3D City: Cone Of Shame

3D City is year long stereoscopic photography project by Doc Pop

I brought an old Image Tech 3D camera along on a recent walk from the Mission to North Beach. It’s a small cheap camera with 3 side by side lenses (one less than my my favorite Nimslo cam). It was fun to shoot with, but I’ll probably just stick with my Nimslo. The doggy in the top shot was spotted at Al’s Attire in North Beach. One of my favorite shops to visit when in North Beach.

Bad Blood with Joshua Cobos: Keep Bringing Me Back (2 Year Anniversary Edition!)

For 2 years now, photographer Joshua Cobos has been doing this column for us. He shoots a roll of film, just for us, picks his 13 favorites, and we publish them here and it’s called “Bad Blood.” It used to be weekly but it’s become more sporadic since Joshua’s move to Los Angeles a few months back. He still comes back to SF every chance he gets (which is great for all of us) but regardless of where he shoots his rolls, it’s always a joy to get a peek inside his process with every new edition. Here’s to another 2 years… and another 2 after that… and on and on and on and on until we’re all dead!

And now a word from Joshua:

It’s been two years since I started this column. There are days where I feel as though nothing has changed about my life, my habits, my faults and all that. My photos remind me that I am learning though, if something doesn’t work out in one exposure I have to think about why, how for the next shot. Keep bringing me back to the bay though, save my seat at Sutro Baths while I’m gone.

Thanks for everything, Joshua! Be sure to follow him on Instagram and on Twitter.

3D City: Man’s Best Friend

Bumped into this gentleman right outside our front door a month back. I stopped to chat with him a bit and he told me stories being a photography teacher back in the day. I kept running into him and beautiful doggie around the neighborhood for a few days, then I guess he moved along. Shot on my Nimslo 3D camera with Tri-X film.

3D City: Pillow Fight

Another Valentine’s Day, another massive Pillow Fight in Justin Herman Plaza. This year I brought my Nimslo camera and a roll of Fuji’s 800 ISO film. These explosions of feathers and streaks of light are what I came back with. Since this is my fifth installment of 3D City, I’ve also attached a little bonus image at the bottom. It’s an unedited scan, so you can see how the shots look straight off my camera.

Fun with puddles and BART

[via Ariel Dovas]

Bad Blood with Joshua Cobos: I’m Heading up to San Francisco this Weekend

Every now and then, the now-LA-based but still SF-devoted photographer Joshua Cobos shoots a roll of film just for us. He picks the best 13 shots and we call it “Bad Blood with Joshua Cobos.” Here’s a message from Joshua:

I’m heading up to San Francisco this weekend for Noise Pop. Allan and I agreed to start Bad Blood during one of the shows of the weeklong fest. I remember Lizzy and I talking too loudly while Mac from Superchunk was playing ‘Driveway to Driveway’ at the Swedish American Hall. Another concertgoer sternly hushed us in a stage whisper. We had become those people at the show that talk too loud. The three of us then slunk up ashamedly to the balcony where they bought me a beer and asked about my on again off again relationship with Ashley. I was living off Mcallister then and I think about that neighborhood all the time. For now, the bay every three or four months or is almost enough to not feel too far away.

Thanks, Joshua! Glad you and Ashley are having fun down in LA! See you at Noise Pop!

Ten more shots after the jump:


3D City: SoMa Gray

Spent most of January doing contract work in the SoMa. I brought my Nimslo 3D camera along for the walk to work each day and I’m digging how the SoMa looks on a roll of Ilford HP5.

Bad Blood with Joshua Cobos: Los Angeles Is Fun

Every now and then, the now-LA-based but still SF-devoted photographer Joshua Cobos shoots a roll of film just for us. He picks the best 13 shots and we call it “Bad Blood with Joshua Cobos.” Here’s what Joshua has to say about this edition:

Los Angeles is fun. There are photo stores in this town that can’t believe anyone still shoots film so I can buy the lot of it for hella cheap. Everyone here is trying to be professional and “make it”. I’m waking up sometimes at 6 AM just to walk the streets, see what I can find. My style lately has been influenced by Bill Cunningham, the Los Angeles Public Library and a book I saw in SF’s Japantown, Misao the Big Mama and Fukumaru the Cat

Thanks, Joshua! Ten more shots (and a complete list of previous editions of “Bad Blood”) after the jump:


3D City: The Blessing Of the Doggies

One rainy Sunday I headed down to Dolores to watch the ceremonial blessing of the Doggie Diner Heads. On hand for the event where Sister Dana Van Iquity (from the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence), Ed Holmes, John Law, and a small crowd of dog lovers.

Selfie in progress

[via Joshua Cobos]