Music for the Mission: This week at Pop’s (including Carnaval Party)

Get ready to celebrate, Mission neighbors, Carnaval is this Sunday! Carnaval San Francisco is the largest multi-cultural celebration of music and culture from Latin American and Caribbean traditions on the West Coast. Pops is ready to join the party with DJ Slopoke & dj Sweater Funk throwing down party jams, samba, brazilian dance and funk from 3-9pm.

See what else is in store this week at POPS:


5/18/15 MONDAY

Motown on Mondays

It’s only Monday if you treat it like one.


9PM START, 1:30AM end


Check out my


Mondays at Pops






Jello Biafra is guest DJ at Oldies Night tonight

RSVP and invite your friends!

That good ol’ Scrolls Creek sound

Local nostalgic ephemera (and ephemeral nostalgia) archivist David Enos dug up a gem this week:

DotheBay wants to give you tickets to all the big summer festivals in the Bay Area

Our pals at DotheBay (formerly Do415) are announcing their new identity by giving away a giant prize pack, which contains tickets to all of the following:

  1. BottleRock
  2. Live 105′s BFD
  3. Huichica
  4. Hickey Fest
  5. Phono del Sol
  6. Northern Nights
  7. Outside Lands
  8. SF Street Food Festival
  9. Treasure Island Music Festival

Wow. The promotion is called Bay Bounty. Check it out if you wanna be real busy this summer festival season!

Music for the Mission: This week at Pop’s (The “Best New Bar” in SF)

[Editor's note: Congrats to Pop's on its "Best New Bar" win! Well deserved! And sorry I forgot to post this on Monday morning; I was reaaaaaally hungover because I was at Pop's til very late on Sunday night. Also, in case you don't know, Pop's is also a great place to watch basketball right now.]

Everything old is new again at Pops Bar. THANK YOU to SFWeekly readers for voting Pops “Best New Bar”. Since revamping the bar this past year it’s amazing to be recognized as “new” with such a rich history behind Pops. While Pops officially got its start around 1935, rumor has it that Carl Joseph Saxsenmeier AKA “POPS” ran the Clubhouse during Prohibition as a bootlegger. Pops has been at 2800 24th Street in the mission since 1971. This past year, Michael Spike Krouse (Madrone Art Bar/Pops Bar) and Tom Tierney (Pops Bar) brought new life into Pops with a full music line up each week. You can see the bar’s history in the decor at Pops and walk on through to become part of it’s boozy traditions!

Check out what’s new at Pops Bar this week:


5/12/15 TUESDAY

Happy Hour Entertainment 6-9pm with Julio Hernandez

Retro Tuesday, a mix of music from a range of decades that will keep u grooving!

Tropicana Tuesdays

“Quality Latin BASS”

Every Tuesday at POPS BAR

Music: FREE (Local BayArea DJ`s)

Salsa Lesson: FREE (Instructor La Muerte)

Time: 9pm – 2am

Tropicana is BACK in town! Bringing “Quality Latin BASS”, by playing some of the latest – up to date latino music genres.. of course respecting the classics…

With Tropicana Nights, our purpose is to create space for cultural diversity and environmental awareness. Community and music can do a lot of great positive impact in society.

Music by local BayArea DJ`s, such as Stepwise, El Kool Kyle, Mr. Lucky, Mr. E, J Boogie and more…

Salsa I LatinHouse I Latin HipHop I Moombahton I DubCumbia I Merengue I Bachata I Dancehall I LatinReggae I and more…



Happy Hour Entertainment 6-9PM with Rude Awakenings

Forgotten underground classics of the 60s, 70s, and 80s with DJ Cathy 2-Tone and Scooter Stalin

Whatever Wednesdays


Whatever Wednesday is YOUR PARTY, literally. You got DJ skills? Have you been itching to show ALL your friends? Its your turn to take over the night and mix it up. Send us your request, your best mix and we’ll see what we can do to get you your turn.


