Here’s a different view of Twin Peaks and Sutro Tower

From the western slope of Liberty Hill I think? Which is the hill that rises southwest from Dolores Park? Anyway, cool view.

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Sunset over the Rite Spot Cafe’s neon sign

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The city at night, from atop Bernal

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These clouds today

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3D City: Ring Mountain

3D City is a year long stereoscopic photography project by Doctor Popular

Just outside of Tiburon is an amazing little hike along the Ring Mountain Open Space Reserve. A fantastic view of the bay, Mt Tam, and SF. Be sure to bring your climbing shoes and a roll of redscale film if you have it. It’d play nice with the colors you’d find there this time of year.


Where am I?

First correct answer wins a prize.

Gearing up for Halloween?

Hoping for some sweet haunted houses in the neighborhood this year. I know Adobe Books is building one as we speak.

Christopher F. Smith spotted the above evidence on Mission Street last night. Hopefully it was purchased for a joyful reason.

Sunset over the Mission

Sunset on the bay

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Capp GIFs

Comparing THEN and NOW:

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