San Francisco’s graffiti hierarchy and the Case of the Honey Bear

In a lengthy piece about why graffiti artists often don’t tag murals, KQED considers the Case of the Honey Bear:

In January, street artist fnnch began creating stencils of honey bears within a four-block radius around the Mission District.

“We all take this image for granted as being totally acceptable,” says fnnch. “But really it’s a surreal idea that you would put honey into a container that’s shaped like a bear.”

On the first night he painted five honey bears, some of them directly on top of tags that graffiti writers had left on mailboxes. Within a week, someone had taken a blue spray-paint can and made a mark right through the center of the bears — the ultimate sign of disrespect.

“When I posted [photos of my work] on Instagram, people started to comment and say that I shouldn’t paint on top of tags for my own safety,” says fnnch.

He had upset the graffiti hierarchy.

Read on for lots more insights into the world of graffiti and murals and why “street artists” are sometimes not respected.

Almost like a scene from Mad Max outside Tartine Bakery

I bet you thought this was gonna be a joke about how long and unruly the Tartine line was, right?


$2.3 million parking lot

[via Ariel Dovas on Instagram]

This new wallpaper in the bathroom at Beretta is trippy, man

No more dinner hours at St. Francis Fountain means where should I get a burger around here?

KronnerBurger or somebody should do an after-hours popup at Dynamo Donuts, right?

But more importantly, having a casual dinner at St. Francis was always so fun and chill, and I’m sorry I took it for granted, and I hope it comes back again some day, and if not it will live on forever in my heart.)

(And I obviously still prefer it to Boogaloos.)

(Thanks for the photo, Jess.)

The best photo from Bay to Breakers


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Movies-in-the-park season is almost here!

The Onion celebrates this fact in a short article titled “Outdoor Movie Guest Excited To Watch Barely Audible ‘Back To The Future’ While Sitting On Tree Root”:

Thrilled at the prospect of having to constantly reposition himself while straining to hear the movie’s dialogue, local man Sam Weber was excited Friday to watch a barely audible outdoor screening of Back To The Future from atop a hard, knobby tree root, sources reported. “Oh, man, I can’t wait to tiptoe around hundreds of people’s blankets before realizing the only free spot is on some root that sticks a few inches out of the ground and which will dig into my flesh for two hours,” said Weber, adding that while he’d already seen the sci-fi comedy classic many times, he was looking forward to experiencing it faintly projected onto a canvas hung far off in the distance as moisture from the grass steadily soaks through his pants.

Read on for the big finish.

Jello Biafra is guest DJ at Oldies Night tonight

RSVP and invite your friends!

Throwback Friday: Footlong boner-shaped ‘Super Massager’ for your ‘tired feet’

Only from Anthony Enterprises, Market Street, San Francisco.

[via Emily Nathon]

What the hell is happening here?

Stokerland flying wheels. Check it out.

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