No Cover

21 UP


5/14/15 THURSDAY

6-9PM Happy Hour Entertainment with Drew Smith

BFF.FM Night


Rotating DJs from radio! This week: Steve Foxx & NITEPPL

Steve Foxx’s dark, moody rock meets NITEPPL’s DJ wizardry to create EDM magic that will make you dance on your bar stool. Drink up, because every pint or shot supports community radio.

21 UP

No Cover!


5/15/15 FRIDAY

Cult of Choice

Shortshortzz and Lisa P present CULT OF CHOICE. Sway, groove, nod, float, fly, small-dance, big-dance, talk, or stare to rarities and well-knowns—from Chic and Chaka Khan to Todd Terje and Tensnake. Nine pm until no one is watching.

No Cover

21 UP


5/16/15 SATURDAY

Happy Hour Entertainment 6-9PM with Yellow Sun Music

Haight Street All Stars give you funk, blues, folk, rock to make you dance!

Soiree on Saturday with DJ Sweet Lou


Top 40, 80s, Funk & Soul

Rocking the dance floor with an eclectic mix of dance hits from way back to today!

No Cover

21 UP



2800 24th Street @ York

San Francisco, CA 94110

Does my debut album have nothing to do with the Mission, or is it ALL about the Mission?

I wrote a lot of it in Washington, DC, last fall, and recorded pretty much all of it on a beach in Queensland, Australia, earlier this year, so I’ve been thinking it didn’t have much to do with the Mission.

But I live most of my life here in the neighborhood of course, and I’ve been working on this blog most every day for years and years and years, so… you be the judge, if you want:

(I did a whole marathon of posts about music yesterday and then realized I hadn’t blogged about my own, so here you go, please enjoy.)

Support your local purveyor of recently reissued vintage African electronic music

Remember how excited I was when I discovered the music of William Onyeabor a few months back? (And how like 10 guys in the comments mainsplained to us that they had discovered his music before I had?) (Just kidding guys, I love you all.)

Anyway I popped into Explorist International on 24th Street to buy a King Sound Quartet single I’d seen there and had been thinking about for a while (it was in the “$$$” bin) when I noticed the big colorful “Who Is William Onyeabor?” 3-LP set in a box right up front. (The version of it on Spotify is missing the third third, which contains my favorite song of all, “When the Going Is Smooth and Good.”)

When I added it to my haul, the clerk took note, thought about it for a second, and then recommended I check out the music of Francis Bebey. Specifically this LP up on the wall:

So I got it and it rules and since apparently we’re doing nothing but music posts on Mission Mission today, I figured I’d tell you about it.

Listen to this for goodness’ sake:

(Also, props to the same clerk for remembering off the top of his head that the King Sound Quartet LP, which neither of us has even seen since like ’97, came in a DJ sleeve and had a side-long “Space Is the Place” cover on the B-side.)

Finally a way to support your local sandwich maker, your local rock band, and your local corner store all at the same time

Remember how excited I was the other day to learn that one of my favorite corner stores, New Hampshire Market on 20th at Hampshire, had started making KILLER pulled pork sandwiches? Well when it rains it pours…

I popped into Tony’s Market an hour ago, ordered a couple sandwiches from the Pal’s Take Away counter, grabbed some Popchips and a Guayaki, and while I was checking out, spied a handmade display full of records and tapes by local band Future Twin. I picked out a couple items and added them to my haul. The staff were very pleased.

Got back to the office and listened to Future Twin and ate these sandwiches:

This song “Lockits” rules, check it out:

And be sure to pick up a copy of your own next time you’re at Tony’s.

Remember like 2 days ago when it was sunny and hot and there was music in the streets?

Buenos Dias bonitas 💖

A video posted by Melissa D. Gordon (@mellyg14k) on

B. Hamilton’s long-delayed second album is streaming now til Wednesday only

B. Hamilton, the straight-faced rock ‘n’ roll band fronted by never-straight-faced Oakland-based social commentator Ryan Christopher Parks, has been putting the finishing touches on this thing for about 2 years I think. And it was worth it.

It’s a gem:

If you like it, tell your friends.