CONTEST: Win tickets to Little Wings at the Swedish American Hall!

Don’t you just love this pic we took of Little Wings (back when Dennis Kernohan lived here) (and back when that bench existed)??? We do.

Anyway Little Wings is headlining a show at the Swedish American Hall a week from today and if you’d like to win tickets, tell us in the comments section of this post why you’d be excited to go. Winners will be decided based on merit, and notified asap. Contest closes Sunday night at 6pm.

Now let’s rock: (This one takes about 40 seconds to start rocking.)

Vegan hot dog, a recipe

It’s the one on the far left.

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Maybe we should all move to Hawaii

Song of the Week: ‘Pump Up The Jam 2K15 (Drity Grils Mix)’ by DSTVV

A fresh new take on a classic:

It’s sounds like if Haçeteria was still at Deco Lounge (and thus Deco Lounge still existed) and there was a psycho on the loose, dragging unsuspecting dancers from the dance floor down to the dungeon — for more fun.

Drink of the Week: Baby Daddy

I’d never seen a can with a different color top before. Pretty trippy.

It was REAL hot in the Mission yesterday

Look at this great drawing of a crime being committed in the Mission

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Throwback Thursday: The time rock ‘n’ roll legend Mike Watt commented on this blog

Well here’s what I get for never reading the comments (it’s like the #2 rule of blogging) — rock ‘n’ roll legend Mike Watt commented on a post of mine back in 2013 and I didn’t know about it til this week.

On the occasion of Thee Oh Sees’ 3-night residency at the Chapel this week (which concludes tonight), I was looking through some old coverage and came upon “Here’s an algorithm up your asshole,” our report from the time they opened for Iggy and the Stooges at a tech conference in a park in San Jose.

(Went back through the photo archives and found this shot, by our own Jess Kelso, of Watt making the low flow, back there behind Iggy.)

Here’s what Watt had to say:

mike watt says:


petey on bass for the oh sees was truly a righteous man but taking nothing from the man w/a beat in his hand for the stooges. glad to work the at a park where besides all the silicone whatever this article already talks about but where a nightmare like the last cali lynching ever was…

on bass, watt

Know your history, people!

To wit:

Throwback Thursday: When it was big news for a movie theater to have sound

And nowadays we just take it for granted.

[via Alamo Drafthouse San Francisco on Facebook]


That’s my official review. Last night was awesome. Try to go tonight if you can. Or get tickets for their August dates at GAMH when they go on sale tomorrow.

[Photo by Cosmic Amanda]

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