Dude, go see Baby Gramps at the Chapel this weekend

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I’m out of town on Sunday night, so I can’t make it. Here’s an email I wrote to some friends just now:

Hey guys, I just heard about a concert I think you should attend. Baby Gramps at the Chapel on Valencia Street, Sunday, November 22nd. He’s this old (like oooooooold) dude who plays old (like oooold) songs on a big old guitar. I saw him once by accident at Amnesia in like ’05 or so, and I’ve been trying to see him again ever since, but it hasn’t happened. He’s REAL old, but tremendously entertaining, and I bet it would be well worth the hardship of going out on a Sunday evening. I think he was friends with Lou Reed.

Tickets and more info here.

Who is the captain now?



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(Basically I was watching Captain Ron last night, and the other day commenters were telling me to just embrace the fact that I’m getting older and I just like staying in and watching TV, and also I noticed, seriously, that John Dwyer wrote Captain Ron, and also current Oh See and longtime San Franciscan Dan Rincon just ‘grammed this pic of Dwyer in a cowboy hat, and, so, this is a blog post about Captain Ron and Thee Oh Sees basically. Enjoy.)

What follows is a classic Oh Sees lineup at “the Step Into The Black Music Series presented by Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum and Fader.” (Italics mine.) You can see me in the crowd if you look real close:

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Shegetz Bagel returns yet again, this Sunday, YOU KNOW YOU WANT IT

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Look man, these bagels are THE SHIT, get with it.

(Full disclosure: I’m kind of friends with them I guess, but only enough to give them one courtesy post. This is my THIRD post about these bagels. I wouldn’t keep doing it if they weren’t SERIOUSLY THE SHIT.)

[via Shegetz Bagel on Instagram]

A dose of Dosa

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That looks pretty fucking good am I right? Here’s what our pal Omar (local cookie genius and food blogger) has to say about it:

A dose of dosa is always delicious, but the kale pakoras are kinda killin it 🔥

I mean, it all looks pretty fucking good to me. [link]

Boobs are the new owls

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Our pal Dan went to an event called West Coast Craft last week and THERE WERE TITTIES EVERYWHERE WHAT DOES IT MEAN????


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Try a Bay Area Bike Share bike FOR FREE this Friday

All you have to do is ask for a free code.

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Even though it doesn’t serve the Mission yet, I LOOOOOVE Bay Area Bike Share (and bike share programs in general), and I can’t wait for it to go citywide. Give it a try!

You can still have a good time on Valencia Street

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[via @RuubixCube]

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Cool panorama of Dolores Park from up on somebody’s roof

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Nice view!

[Photo by @asvulgardoes, via It's Always Sunny in San Francisco]

Noise Pop Music Festival 2016 starring the Mountain Goats, Parquet Courts, the Thermals and more


Is Nick Pal in charge this year or what? Can’t wait!

[via Noise Pop on Facebook]

San Francisco then and now, via one little house in Bernal Heights

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Local blog Big Old Goofy World tells the tale:

What a difference two or three decades makes. We called this “the Hell’s Angels house” or “the Cheech and Chong house.” On the top we see it c. 1980s, and on the bottom today. This house had so much drama that my brother and I, who didn’t have a TV, would often turn out the lights in our living room and watch the fighting and drunkenness. Guns, knives, family disputes, and high speed chases ended up here. These guys were straight from the cast of Sons of Anarchy. But they were also good neighbors, when they were sober. Dave, the main occupant in the 80s, was handy with motors and installed our garage door, still in use today. And we were told to knock on his door if we were in trouble. After the 89 quake, when portions of the city were burning, he rustled up a flat bed truck, big TV, and generator, and the whole block watched the news there on Moultrie Street.

Read on for more.

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