I went to the Marina for the Golden Gate Bridge’s 50th Anniversary

I was a little boy. My dad took me, and I had a lot of firsts that day:

  • My first experience with a real shit-show
  • My first time seeing (and RIDING ON) an articulated bus
  • My first time riding in a taxi
  • My first time walking lots of miles
  • My first time staying out really late

(Now I do all those things all the time!)

Don’t remember much about the festivities except that there were a jillion people on Marina Green and I was right at butt-height, and there were fireworks. Mainly I remember the odyssey that was trying get the hell out of there afterward. Tried a taxi but got out after a block or two because gridlock was so bad we weren’t getting anywhere. So we walked what seemed to me at the time to be about 30 or 40 miles through the Marina and North Beach before we were able to catch a bus that would get us where we needed to go. This was also my first experience with the stress of transit logistics, and I still feel that same exact dread now when I can’t get a cab or my bus doesn’t show up when Muni Alerts says it’s gonna.

I don’t think I’m gonna go to the Marina tonight for the Golden Gate Bridge’s 75th Anniversary party.

(I wrote this post for Tumblr originally but then I was like fuck it.)

5 Responses to “I went to the Marina for the Golden Gate Bridge’s 50th Anniversary”

  1. Nick Pal says:

    I just realized I went to this too! My parents, my sister and I walked across the bridge amid huge crowds (on the part where the cars go, they had closed the bridge.) There were circus performers and women on stilts. I kept trying to slip into little holes in the crowd and my mom kept yelling at me and grasping my hand tighter. Kids were getting lost like crazy, and there was a loudspeaker continuously naming off five-year-olds that had gotten separated from their parents and then delivered to the event organizers. We got about halfway across and me and my sister were totally over it, so we turned back and headed home.

  2. gross says:

    “My first time seeing (and RIDING ON) an articulated bus”

    its called a stretcher, every kid from the city since they came out has called them a stretcher…. are you sure you are from around here?

    • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

      I have never ever heard a bendy-bus referred to as “stretcher”. Everybody I know calls them Bendy-buses. Well, except for one friend who insists on calling them “Accordion buses”.

  3. Greg says:

    Articulated is the correct term

  4. who_the says:

    Awesome charge on your Android Allan. G-Nex?