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You’ve wanted to sing NOFX or Neutral Milk Hotel at karaoke your entire life (whether you admit it or not) AND NOW YOU CAN!

I first stumbled upon The Karaoke Underground doing a Google search for “replacements can’t hardly wait karaoke,” because no karaoke place seems to have that song even though it’s like the best song.

As I scrolled through their songbook, seeing songs by Jay Reatard and Cock Sparrer and the Detroit Cobras and the Thermals and NOFX, I was stupefied. I was sure it was some kind of prank, that it was too good to be true.

But it’s true.

A few months later I dragged a couple of my best friends to Austin to see for ourselves, and I had one of the best nights of my life, singing “Always Wanting More,” “Take ‘Em All,” “Pillar of Salt,” “Bad Girl,” and “Lori Meyers” — each and every one a song I’d never in my wildest dreams dreamed I’d get to sing at karaoke.

And it’s not just some jerk playing YouTube videos. Creators and hosts Kaleb and Hannah have made every single one of their 900+ karaoke tracks from scratch, and they’ve even gotten the blessings of certain punk rock superstars along the way. It’s a labor of love and it shows, and it will probably be one of the best nights of your life too.

One month from today, on Sunday, April 12th, 2015, KU is coming to SF for the very first time. And it’s at Rickshaw Stop, so you get to perform on a stage the actual Thermals performed on! And THE SONICS performed there last year for goodness sake! I’m gonna pass out.

Browse the (completely mind-blowing) songbook and then RSVP and invite your friends.

(I’m helping out with some promo and logistics, and I’m tremendously excited about it, so don’t be surprised if I write about it a bunch more in the coming weeks.)

Help Wanted (a poem)

I’ve been writing this blog every day
For a little over eight years
I’ve met heaps of interesting people
And conquered a lot of fears

But I’m getting older
And the neighborhood is a-changin’
And it’s starting to feel a bit like
The masthead could use some rearrangin’

I still love the Mission
And I still love this blog
I just need a little bit o’ help
A-rustlin’ up this hog

This thing’s never made a lot of money
So you couldn’t expect to get rich
But if a creative outlet and a lot of fun is what you’re after
Please continue a-listenin’ to my pitch

If you love this place
And you reckon your blogging abilities are the bomb
Please drop me a line

[Vintage staff photo via our Facebook account]

‘Mission, I Love You but You’re Bringing Me Down’

Check out this series of contemporary photos of SF that look like vintage photos of SF

These are by Patrick Joust, a photographer from Baltimore.

Lots more here.

[via Big Old Goofy World]

Look forward to free donkey rides at Rock Bar on March 19th

[via Kat]

Fun in Dolores Park

[via Rain and Lizzy]

Local bar Elixir the latest victim in taxi-Uber feud

Keep it civil, y’all!

SF Gate reports:

An Uber driver and a taxi driver collided Wednesday morning in San Francisco’s Mission District, sending the cab into a bar, authorities said.

The crash happened at 9:24 a.m.

Read on.

(Thanks, Nicky!)

Eighty-Five Song Happy Hour with DJ Nick Pal, tonight at Pop’s!

Our pal Nick Pal has officially locked down the *first Wednesdays* happy hour slot at Pop’s. Good work, Nick! Here’s the deal:

Nick Pal spins short songs because life is short. Hard rock, power pop, punk and pop vinyl.

Plus the Warriors are playing the Bucks and Jay Beaman’s behind the bar. See you at Eighty-Five Song Happy Hour!

RSVP and invite your friends!

Flashback to a different time on Valencia Street

Local poet Ticklefight takes us back to, oh, 2005 or so:

Frog’s Tavern

We had dinner at Frog’s last night. The burgers are always great. Toasted sesame buns, the way I like it.

Randy was working, so we got the hookup. Zucchini stick appetizers, oh yeah.

A few hottie nurses walked in just as happy hour was ending so we stuck around for a coupla more Miller Lites.

Took the 26 home but don’t remember much.

Burgers were 2-for-1 at happy hour I think. But it wasn’t really called Frog’s. Poetic license I think.

Man the 26 was fun.


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One night I went out with my friend Allan to the bar that no one goes to on 16th Street, where I lost half my drink and money on the dance floor. Later we skated down 16th to Evelyn Lee, where I fell off my board and landed on my head as the 22 bus sped past behind me. A sobering moment. At the bar, I sulked and nursed my wounds until Allan put on Amy Winehouse’s 'Valerie.' We danced, he dipped me, and I felt better."

— My pal Valerie, writing about life in the Mission

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