Look at this photo depicting the theme ‘Market Street, SF’

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Check out this sick panorama of a rainbow bridging Potrero and Bernal

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3D City: Launching off Jones

3D City is a year long stereoscopic photography project by Doctor Popular

Noel and I had just finished shooting a video for my comic book project, God Hates Dinosaurs, when we first met Toby Allender. He introduced himself as a BMX rider visiting from Australia and said he was on the hunt for a giant San Francisco hill that he could bomb on his bike. He saw our camera gear and stopped us to see if we’d like to help.

A couple hours later we were in Toby’s rental car driving around Russian Hill looking for a nice steep street and picking up any spare traffic cones we could find. We ended up at Jones and Union, a nice steep street with a nice flat section that would work great as a ramp. We set up some cameras, put on some orange vests, and waited for Toby’s signal once he was ready at the top of the hill. When he gave us the thumbs up, we placed the cones down at the intersection and kept our eye out for any cars pulling out of their parking lots.

I’d guess Toby was going about 40mph when he launched off of the intersection at Union, and he traveled about 40 feet before hitting the ground again. 15 minutes later we set it all up again for an even faster ride. Since I was in charge of blocking the intersection, I didn’t get to take many shots during the jump itself, but here are a few more from just before.


Giant cat butt looms over Precita Park

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Sunrise in the Mission

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3D City: Bit Shifter

3D City is a year long stereoscopic photography project by Doctor Popular

8bitSF is a monthly lo-fi electro show at the DNA Lounge. The shows are usually chiptune centric, featuring music made with old gaming consoles, but previous shows have included acts like DJ Q-Bert, Kitty Pryde, and Anamanaguchi.

I was stoked to get a chance to photograph Joshua Davis, aka Bit Shifter, during one of his recent 8bitSF shows away from his home in NYC. His music is anthemic, upbeat, and amazingly big sounding considering it’s all being performed on an old Game Boy. These 3D shots of Joshua and his Game Boys were taken on my Nimslo during last month’s 8bitSF show.


Check out this series of contemporary photos of SF that look like vintage photos of SF

These are by Patrick Joust, a photographer from Baltimore.

Lots more here.

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Fun in Dolores Park

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3D City: Bermuda

3D City is a year long stereoscopic photography project by Doctor Popular

The beaches of Bermuda. From a recent trip filled with fish chowder, Cuban cigars, and overly sweetened rum drinks. Our local bar even had some dusty old bottles of Fernet on hand.


Planet Dolores

I’d live there I think.

(I wonder what the burritos are like.)

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