3D City: Purple Pinnacles

3D City is a year long stereoscopic photography project by Doctor Popular

A couple weeks ago, Christine and I hiked through Pinnacles National Park. I’d been climbing there several times before, but this was my first day hike through the park. I’m really not much of a hiker in general, but we had a great time and I was happy to bring my Nimslo 3D camera along and a roll of Lomography’s super-weird LomoChrome 35mm film.

LomoChrome is an experimental film that sort of uses the same technique as redscale film (which is just the effect you get when you invert a roll of color negative film and shoot it from the other side), but somehow extracts more of a purple/light blue hue in the process. I kind of dig it, especially for capturing a place strange and beautiful as Pinnacles. Huge thanks to my friend Rob Reeves for scanning this roll for me. He’s got the magic touch with film.