How about a free punk show up above a bike shop in La Lengua?


(Thanks, Rocky!)

DJ Purple partying hard late last night

During “Careless Whisper” obviously.

[via Corntard]

Go see King Parrot tonight

King Parrot are an amazing band from Australia. They are playing at Thee Parkside tonight.

Thursday morning music moment: Luke Sweeney

I can’t stop listening to this haunting melody from our pal Luke Sweeney.  It kind of reminds me of the Kinks, but at the same time establishes its own distinct sound.  I guess I’ll just have to go and check out more of his stuff on May 1 when he’s playing at the Eagle!

What did you listen to while viewing last night’s blood moon?

I listened to Rancid:

Also, here’s a better Rancid song also about riding the bus:

And the ska version is pretty great too:

The Bay Bridged says the SF music scene is ‘Not Dead Yet’

The popular local music entity presents the evidence in a lengthy and heartfelt blog post, which is also the official announcement about this upcoming festival:

Why it’s a bad idea to try to rob Viracocha

Judging from the music video of latest from Atmosphere, security seems pretty tight at Viracocha on Valencia and 21st. Keep that in mind next time you’re thinking about shoplifting that moss-covered log with the Edison bulb screwed into it.

[via Mission director and dumpling enthusiast Pete Lee]

If you’re going to the Future Islands show tonight

…arrive early enough to see opening act Ed Schrader’s Music Beat. Don’t look them up or listen to them first or anything. Just be there — and be ready for some serious shit.

(Especially if you paid $200 for your ticket on StubHub and really gotta get your money’s worth.)

Now let’s rock:

A cool decades-spanning ‘last songs on albums’ playlist you can play on the Mission Bar jukebox for just $1

If you’d rather experience some ambient and experimental music than watch the Oscars

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