Haçeteria, one of the best dance parties SF has ever known, returns this Saturday night!

Haçeteria’s been on hiatus for most of 2015, but they’re back this Saturday night, and it’s gonna be a big one:

After a bit of a haçiatus, the crew returns with an old friend and former guest, the one and only Bobby B. Now residing in New York, Bobby’s got a new bag of tricks he’ll bring to the stage for a very special live performance of new jams and classic Bobby bouncers. Continuing the lineage of Haç homies such as Roche with “A Night at the Haç,” Bobby B’s latest 100% Silk release nods back to the days of classic clubbing with his new single “Manchester.”

Underground SF
424 Haight St
San Francisco, CA

Hac Residents
Nihar B
Tristes T
Jason P

$5 before 11
$8 after 11
10 p.m. – 2 a.m.


Oh man, so nice to see that signature Haç poster art back in action again too! Let’s fuckin DANCE!

RSVP and invite your frenz!

Four Barrel’s birthday is today, and they always do fun stuff on their birthday

Happy birthday, Four Barrel! Here’s the official word:

  • $1 drinks. Yep: All drinks are $1. In the past we’ve given them away for free, but this year we decided to do some good, and so we’ll be donating the money from the $1 drink “sales” to our friends at the Robot Mata coffee cooperative in Ethiopia. The money raised will go toward school supplies, chairs, facility expansion and renovation, etc. Think of it as a forced donation to a rad cause.
  • Free Photo Booth. Glass Coat Photo Booth will be setting up their annual free photo booth from 12pm-4pm so that people can remember this day always and forever.
  • We’re serving free Tartine cake promptly at 12pm. (It doesn’t last long)
  • For the smaller kids, we’ll have a mobile petting zoo set up in one of our parklet corrals from 12pm–3pm, courtesy of Little Explorers Mobile Petting Zoo.
  • Skylite Snowballs (fancy Baltimore sno-cones with hot marshmallow topping) will set up out front from 12pm-4pm.
  • Free ice cream scoops while they last, courtesy of our buddies at Humphry Slocombe.
  • For the bigger kids: free Street Fighter II and Big Buck Hunter arcade games all day.

[File photo of Primo outside Four Barrel via an old post about Primo's art]

Rival graffiti crews getting into it on public sidewalk

The great debate!

[via nofriendo]


Throwback Thursday: Check out this vintage review of the DJ Purple scene at Jack’s

From a Dusted Magazine top-10 list by musician Leyna Noel Tilbor:

This one time at Jack’s was the best show any of us had been to in a Very Long Time. Jack’s is a neighborhood place, not too on the scene, and you can tell because moms are there, and gangster looking tough guys, and hipsters, and fun people in general. It’s two dollar buds so that might have to do with the fact that its is popping off. I’ve seen broken glass, broken mirrors, and douche bags walking on tables. If it were a house party, the cops’d come. But Thursdays belong to DJ Purple, his incredible Karaoke with a capital K, and his deep purple velvet (velour?) blazer. There is not a proper stage, just an area by the door crammed with screens and fluorescent-fur-covered wireless mics. DJ Purple is damn unfuckwithable; you have to literally run up to catch your song as it’s starting because Purple doesn’t pause or call roll. He DJs the karaoke songs so they run right into one another. Really embodying the music major grad years later, DJ Purple rocks a saxophone, playing leads on every song and adds pitch-perfect vocal harmonies, unsolicited. This one particular Thursday, I’m rolling in a crowd three-deep — myself, my man Daniel, and his housemate Neale — and we’re enjoying the mayhem. Neale only does songs that have key changes (usually ends up with Neil Diamond). Yours truly sang NIN’s “Closer” with a perfect stranger/gothy lady who seemed timid about the chorus. A duo of Latin dudes did “California Love” and the WHOLE PLACE IS DANCING, I mean getting down. They’re getting in everyone’s faces and it looks just like MTV. A tall kid in skinny jeans just channelled Bowie with “Heroes” and it’s truly epic. Feeling so ebullient. To intensify the vibe further “Bohemian Rhapsody” comes on, and it’s a ridiculous, the tender togetherness in this bar. Swaying and singing loud, as if we were in a pub. Then, the song crescendoes just before the Wayne’s World freakout part and a mosh pit erupts. Neale, who is from Baltimore and hell-bent on being “rowdy” grabs me and throws me into the pit. Though in sneakers, I get caught terribly underfoot in the pit, and there’s a sudden alien pop in my right foot. Hop out of the pit stunned, alas, the problem in my foot is real and we aim for the ER. I’m mostly super-bummed to leave the dance floor. Hours and X-rays and Vicotins later the three of us consummate the bizarre awesome journey of the night with 5am peanut butter shakes at Sparky’s.

Read the rest of the list here.

[via DJ Purple on Twitter] [File photo by Vic Wong maybe?]

F.O.B. Kitchen, ‘the best restaurant in the Mission,’ starts its new every-Wednesday popup tonight!

A couple weeks ago we declared this place “the best restaurant in the Mission.” Go see for yourself.

RSVP and invite your friends!

‘Uptown Homos’ night means a bit of the Lexington at the Uptown, tonight!

Capp Street Crap has the scoop:

Missing their old haunt, two devotees of the shuttered Lexington Club are putting on the first of what they hope will be a monthly queer night at the Uptown bar. Uptown Homos, “a dyke, lesbian, unicorn, trans queer night of flirtation,” takes place tonight, from 6 to 11 p.m.

Kelly Robbie Hansen and partner Tanya Wischerath worked with Uptown to put together the event which will feature $5 Jameson and tequila drink specials. Wischerath, a former Lexington Club bartender also known as “Hot Tanya,” will be helping out behind the bar.

Read on for more quotes and origin story.

Looking down at the Mission from high atop Starr King Open Space

What a view! Click on it to view it bigger.

Mission Comics and Art relocating to new digs on Mission Street

Capp Street Crap reports:

Owner Leef Smith said he decided to look for a new space after their 20th Street landlord wouldn’t agree to anything more than a new short-term lease renegotiated every couple of years.

As a small business owner in a pricey real estate market, the lack of long-term security was scary, and Smith thought he “could do better than that.”

“It definitely felt like I had to be proactive and not rely on the whims of a landlord,” he said.

Mission: Comics & Art’s new store will be at 2250 Mission between 18th and 19th streets, in what used to be Vimy Electronics. After nearly 40 years in business, the couple that owned the electronics store wanted to retire, Smith said. A contractor is now working to modernize the 1970s era space.

Read on.

[Photo by Wordfury]

Listen to this sad song by the Gooch Palms, and then see them tonight at the Chapel

Such an epic sad song! Such power and such simplicity.

(Okay, we did it: A whole week of posts about the Gooch Palms, who are playing tonight at the Chapel.)

This Ramones cover by the Gooch Palms proves you should see the Gooch Palms at the Chapel this Sunday

I doubt they’ll do any covers this Sunday (this track is from their “Shitty Tribute to the Ramones” EP from 2011), but it’s pretty rare you hear a decent Ramones cover — one that brings an intriguing new ingredient to an already perfect little gem. Am I right?

We’ve been saying it all week long, so hopefully by now you understand you should go see the Gooch Palms at the Chapel this Sunday night ;)

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