3D City: Pier Symmetry

3D City is a year long stereoscopic photography project by Doctor Popular

On foggier days, I love bringing my laptop down to the Embarcadero and working from one of the piers. Headphones on, watching the ships roll in while I’m working on soundtracks. I shot this roll a few weeks back on my Nimslo 3D camera with some Kodak Gold film.


What a beautiful city

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Cool new selfie trend: Pigface selfie

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Well this is a beautiful view

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Here’s what it looks like to be directly under the Golden Gate Bridge on the San Francisco side

This area used to be open to the public. It’s called Fort Point. This very spot used to be crawling with tourists. Back before some certain month in 2001.

Now you have to hop a fence and get a thrown out and ticketed. (Like our own Joshua Cobos did in order to secure this gem.) (Not that we condone anything illegal.)

3D City: Rice Paper Scissors

3D City is a year long stereoscopic photography project by Doctor Popular

It’s possible I eat at Rice Paper Scissors a little too often. At least that’s the thought that occurred to me when I realized I had so many unpublished wigglegrams from their new location (in Brick and Mortar Music Hall). I’m a sucker for their Goi Ga chicken salad sandwich… and their grilled steak banh mi.


The view from within the walled courtyard of a Mission condo complex

Even the suburbs are prettier in San Francisco

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This photo makes the Mission look downright pastoral

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Dolores Park yesterday afternoon

Damn it’s pretty.

Today is gray. Hope you got your fill ;)

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