos and spiky black hair, and she played the drums. She never even considered another neighborhood. “All the dykes lived in the Mission,” she says.

In some ways, it was a revolutionary time and place for queer people. Artists, musicians and writers had come to the area. People felt energized.

“I always compared the ’90s in San Francisco for dykes and trans guys to being like Paris in the ’20s,” says Lynn Breedlove, the founder and lead singer of the homocore band Tribe 8. “At the time, we were popping out all over Valencia. It was mohawks and spikes in our face, and everybody’s name was Spike.”

Read on for the whole story.

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Gone in 15 seconds

Watch this bike thief defeat what looks like two separate locks in probably less than 15 seconds:

Contact info is on the YouTube page if you happen to have any helpful info for the victim.

Open casting call for TV pilot about tech execs in the Mission

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Oh there’s Kelly Kapowski

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When was the last time you went to a Berlin-style ping pong party?

It was probably a really long time ago, because American Tripps disappeared for a while. But they are back this Friday night:

And the all-star DJ lineup includes a bunch of Mission-relevant personalities:

DJ Beauregard (lives in the Mission currently, but is soon moving to Bernal Heights)
DJ JustStella (lived in the Mission for many years but recently moved to Bernal Heights; DJs Friday nights on Mission-based BFF.fm)
Jay Beaman (works sometimes at Pop’s Bar)
Nick Pal (DJs first Wednesdays at Pop’s, and every Sunday on BFF.fm)
DJ Wesley Frazee (lives in the Mission, has no plans to move to Bernal Heights)
DJ der Nutzeffekt (me)

Everybody’s been instructed to play BANGERS, so it should be a fun night.

RSVP and invite your friends.

Check out Rice Paper Scissors’ sweet new hand-lettered signage!

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What’s going on in the newly revitalized Grand Theater building on Mission Street?

KQED Arts takes a look:

On a recent Mission District afternoon, a middle-aged woman remarked to her walking companion as they passed the old Grand Theater that it was the place she’d first seen Lawrence of Arabia.

While the theater is currently under renovation by the nonprofit Gray Area Foundation the Arts to have a new auditorium, what’s going on inside is far from Peter O’Toole territory. Dedicated to the intersection of technology and art, Gray Area’s restoration of the Grand looks more toward the digital future than to cinema’s golden past.

Read on for more, including stuff about the Gray Area folks having to deal with people mistaking them for a tech startup even though they’re actually an arts non-profit.

Beware the quicksand in Precita Park

Nearly lost my canine pal Frankie last night, but it’s chill. Beware.

The Sexpigeon diet

I think the Sexpigeon diet is worth a shot:


Integrate exercise into your daily routine
Skip the escalator and start taking the stairs! It might not seem like a lot, but every step burns extra calories.

Set a reasonable diet
You don’t have to count every calorie, but sometimes the answer to “Would you like fries with that?” should be “No thank you!”

Goals, targets, rewards
Set sensible, achievable goals and give yourself small rewards for meeting those goals. Losing five pounds in a month is more than enough, and you deserve a (small!) bag of Cheez-Ohs for the accomplishment.

Get a hobby!
It sounds funny, but sometimes we eat because we don’t know what else to do with ourselves. Try out a hobby! Spending hours by yourself can help you avoid all those calories you’d be spending at meals with friends.

Make smart decisions
Put an “or” where your “ands” currently are. Have a glass of wine OR have dinner, but don’t have both. Save that for one of your cheat days!

Read on for several more helpful steps.

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