Union Square scene

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When was the last time you ventured up Corona Heights Park?

It’s fun up there.

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Photography show in a dirty old parking lot

Local photographer Troy Holden tells us all about it:

The prints are big — 8 feet long. We did this by breaking up each image into 1/4 and paneling them into the larger image. We then mixed fresh wheat paste in the parking lot using a camping heater and 50 lbs of flour. It took 8 hours, two 14 ft ladders, and 35 gallons of glue to mount all 22 images.

There’s some historical gems hung. Local favorite Dave Glass has photos from the 1960′s – 90′s, including a house on stilts being relocated from to the Western Addition and the 1982 Forty Niners parade on Market Street where SFPD are looking at a NUDE GIRLS cinema marquee. Emmanuel Blackwell has a photo of now-gone Candlestick.

Other contributors include Rian Dundon, David Root and Holden himself.

The lot is located at 181 2nd Street, and the show is open to the public as long as the lot is open (which is during normal business hours), and the opening reception is this Thursday, 5-7pm. RSVP and invite your friends.

Rich person birthday gift

[Photo and title by local class war junkie Ticklefight]

$2.3 million parking lot

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3D City: Gilroy

3D City is a year long stereoscopic photography project by Doctor Popular

An hour from from Pinnacles National Park, we stopped for breakfast in Gilroy, a town famous for garlic and motorcycles. It was 9 am and we spotted at least 100 bikers cruising the town’s main drag, occasionally interrupted by the town’s sheriff, who starred down the elderly motorcyclists like a mall security guard about to bust some teens for loitering in the food court.

This roll, and the previous roll from Pinnacles, where shot on Lomochrome purple film hence the unusual colors. Huge thanks to my friend Rob Reeves for scanning this roll for me.


Rats in a maze

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3D City: Purple Pinnacles

3D City is a year long stereoscopic photography project by Doctor Popular

A couple weeks ago, Christine and I hiked through Pinnacles National Park. I’d been climbing there several times before, but this was my first day hike through the park. I’m really not much of a hiker in general, but we had a great time and I was happy to bring my Nimslo 3D camera along and a roll of Lomography’s super-weird LomoChrome 35mm film.

LomoChrome is an experimental film that sort of uses the same technique as redscale film (which is just the effect you get when you invert a roll of color negative film and shoot it from the other side), but somehow extracts more of a purple/light blue hue in the process. I kind of dig it, especially for capturing a place strange and beautiful as Pinnacles. Huge thanks to my friend Rob Reeves for scanning this roll for me. He’s got the magic touch with film.


Look at this photo depicting the theme ‘Market Street, SF’

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Check out this sick panorama of a rainbow bridging Potrero and Bernal

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