3D City: Sunny Day Real Estate

3D City is a year long stereoscopic photography project by Doctor Popular

A weekend filled with bikes, low riders, and great weather in our neighborhood. Here’s some pics in case you missed it. All shot on a Fuji FinePix digital camera, which I’m still working on a little review for (in short; a great digital camera, but the lenses are too far apart).

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3D City: Glowing

3D City is a year long stereoscopic photography project by Doctor Popular

For the night is dark and full of glowy things… sorry, I’m still in character from that Game of Thrones prom thing at the Armory on Saturday. I’ve been bringing my Lumix 3D camera out on rainy nights and capturing neon signs and fire spinners around the city.

A few more shots after the bump.

3D City: The New York Bubble

3D City is a year long stereoscopic photography project by Doctor Popular

Spotted this super-bubble floating through a park in NYC. Some folks set up a bucket filled with soapy water and were teaching kids how to make these wobbly giants, which is tougher than it sounds.

3D City: Time To Read

3D City is year long stereoscopic photography project by Doctor Popular

Every time my wife brings her car to Mission Tires, I love to tag along. They have one of those electronic massage chairs, like you see in airports, but these are free. So I bring a couple comics along and spend an hour or two reading in the fancy chair. Last time we were there, I spotted this guy (in the pic above) going for a more old school reading position. I guess the chair was already occupied.

3D City: Cone Of Shame

3D City is year long stereoscopic photography project by Doc Pop

I brought an old Image Tech 3D camera along on a recent walk from the Mission to North Beach. It’s a small cheap camera with 3 side by side lenses (one less than my my favorite Nimslo cam). It was fun to shoot with, but I’ll probably just stick with my Nimslo. The doggy in the top shot was spotted at Al’s Attire in North Beach. One of my favorite shops to visit when in North Beach.

3D City: Man’s Best Friend

Bumped into this gentleman right outside our front door a month back. I stopped to chat with him a bit and he told me stories being a photography teacher back in the day. I kept running into him and beautiful doggie around the neighborhood for a few days, then I guess he moved along. Shot on my Nimslo 3D camera with Tri-X film.

3D City: Pillow Fight

Another Valentine’s Day, another massive Pillow Fight in Justin Herman Plaza. This year I brought my Nimslo camera and a roll of Fuji’s 800 ISO film. These explosions of feathers and streaks of light are what I came back with. Since this is my fifth installment of 3D City, I’ve also attached a little bonus image at the bottom. It’s an unedited scan, so you can see how the shots look straight off my camera.

3D City: SoMa Gray

Spent most of January doing contract work in the SoMa. I brought my Nimslo 3D camera along for the walk to work each day and I’m digging how the SoMa looks on a roll of Ilford HP5.

3D City: The Blessing Of the Doggies

One rainy Sunday I headed down to Dolores to watch the ceremonial blessing of the Doggie Diner Heads. On hand for the event where Sister Dana Van Iquity (from the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence), Ed Holmes, John Law, and a small crowd of dog lovers.

3D City: Puddle Jumper

Crooked rain, fine grains. I’ve been taking advantage of these wet days as a chance to break in my new Nimslo 3D camera.

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