What’s it like seeing Jonathan Richman at the Make-Out Room?

In case you haven’t already seen Jonathan Richman a million times at the Make-Out Room like the rest of us (he does multi-night residencies there on a pretty regular basis), Night Fog Reader has assembled a multi-part review of the most recent residency, which took place last week.

2 Responses to “What’s it like seeing Jonathan Richman at the Make-Out Room?”

  1. melinda says:

    In college I made a point to see every Jonathan Richman performance that came my way. I saw him 11 times in about 3 years. The Make out Room was probably my favorite venue. The intimacy of the space made his presence and the music all the more immediate. And there’s nothing like great music played by a guy who loves playing music, all up in your face. Sometimes if I was lucky and shouted at just the right moment, he would play my request, “Nineteen in Naples”.

  2. Parks says:

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